Jenny and I went to some liquor store a few days ago. And look what we found!!!!!!


Wine with the name Bitch! I would love to try it!Smile with tongue out

So I’ve finished the Flatout Flatbread The Original and am moving on to the Flatout Flatbread Multi-Grain with Flax.


Mmmm .. carrots and peanut butter (Peanut Butter & Co.’s The Bees Knees to be exact). YUM!

The Multi-Grain with Flax is more floury than The Original. It is also more grainy. DUH! But it’s still okay. So far it’s not as great as The Original.

What’s inside? Oh just a turkey dog and spinach. Mmmm.


Look what I made!! It’s green pepper with an egg in the middle. Kind of looks like a flower huh? Hmm … guess it’s just me. It’s so cute!!


I also did my Superset 1 from Fitness Magazine last night! 3 sets of 12 reps of Bent-Over Row and 3 sets of 12 reps of Decline Bench Press. I used a 3 pound dumbbell so I don’t think it worked out too much. But I felt my back and chest definitely tingling with a little soreness this morning. Good I guess? Yay.

I’m slowly getting into the workout scene again. I seriously need to find a place to run. It’s still too hot outside. Thank goodness the humidity stayed in Houston though.

Being a little lazy, then study time!Confused smile

Oh, Tonight, We’re Gonna Set The World On Fire

That song has been stuck in my head for a good week now. It’s such a sweet, sweet song. I LOVE duets!

Anyway, I broke my own promise to not buy books for a while. Books like non-school related books. WHOOPS!


I ended up buying 13 books for $48.55. Not too bad if you ask me. It said I saved $50.93 meaning if I had bought these without the sale from Borders, I would be dang poor.

I have realized I’ll rather buy books than clothes. Eeep. That’s not too good. I think people are starting to notice my closet is only t-shirts that you either get for free or from school activities.Embarrassed smile



I opened up a Baked Flatbread crisps: Four Cheese as a snack. I had a feeling this would be my least favorite out of all the other ones. It smells very cheesy which gets me very queasy and it tastes super cheesy! Surprisingly, it’s not bad at all. Quite delicious! The queasy feeling is gone.

You don’t even need dip for this!! It has enough flavor to hold it’s own!

So far, everything about Flatout Bread has got my heart!


There’s a pool party at my apartment going on right now. And I live right next to the pool … like I can see the pool from here. Bleugh! They have speakers everywhere! I don’t know how Jenny sleeps through this!



A Package? For Me?!

When I got home last night, there was a paper stuck to my front door.


Sadly the office was long closed for the day.Crying face

So I tried my hardest to go to bed.

Woke up and went to my lab. The whole time there all I could think about was the package! I knew it can’t be books because I already have all of them. But I did win a few giveaways.

I knew those won’t come anytime soon since they probably JUST sent them.

Therefore it only leaves me with Lauren from Team Giles with Flatout Bread!

Class ended early … like 30 minutes early! So I ran to the shuttle and got home to pick up my package!


And I was correct!! FLATOUT FREAKING BREAD!!


This is jammed packed! Ah … excited!


Look at all that stuff!!

Here’s what’s inside:

Baked Flatbread Crisps: Four Cheeses, Sea Salt, Garlic Herb, Multigrain
Fold It Artisan Flatbread: Rosemary & Olive Oil, Traditional White, 5 Grain Flax
Flatout Flatbread: Multi-Grain with Flax, Light Italian Herb, The Original
Miscellaneous: A spatula, water bottle, cutting board, recipe book

That is A LOT of stuff for that little box!!

I told my mum I was going to share some with her but uh … is it selfish to say I want it all to myself?! I hope not. I’m a poor college student. I need my bread!Smile with tongue out


I did what any normal person would. Open these bad babies up and ate it!! I made a little wrap … but not really.

I used the Flaout Flatbread The Original. Put it on my crepe pan. Added cheese, mushrooms, a piece of ham and a little Ranch. Got the cheese hot and melted and there you have it!!

It’s sooo good!! I feel like I’m in heaven. My tummy is so happy right now.

Because I heated up the bread, it became crispy … the right kind of crispy. Not the crumble in your hand kind. Does that make sense?

But if you don’t like it crispy and instead like it soft all you do is put things in! Simple!!

I love it both ways! Mmm … maybe this is a bad idea because I want to try them all NOW!Disappointed smile

I cannot wait to try all the other ones!! Ahh! And make little flatout bread pizzas! This is going to be so exciting!!

Thanks Team Giles and Flatout Bread!!Rolling on the floor laughing

Trader Joe’s in Texas?!

Yes. You read that correctly.

My sister overheard a man that works at Kroger, here in Houston, that a Trader Joe’s will be popping up soon.

The first one is said to be in Dallas. Then building in Houston and Austin as well. So those of you who moved from places that have Trader Joe’s and landed here in one of those cities, you’re in luck!

Here’s an article for you to read if you’re skeptical about it.

I will finally get to see what they hype is all about!

I wish they build one in San Antonio. Guess if I like Trader Joe’s that much, I’ll make the drive to Austin for it.


I tried some Whey Protein today. It was pretty yummy but I don’t know if I would need it. Maybe once I’m in San Antonio where I don’t eat that much meat.

How does one know how much protein to take?!


If you follow my twitter account you would know this.

I won my first giveaway!!! Thanks to Team Giles and Flatout Bread!

It comes with so much stuff and I’m very excited to try it all out! Eeep!


It’s been a really good Friday so far. Got to hang out with the sissy and winning the giveaway.

But the day isn’t over. I get to see some of my best girls tonight! Whoo!! 🙂