[2013] 019/365: Best Probably Unhealthy Snack Ever

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I had a Hong Kong snack day at work today. The best memories ever. I’m not sure how healthy it is for you … but who cares. The seaweed isn’t like the ones from sushi. It’s much crispier. So much yummier.

We use to drink this Lemon Tea when we were little kiddos back in Hong Kong. When we moved to America, we were so happy that they sold it here. We rarely bought it because it’s not that great for you but the times that I do … oh my. I only like Lemon Tea from Hong Kong. The way they make it here just isn’t right.

The seaweed on the other hand was introduced to me by Rachel this past summer. I was a little hesitant to try it but once I did I knew I was hooked. If you have this selling anywhere near you, you need to try it pronto.

I just want to go back to Hong Kong. Who’s down to go with me?

PicMonkey Collage

My after workout face. Haven’t taken a selfie in a while. Hair is ratchet. I hate that word but it’s true. I’m wearing my Ellie top if you can’t tell. 😉

Below was my dinner. I love this soup. I made it all throughout college. Water, cabbage, tofu, and Chinese meatballs (or just plain chicken breasts). I got Jenny making it to when we lived together. Oh college. Seemed like years ago.

Workouts have been going well. Come on perfect bod! haha jk.

Hump day tomorrow. FINALLY!

[2013] 018/365: Ellie Deserves A Second Chance

After the whole PV.Body debacle, many people decided not to give Ellie a chance.

I was so close to doing the same because what they did was wrong … but I gave them a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance. Plus, I’m not picky in what I wear to workout … as long as it covers up the majority of my body parts AND it doesn’t chafe … I’m good.

I’ve worn these to workout in three times since I’ve gotten them in case you were wondering.


This is literally what I picked from Ellie. I’m lazy and this just looks good. Given … it looks nothing like this when I wear it. More like a fat burrito with all the fixin’s wanting to get out.

Tempt Me Racerback | $39.95

I love this racerback … and I rarely say that to tops because they always get all up in my business. That’s what happens when you have a big bust. But this fits perfectly. Much more comfortable then that name brand they sent over when they were still PV.Body. I obviously had to wear a sports bra underneath, but that’s normal. Oh and its super absorbent and dries SUPER SUPER fast.

The only bad thing I have to say though is the panels in the front and the middle of the back are holes. I wished it was a double layer so that it covered that up. Love the design, hate the holes.

Love Struck Legging | $69.95

I love the thickness of them … but yet they are thin. And it keeps me super warm on these last few days of coldness. The legging part is much more comfortable to me then the other name brand ones I got from them when they were PV.Body.

The only complaint I have about them is the waistband. The one they sent when they were PV.Body was way better. I wished it was a little wider so that it uh … covers up my fat. I would say the waistband does move around a little when I do a more vigorous activity. But for lifting and whatnot … it works perfectly.


I understand Ellie is a new line so they’re sticking with usual colors like black, grey, blue, and pink … but it’d be nice if they branched out a little. Can’t wait when that does happen!

And don’t be discouraged by my negative comments. I love both the pieces for different reasons. But in all good things, there are bad. Everyone likes things differently.

With that being said, if you click on anything on this post that says Ellie, you get 20% off. Sweet huh? Get a move on why don’t yah.

*I received the outfit free of charge but all opinions are my own.
**All pictures from Ellie.

PV.Body Changes

First things first.

When I read on Alex’s post said that she has handwriting known as the Shabo font … I commented and told her I would like to see it. You know … a picture would do.

But oh she’s a sweetheart. Upon arriving home last night, I got this:


Seriously, the Shabo font should be a font you use on the computer. It’s so pretty and definitely neat. She even threw in a vegenaise coupon. I don’t use mayo much but I will certainly try this! And the sticker. I love love love it.

Thanks, Alex! I love it all! Mail is my favorite thing ever!


And now to some serious matter.

I know today’s post was suppose to be about my trip and all but … as y’all know, I love PV.Body. Until they decided to change their ways.

I got an email a few days ago and haven’t had the time since I was on my business trip.

They started out the company as a place for us to get amazing workout clothes from places like Lululemon. Or so they say. Then got us to promote it because we seriously think it’s such a genius idea. It really is.

But once they got a big enough subscribing number, they dropped the ball that they are going to start up their own line, Ellie, and give those pieces out instead. AND raised the price. Some people didn’t even notice because it automatically charges their cards each month.

When I initially read the email, I thought they were just going to INCORPORATE some pieces of Ellie. Not just have us ONLY receive Ellie.

This is the gist of the email I received:

Ellie is the newest brand in high-end, fashionable women’s athletic wear.  We will have more of what you love – fun, bold, and trendy fitness fashions with a variety of designs. With a new collection every month, Ellie will consistently deliver the latest styles that are exclusively for our members! You can expect to see top quality materials, durable stitching, and of course, the perfect fit!  The best part is that you will get to choose which two pieces you want each month!

Starting February 1st, the pv.body site will redirect viewers to Ellie.com and current pv.body subscriptions will begin receiving theEllie clothing line in their packages.

What the hay!

I’m not saying Ellie won’t be amazing … but I can’t say it will either if I’ve never seen it or tried it out.

The only thing good about it is that we get to pick our two pieces. And the blog and their PV.Body 30 Day Challenge is pretty awesome.

But then again, that’s not why we signed up. We signed up to get brand name workout gear.

And on top of that, in Sarah’s post, Hope from PV.Body stated that it will have fabric like Lululemon. From what I know, that fabric is copyrighted. And Lululemon has NEVER heard of PV.Body. So them using Lululemon’s name to get customers and reselling their things is illegal.

It’s such a disappointment. They could of had something amazing if they just stuck with what they were selling. If they waited to launch Ellie, it would be a different story. But to change everything in less than a month of getting so many people to sign up just feels like a scam.

Hopefully they fix all of their problems pronto because they are losing so many customers and getting many bad reviews.