Golden Wok

A.V. and I got hungry during dinner time last night and he felt like Chinese food so we decided to go here:

Golden Wok
8822 Wurzbach
San Antonio, TX 78240
(210) 615 – 8282

We both started out with the Hot & Sour Soup [chicken, crabmeat, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, tofu, and egg prepared in a rich spicy chicken broth] | $3.49. When you go to some Chinese restaurant the seem to mess this up but this place has some good soup. I would go back for this whenever I crave this type of soup.

We then continued to our entrees. I got the Singapore Noodles [thin rice noodles stir-fried with cabbage, carrots, scallions, bell pepper, and egg with curry flavor with beef] | $9.29.  You could get it with chicken, shrimp or scallops or a combination of all for $9.99. This tasted like what I have at home usually. Nothing too special. I would go here to get this again if I ever crave it though.

A.V. got the Sesame Chicken [chicken with sesame] | $8.29. It came with steamed rice. The chicken was really juicy on the inside. Pure white. So good!

It’s not as great as the Chinese Restaurants back in Houston of course but if I was to crave Chinese food, I would go here to at least have part of my taste buds satisfied.