Hallmark Holiday

I guess you could say my weekend started Monday after 7:30pm when we found out the other team wasn’t going to show up for our FTK Co-Ed Soccer game. I’ll tell you more about why my weekend has started this early at a later post. Winking smile

2012-02-14 11.25.59

Today has been a pretty eventful day. I woke up with a text from Jenny saying to grab a donut on the way out. I’m not a fan of donuts but I like sprinkles. Smile I ate the one in the middle on the right because it was a better looking heart than the other two.

2012-02-14 13.30.00

I went to school and a friend and I did a storyboard for a video we’re wanting to shoot that has to do with skydiving. It’s pretty simple. Not too in depth. Most of it is just in our heads. Then I went to class to where I didn’t have to be at since I rescheduled my test.

Went to the bank to get moolah then headed home and relaxed with Jenny and Deana. Travis came over and he ate the chocolate heart shaped donut and we all read horoscopes, watched YouTube videos, and hung out.

Took a one hour nap. Then headed over to Shayna’s and Patricia’s. It was Girl’s Night. To be exact … Single Girl’s Night.  I think one of them has a boyfriend though.

Before anyone else came over, Shayna, Patricia, and I talked about guys. Bahaha Typical, right? What is girl’s night without some talk about guys …

2012-02-14 21.12.25

Flor and Patricia’s friend, Jocelyn, came over. We ate Alfredo Pasta with broccoli, carrots, cucumber, and tomatoes. With half a yam. I love yams. Yams, yams, yams. Open-mouthed smile

2012-02-14 21.19.42

And we drank wine. I’m not a wine lover but this was actually pretty good. Patricia drank pretty much the whole bottle.

We also had another bottle of wine but I didn’t like it.

2012-02-14 21.58.28

Then we all had some chocolate covered strawberries and watched Our Family Wedding. I asked for a sad movie where either people die at the end or a relationship doesn’t work out. But they picked a cutesy funny one that made me wish I had a boyfriend. BOOO …

Anyway, I hope your Valentine’s Day was as great as mine … surrounded by people I love. Open-mouthed smile


I was having a conversation on Facebook Chat with Brother Bear while Jenny and I were chilling on my bed on our laptops talking and laughing about things.

It resulted to me asking him a question because I needed a guy’s opinion on something. He answers “Hold up, I’m thinking”, to him knocking on my apartment door. We had a 20 minute or so hang out with Jenny and Deana. Then they headed for bed and he and I had almost a 2 hour conversation.

Love talking to him because he lifts me up whenever I’m feeling down or uncertain about something. He always tells me to never give up and to think about “What if?”

So it breaks my heart when I hear when he’s down or uncertain about stuff. I guess you can say I can feel his heart breaking like it was my own. I’m one of those empathetic people. It always hurts when I cannot help ease their pain.

He deserves so much but never gets anything in return. I know whatever happens though, he’ll be okay and he’s strong enough to get overcome anything.

He knows my blog now so … if you’re reading this Travis … you’re the best Brother Bear ever! And everything will be okay. And I hope you’re not mad I’m writing about this in here.

On happier news, I finished my song. Open-mouthed smile  Lalala … and I feel great about it.