Mumble Jumble Monday

Pretty much a mumble jumble of random things … because it’s Monday. I’ve worked for 2 hours before my 9 hour class … for work. Bleugh. Where’s my hard worker award?



Give me a high five for sending out the Giveaway winner’s goodies.

All late due to having to find a new winner, get their address, and assemble the box of goodies.

Which brought me to send out one of my best friend’s belated birthday gift. She shall be getting it upon her arrival back home from Disneyworld … Disneyland? with her fiancé. Hopefully she doesn’t read this post or else the surprise factor will be gone.



How I feel when I haven’t heard from my friends in a while.

I’ve been getting texts and calls from my great best guy friends. (Where my girls at?) It’s weird because we can go on for months and not speak but when we do it’s like our friendship never had a halt. I know I say that about pretty much all my friends but it’s true.

I’m a pretty simple girl. Just text or call to show you care and I’ll be your best damn friend. They can vouch for that … hopefully. Else this just turned awkward. Distance and busy schedules will keep us all apart but true friendships stay together forever.

That’s corny, Melissa. Shut up.

Okay, okay.



How I’ve been feeling lately.

It’s been pretty busy over here since Sissy announced she was going to have her judge and tea ceremony part of the weddings next month. Eeep. Less than one month. I’m about to poop my pants. I’ve been looking at decoration ideas and whatnot and it’s just going crazy! There is SO much to do!

She’s enlisted me to be her baker so I’ll be makin’ them cupcakes. I spent literally hours on end looking at recipes and hours on end looking at different decoration ideas. I was told not to spend too much time on it but really … who wants ugly cupcakes for their wedding?!



He’s just hot.



And he’s not.

Happy Monday, y’all. Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing.

Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts.

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you everyone that entered my giveaway. I am so sleepy and tired right now but I owe to y’all to tell y’all the winner. So drum roll please.

The winner is:


The 19th comment! I am not sure how to get the little widget I got for my old giveaway sooooo hopefully this will do.


Congratulations, Kym! I know you said you’ve been wanting to try PB2 soooo this works out nicely. Email me your information and I’ll ship it out to you asap!

If you don’t answer by Monday night, I’ll be forced to pick a new winner!

Time for bed. I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours. Eeps. Recap of my day will be coming soon. 😀

Peanut Butter Jelly Time {Giveaway}

Howdy doodies! I have a pretty awesome story to tell yah.

So … a group of coworkers and I went off to lunch. The back seat got stuck so I opened the back and helped out. On route to our destination, I realized my phone was missing. I was freaking out. You know how it is. Our lives are in that shizz.

Lo and behold … it was on the outside of the back of my coworker’s car. You know that lip that sticks out in the back? Does that make sense?

I am a lucky duck. Good car. Good phone case. Thankful.


I’ve been wanting to do this giveaway for a long, long time so I hope y’all like it! I figure everyone loves to eat …

pb2_jars (1)

One lucky person will be receiving PB2 and PB2 Chocolate. I’ll be throwing a few more goodies in there as well. Things I like that I hope you would like as well.

Four Ways To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment and tell me how you would use PB2.
  2. Follow my blog and leave a comment so I know.
  3. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment so I know.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment so I know.

All entries must be in by the end of Wednesday, March 27th. I’ll pick the winner the following night.

**Open to only US.

PS. Saw this on Alex’s blog. If you need help finding a new reader due to Google Reader failing us all, check it out here!

There’s Always A First

First things first!
I actually have my own ads on other people’s blog!
Wanna know where? Of course you do …

300x100 (1)

I won And They Call Me Mommy … ad space off of a Giveaway!
And now it’s up and at ‘em. It’s my first one ever and it went up yesterday.
She was quick to put it up! I kept it simple and just used my header.
Check out her page and stay awhile.


Country Roots City Living is giving away free ad spaces for the rest of the year!
Oh oh … Thank you, Lindsey! She’s very patient.
I gave her the one from the first one but it was the wrong dimensions.
I emailed her and she said just resend it and she’ll fix it. I had time to make a new one.
It’s a little sldflasdfer but it’ll work for now. Check out her page.
Seriously, I ask so many questions about this and other stuff and she’s so helpful!


This morning on my drive to work.
A crack in the sky! AHH!
I don’t like driving in the light but I guess it’s nice to see pretty sky.


I went to Happy Hour with these two beauties.
Mallory & Samantha
Always a good time with them.

FSA Women’s Football

I received one of my giveaways today in the mail.

Well … more like in the front office because no way can this baby fit in the mailbox.


You excited to see what it is?

