Dolla Dolla Bills

Happy Birthday Dad (x3)!

My Dad had three birthdays this year … like me. Sometimes being Chinese is amazing. My grandma tried to explain to me how it works but I’m a just-tell-me-when-it’s-my-birthday type of person.

Today, other than the real Father’s Day, we celebrated my Dad’s third birthday!

We had dinner at:

2012-06-17 18.02.36

King Bo Restaurant II
4707 Texas 6
Missouri City, TX
(281) 403-2222

2012-06-17 18.34.282012-06-17 18.40.252012-06-17 18.56.582012-06-17 19.01.312012-06-17 19.03.422012-06-17 19.06.212012-06-17 19.07.272012-06-17 19.23.242012-06-17 19.23.562012-06-17 19.25.002012-06-17 19.26.012012-06-17 19.30.522012-06-17 19.31.162012-06-17 20.01.02

We had 14 people so we ordered the 10 person meal and added 4 dishes to it. They give you a “dessert” at the end. Needless to say, we finished everything we were given. We are fatties.

While their food was delicious. Much better than a LOT of other places, the way they served are food was not that great. Given it was steaming hot, which is very rare when it’s at a Chinese Restaurant, they came out very slow. Each dish came out one at a time and we would finish a dish and wait for the next one. It wasn’t until the very end that the food got served by the full.

2012-06-17 20.14.10

That’s how much it costs if you were wondering …

2012-06-17 20.05.16

My cousin got this 10 inch Peanut Butter Pie for free from Lawler’s. It was very sweet but if you have a sweet tooth you would love it. My favorite part was the crust. Yum!


45 min cardio

Did my walk and jogging. Feeling refreshed. Two more weeks before the vaca!

Make It Rain


Like I mentioned, I’ve been cleaning. And today took me by surprise. Given, a good $220, I knew where they were. I am just that great at hiding money. It’s always nice to clean and find surprises like this.

My closet is halfway there! I have SO much clothes that need washing. I will do that once I wake up!

2012-06-17 15.51.132012-06-17 15.43.55

The two pairs of shoes I bought the other day! Sperry’s (my third pair) and ballet flats (only $10!).

We had a big discount so my mum and I went a little crazy.

2012-06-17 15.25.32

I bought this show today. Yay! I am very Asian. I must watch my people! Just kidding. But seriously, I love Chinese Soap Operas. They make me happy.

Time to relax and watch a few episodes!

Memory Lane

Whoops. I did not know that it was already 1am!

I’ve been so busy all day!

And I’m sad to say I missed my workout. But since Sunday is my rest day, I’ll just make it up then instead. So I actually didn’t miss my workout?


Anyway, we went and ate at Spring Creek Barbeque. It was rainy, rainy. Bleugh. Then came home and relaxed.

2012-06-16 18.07.43

Went to Macy’s to buy Alyssa’s Wedding gift. I bought two pair of shoes as well … whoops.

2012-06-16 17.49.35

My sissy and I have been talking about sparkly canvas shoes. Found some but they were not cute! And expensive …

Then it was time for dinner time. Since we were celebrating Father’s Day all day, we went to a Le Lai Restaurant. Funky. We went here last year for Father’s Day too. New tradition? ha


Who eats lobster’s head? Don’t tell me I’m the only one!


We came home and had Homemade Pie. My sissy made it. I piped on the words. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Afterward was cleaning time. By then it was already 10pm but I just had the urge to continue cleaning. My room is starting to look like a room again. Here’s to hoping everything will be done soon!

Just some things I found while cleaning.

2012-06-17 01.09.49

Packet of old Basketball stuff … when I use to be a baller. HAHA

2012-06-16 23.17.14

Old school projects … when VHS was popular. Can you believe that was only like 7 years ago?

2012-06-16 23.25.122012-06-17 00.57.54

Old love notes. The one on the left is getting married this upcoming year … we are growing up too fast!

And the one on the right is not into girls anymore. Yep.

These are only a few of many love notes I got. Yeah. I brought all the boys to the yard.

Just kidding …

2012-06-16 23.49.13

Found a card that my sissy never sent her friend. That made me laugh so loud!

2012-06-16 23.57.50

The 1st generation IPod. That I don’t use anymore because it’s all kinds of messed up. Hello ITouch … that is about to be all kinds of messed up as well.

2012-06-17 00.46.36

Long expired. But if you trust me, I’ll still try to save your life. Just make sure not to let your family sue me if you die.

2012-06-17 00.46.55

I would get little comics from this one guy. I loved them. Some were gruesome though.

2012-06-17 00.56.52

Found notes/letters written to me from all the way back from 2000! Old sauce! This was when we were in like fifth grade. Stacks and stacks of notes. Now everything is text. How sad.

2012-06-17 01.05.16

Oh you know … when Pokemon was popular!

But yeah. Enough with memory lane. I’ll go back there the rest of the week as I clean. I have SO much stuff I’m donating, recycling, and throwing away.

