A Baby?!

Oh no. Not me.

My friend who just got married last August(?), just gave birth yesterday.

Yet I am still without a boyfriend.

Which I don’t really mind since I’m so busy.

But sometimes, it’s just nice having someone else there for you.

Anyway, I’m probably passed out from my Finance final since I’m writing this the day before while taking another break from studying for my Finance final.

Now that this semester is over, I have more time to blog.

Which means a lot of random post from the past, mostly food, will be going up.

And no. I did not forget my pinky promise to you all.

It would be nice if you guys crossed your fingers for me. For those grades that will be going up soon.

Much love.

Almost Done!


These pills, Rhodiola 110, that I said I took last night … they really work.

There is Vitamin C, some kind of root, Greet Tea Extract, and spinach and whatnot in them.

I popped one in and worked for two hours without stopping. So boosted my mental and physical performance!

I got a lot of work done.

Right now I’m studying for more Finance, popped one in and got a lot of work done.

It feels good.

Let’s just hope I get a good grade on this final.

I cannot wait for 10am. That is when I’ll be done with finals! (Unless I finish earlier.)

My plan was to go to Dallas for my cousin, Joanna’s, graduation ceremony. But it starts at 4pm. 5 hour drive? Yep. Either I end up making it RIGHT on time, or I don’t make it at all. So why bother …

So I’m thinking a 5 hour nap instead.

But I doubt it. We shall see.

Study Break

I only have one more final I have to study for: Finance.


It’s on Friday. Way to end the week right?

Anyway, I started getting the munchies so I put my puffed rice cereal, milk, chia seeds, and cacao powder together.


Mistake. Cacao powder is kind of yucky. I resulted in throwing it away.

Like how I photoshopped words in? Yep … it was that gross.

Now I’m not so hungry.

But I still have to study.


Jenny’s mum gave me some pills, Rhodiola 110, that is suppose “To help maximize mental and physical performance …”

So Katrina took one … and I am about to, too.

Hopefully it works!

Bye! Smile

Curse You Finance!

Rudy’s was divine. I really need to find out how to get pictures out of my phone and onto these posts!

I ordered 1 lb of MOIST brisket. I would get lean but it’s always so dry. Sad smile

And a quart of creamed corn.

I only ate a little and have A LOT of leftovers!!

I’ve been studying for this Finance test all day. Tomorrow I have to take that test at 2pm. Then I have two volleyball games and two basketball games.

Crazy huh?

Anyway, a guy friend of mine got broken up with a long time girl of his. He was really hurt by it and now a few months later, he’s found a girl he thinks is “amazing”. His words.

I’m happy for him. He’s a romantic so hearing him say all these things is cute and I wish I could find a guy that is like that.

I hope everything goes well for him. He deserves it. Smile

Okay back to Finance. I need to ace you.

Hell Week Is Over

… hopefully.

This week alone …

2 Projects turned in.

All 30 pages of me and my partner’s paper was put together at 4am this morning. I was so happy when we handed it into my professor’s hand at 3pm.

Pure bliss.

2 Football games played.

Had one tonight, but we lost by a touchdown. Semi-finals are over. We didn’t make it into the championship round.


Yeah I am. I’m not going to lie. We were so close.

5 FTK Meetings … so far.

And work piles up during those meetings. I have another one today (Friday) from 3-5pm. Hope that goes well and not much work gets handed to me!

1 Finance Lab homework due.

I made a stupid 95 because I couldn’t get one of the answers correct. That’s just straight poop.

4 classes I went to out of 8 classes … so far.

Yep. I’m a terrible student. I had to finish my paper so I had to skip class! But I have a lab tomorrow so I will for sure go to that. That makes it, 5 classes out of 9. That sounds so much better … maybe?

Okay. Time for bed. It’s so early!!Open-mouthed smile