Random Things Thursday



Update on Evening Primrose Oil.
I’m not sure if my skin is better but I do feel my eczema is better.
Sissy said it might be a placebo effect but I’d like to believe it’s the real thing.
Even mum says it’s cleared up a little!
I’m going to keep up the pill popping and hope it clears completely!

20130306_224227 (1)

I got business cards from my contractor company.
I’m not sure what it’s for since um … I don’t pass out business cards.
I’ve had so many other ones in the past and people ask me who I give them to.
My reply: my mum. How sad. (Sorry … can’t tell you where I work.)



I didn’t want to get out of the shower this morning. It felt so nice.
I had a fear of freezing too death getting out.
40 degrees in March. That’s not right … even if I love the cold.
This is why I shower at night …



I was down to my last tablespoon of PB2 at work …
and I added too much water.
I had to dip my apple slices. Sad day.



I haven’t sprained or twisted my ankle in a while now working out!!
And now that I’ve put that out there, it might just happen.

Everyone’s going off to Spring Break tomorrow. I am jealous.
I wish I actually took the opportunities to go party during that time.
Nope … now it’s too late. Happy Thursday guys!

[2013] 008/365: Evening Primrose Oil


On the drive back home after a much needed relaxing weekend with Michelle. It was great getting it after such busy weekends. *sigh* It was great seeing her and now she’s possibly reading my every words. Eep! I love you, Michelle! Thanks for having me!

Anyway, have you ever heard of Evening Primrose Oil? I’ve been Pinteresting and found out their worth. Given I’m not 100% sure if it’s believable, but what’s the harm in trying, eh?

Evening Primrose Oil is said to be “a great anti-aging supplement seeing improvement in skin tightening and preventing wrinkles. Helps with hormonal acne, PMS, weight control, chronic headaches, menopause, endometriosis, joint pain, diabetes, eczema, MS, infertility, hair, nails, and scalp.”

I took my first pill tonight and I will update on it once it’s sunken in for a few days or so. Hopefully it’ll help my eczema and everything else that’s possibly wrong with me. Fingers crossed!

If you’ve taken it or heard of it before, let me know what you think!


Today was the end of THON 2013 and they raised over $12 million! They never cease to amaze. So wished I was there. Makes you feel SO SO SO alive. Sadly a lot of them couldn’t get into the BJC since it was super packed. Oh well … that just means they’re that great!


Michelle sent me this and it made me all happy inside. Dexter misses me! teehee