Big hoarder right hurr!

Happy Daddy Day!

So before I begin reviewing all the places we went and all the happenings I just wanted to tell a quick story. Ready?

As I told y’all before, my sissy is off with Brett, her bf, to Colorado for a wedding then heading to Iowa for another wedding. Anyway, I woke up from a weird picture text of purple, yellow, and blue bouquet.

What you caught the bouquet?! They’re soo pretty!!

It hit me in the face!

haha of course, only her. She never told me if she meant to catch it or not but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. 😉  I told my mum what happened and she laughed her butt off.

I wish I could put the picture of the bouquet on here but I can’t get pictures out of my phone but do believe me:  They were gorgeous!

Okay back to our regularly scheduled program:

So obviously .. Happy Father’s Day!! My dad got this day off work so we can celebrate and have family time. Sissy was gone, brother was in Dallas so all that was left was me, mum, and June. Since our dad’s birthday was just a few weeks ago (June 3rd) we always buy a big present for his birthday and nothing for Father’s day. We got him a new laptop. He loves it and uses it daily.

For breakfast/lunch we went to:

Dim Sum King
9160 Bellaire Blvd #B
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 270-6788

Um .. not quite sure why it’s #B .. that’s not even a number but oh well. That’s what it says.

This is everything we ordered. Top to bottom. I’m not sure what they’re called in English but we ordered a total of 10 dishes. Mmmm … This place compared to other places is pretty good. They are clean for sure, though they have a small space. Especially in the front where people walk in, which is a bummer because when we do have to wait for seats we are packed sardines.

They have really great service. Wonderful service. Whatever we needed they got and didn’t mess up once. Applaud.

On the left is the breakdown of all the foods we ordered. I don’t know how they justify what is a small, medium, and large dish but oh well. If you wanted tea, it costs money so the adults drank tea while I opted out for water. Total came out to be $30.65 which isn’t bad for dim sum price here in Houston. Plus, it’s delicious! I would suggest you come here and try their dishes. I just wished they relocated to a bigger place. They would make so much more money!

After lunch June and I went into:

Yannick Cafe Bakery
9110 A Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 773-2977

in the same shopping mall as Dim Sum King, while my parents went into the dvd/magazine store next door.

Look at the array of desserts they sell. Yum! And they are so beautifully decorated.

I decided on an Egg Tart | $0.80 instead. Can you say yum?! We only bought one … not all that stuff on the tray. Their crust wasn’t the usual crust. I felt it was made out of butter cookies. It had that taste to it and wasn’t flaky like usual egg tart crusts. Yum! I liked it a lot.

Then we headed into the store my parents were in and I came out with this:

Yeah … I’m Chinese and I’m letting it show. I still listen to Chinese music even though I emigrated here when I was like 4? Fluent Chinese speaker right here! Anyway, it’s Raymond Lam’s 2009 (?) concert. Yay! For $5.99. Cheap!! Yes! Score! I haven’t watched it yet but I will next week when I have time. I’m excited. My favorite song from him is on it.

For those that are Chinese and know who this is, I know you think he sucks but … we all have our opinions.

Since my dad and mum needed to get their eyes checked and get new glasses, June and I went to various stores to check out things.

One of the things we found was a tiny knitted hat. It’s so cute!! Don’t worry, I didn’t buy it.

We then went to:

Tapioca House
9104 Bellaire Blvd #B
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 272-6468

Two Milk Tea Tapioca | $1.99 + $0.55 (for large) please! The regular sized is June’s and the large was for me, dad, and mum to share. We got it with the tiny tapioca because I feel the large ones were too chewy. Mmm … yummy drink for such a hot, hot day. Sadly my mum got not a drop. Dad drank it all before she got out of the eye exam room. Whoops. She bought herself a little something, something later though so it all works out.

We went home to relax and unwind. Dinner was coming up. (Our family goes crazy eating when it’s a special day. Gaining back weight .. darn!)

After many, many hours, we went out for dinner at:

Le Lai Restaurant (They misspelled their own name … fail?)
9600 Bellaire Blvd Ste 103
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 988-6888

We got the Dinner for Four [Crab Mea Soup with Fish Maw; Salt Baked Chicken (half); Fillet of Sole (steamed) with Mixed Vegetable; Salted Pepper Squid; Garlic Vegetbale; Pan Fried Noodle with Soy Sauce] | $39.50.

Bad picture quality! Sorry! It was steamy everywhere. We ordered an extra Eggplant with Beef Clay Pot. Not too sure how much it costs but mmm .. yummo.

All the food was delicious.

They even gave us free dessert!! Yum but super fatty.

I would recommend this place but then something happened:

I found a piece of hair in my tea. Yuck!! I know for sure it’s not mine so it could be someone who was making the tea.


Everyone came home doing their chores and such and now only my mum and I are awake. I love winding down after such a busy day.

I hope all of y’all had a good Father’s Day and those that don’t celebrate, that y’all had a good day! And weekend!!