I’ll have to let you know later this weekend. I haven’t gotten a chance to open it up. I know what it is, but to you all, it’ll be a surprise.

Tonight I had my first FSA women’s football game for intermural sports! (I’m not playing co-rec this year.)


My team! And our Defense coach. Our Offense coach was out of town.

It was a good game. We played last year’s champions and this game they only made ONE touchdown. We were || this close to making our touchdown but … yeahh. Close game.

It was good for the first one and with most of the players being Freshmans.

Then I went and ate at some Mexican place with some of the team members and spectators. Then Wal-Mart because two of the girls I was with needed to buy toilet paper. It was nice having their company. I haven’t laughed that much in so long!

I’m going to lay down now. Nighty-night!


I lived such a hard life yesterday.

Just sitting there and not doing anything but study, watch Ghost Whisperer, and scratch Krypto’s tummy.

You know, the hard life.

Skipping my one class might not have been smart but I needed it. Especially since today I’ll be in school for longer than 10 hours. Curses on late meetings.


A couple of days ago, I posted this on my twitter:


It should actually say “these last couple of months.” Whoops. But seriously, I’m so thankful. I get to try new things.

Getting to try products for free makes it taste better and makes me more likely to go out and buy it when I run out. Which I have done.

I won a giveaway few days ago, that’s also on my bucket list. I’m not going to say what it is just yet, but when I receive it, you will definitely hear about it. So keep a look out!

I’m also lucky because things have been going well this year in college. College hasn’t always been a happy place for me these past four years and I’m happy to say, this year might just be different.

Oky, I’ve procrastinated enough. Back to work on FTK things then heading to the FSA meeting later tonight. Whoop!

Trader Joe’s in Texas?!

Yes. You read that correctly.

My sister overheard a man that works at Kroger, here in Houston, that a Trader Joe’s will be popping up soon.

The first one is said to be in Dallas. Then building in Houston and Austin as well. So those of you who moved from places that have Trader Joe’s and landed here in one of those cities, you’re in luck!

Here’s an article for you to read if you’re skeptical about it.

I will finally get to see what they hype is all about!

I wish they build one in San Antonio. Guess if I like Trader Joe’s that much, I’ll make the drive to Austin for it.


I tried some Whey Protein today. It was pretty yummy but I don’t know if I would need it. Maybe once I’m in San Antonio where I don’t eat that much meat.

How does one know how much protein to take?!


If you follow my twitter account you would know this.

I won my first giveaway!!! Thanks to Team Giles and Flatout Bread!

It comes with so much stuff and I’m very excited to try it all out! Eeep!


It’s been a really good Friday so far. Got to hang out with the sissy and winning the giveaway.

But the day isn’t over. I get to see some of my best girls tonight! Whoo!! 🙂

WINNER for My Very First Giveaway!

Thanks for everyone that participated!! This giveaway spiked my views all the way up as well as the most comments on a post!

I wish I could give everyone a $30 gift card to Whole Foods but a broke college student I am. But be assured there will be more in the future because this was FUN!

Shut up and tell me the winner already, Melissa!

Okay, okay. Drum roll please!

Congratulations to Tiffany from Texan on the Run! Email me your name and address and I’ll send it on your way! You have til Monday night to reply or else … onto the next winner!!

Their Loss

Empty Wallets

What does one do when an email pops up saying there’s a sale going on?

No … not clothes. I never seem to want to splurge on clothes.

Barnes and Nobles sent me an email saying they’re having a sale.

I had to get on it! I ended up getting 8 MORE fictional books and my mum picked out 6 cookbooks.

I feel it was a very good deal since mine were mostly $1.99-2.99. I would say those cookbooks were killer in our wallets but much needed (in our world).

This is sad. Someone save us! We are pretty much putting all our money in books.

Upside was free shipping. 😉

Giveaway Thoughts

I’m happy with how my first Giveaway‘s going. Don’t forget to enter!! It ends July 29th (Friday) at 12pm!

Putting up the giveaway, I told myself that if only the three people I had in mind entered, it was better than nothing. And that if it goes well, more giveaways were a must! I’m so happy that it has been more than three people! So things seem to be going really well!

I actually reached the most views I’ve ever had yesterday but sadly they didn’t enter the giveaway. Their loss, right?


If I’ve never told you before, I’ll tell you this now. I have a lot of networking sites. This site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Lately I stopped using certain networks as much like Facebook or Tumblr.

Ever since I started reaching out to other bloggers in June, I got so into the blogging world I just feel I don’t have time with any other networks.

It was brought to my attention when some friends commented or texted saying why I was never online anymore. Whoops …

I should manage my time better or else I will have no friends when I’m offline!

How do you manage your time?!