New Year, 2nd Blogoversary

It’s been a whirlwind of a year. Reason I started this blog on New Year’s Day is because I wanted a new start. And because I knew people did recaps every Blogoversary and New Year … and I’m too lazy to do it twice in one year sooooo yep. Here goes!




  • First time in a recording studio: back of a house type deal but it was cool to see how everything gets put together. Helped throw some ideas in. I loved it. I wish I was good enough for this line of work.




















There has been so much going on this past year and there would be more if I was more consistent with my blogging. It’s been a year of ups and downs but the ups shine through more. I hope you all had a great 2012 because 2013 just begun and it’s going to be a great one!

Stay Positive! Think Good Thoughts!

My First Ever Guest Post

I don’t have anything interesting to blog about today other than my T-Mobile is having problems with Data so that means I’m doing everything over WiFi. Can you say hassle?

But it works out fine because my first ever Guest Post have been published at Rachael’s blog, Happy Healthy Runner. Go check it out! I had fun writing it so I hope y’all enjoy it! She is the sweetest ever and like I’ve told her before, she resembles Kate Hudson. 😉

The week’s almost over guys. Keep holding on!



Guest Post: Reasons To Blog

I have another guest post for y’all! Because you know … I’m having too much fun to be tied down on the computer.

I recently found Alex through stalking other blogs. That’s the only way to find cool readers, right? Only me? Oh … well she’s amazing and her posts always gets me laughing and sometimes hits too close to home. Like this post she wrote for you all to read. We are sometimes too alike. It’s kind of scary. Thanks for your true words, Alex. And hopefully readers who are hesitant to start their own blog will after reading this post!

If you aren’t already a follower of Alex, you must be joking. Head over there now and check her out … after this post of course.

To all of Alex’s readers, thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy her words. I mean, you have to if you came from her blog, right? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to stop by and check out your blog!


I loved getting this email about guest posting because this is probably one of the more recent additions to my Google reader ‘read everyday’ section. Yes, I like organization. Yes, my blogs have strange categories. Too much? Nah.

If you don’t know me, I am Alex over at The Run Within. My idea for this post actually came from a post that we both wrote (in different ways but strangely in a 24 hour period) about how people do not understand blogging. They think it is boring or a time sucker. Ah, how wrong. So why talk about the PERKS of being a blogger.

1. A place to be you. Most of us started a blog to put out that genuine person. There is no hiding behind a fake first impression because you determine that impression. All designs, all contents are vastly different – blogging at its best. No matter what, when you write, you are expressing yourself not through that physical appearance but through what you have to say.


2. An emotional and mental outlet. We all need breaks from reality or at least a place to reflect on our experiences. Blogging gives us that space to put it all out there in random vents, rambles or stories. Telling your story, at least in my case in regard to recovery, is therapeutic and hands on. Rather than avoiding those emotions, I feel more in touch with some of those feelings I used to shut down.

3. Some killer friends. I know many of us haven’t met or even heard each other’s voices but for some reason you feel a strange closeness to these ‘strangers’. We find common experiences, common likes or just common ground that make this community welcoming and warm. It gives you the opportunities to build friendships even beyond the computer screen (hello blogger meet ups and care packages). I am not the best person socially; I struggled in college to put myself out there. I hated those big parties. But blogging gave me this weird confidence to feel ok when I commented on a new blog, ok when I planned a blogger meet up (did I seriously do that?) and lead some sort of activity. These are things I would never have thought in a million years I would do, that is empowering.


4. Free stuff – ya I had to go there. I know we all want to look past this but since I have started blogging I have won more giveaways than I thought was humanly possible. Heck, I have tried some killer stuff and even am now committed to buying those on a regular basis.


5. Advice is given in a split second. Whether twitter or even through a comment, if I ask or even if I don’t ask for a little nudge or should – I get it. I honestly can’t even describe how good this feels for someone who always thought making friends was a difficult process and opening myself up was too risky.


As you can tell, I am still riding that high of starting a blog. I was an avid reader for almost 1.5 years before I even thought about giving it a shot. All I can say is take a chance, take your time and WRITE ABOUT IT.

Guest Post: Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

I knew I would have so much fun in Hong Kong so before I left, I asked Rachael to write a guest post on anything she wanted and … she agreed! Her tips below are on point and I’ve been *trying* to keep up with them. I’m happy to report, so far so good. Thanks, Rachael! I love your blog and you motivate me every day and I’m happy that you are my first ever guest poster. If you aren’t already following her … you’re missing out!

And to all of Rachael’s readers … hi. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that we can become friends! Leave a comment so I can check out your blog! Winking smile


Hello Mouthwatering Morsel readers! I’m Rachael and I blog over at Happy Healthy Runner about running, being (mostly) healthy, and my adventures in marriage. I’ve been a longtime reader of Melissa’s blog, so naturally I was thrilled when she asked me to guest post for her while she’s off being a world traveler.


Since Melissa is going on vacation I figured what better thing to talk about then being healthy on vacation?! I mean, that’s what everyone thinks about when they’re traveling, right? How best to stay in shape? Just me?

If you had told me five years ago that it was possible to go on vacation, indulge, and not gain weight I would have laughed at you. However after two week-long trips to Vegas where I’ve managed to do just that, I can say with complete confidence it is possible. It just takes a *teensy* bit of work.


1. Bring workout clothes with you: Pretty basic stuff here: If you have them, there’s no excuse not to use them. So bring a couple changes of workout clothes and your shoes and hop to it!

2. Make time for exercise: Any exercise is better than no exercise. I’ve found that waking up an hour or so before everyone else so that I can hit up the hotel gym, do some bodyweight exercises in my room, or take a jog around the area I’m visiting is the perfect way to sneak in exercise without it cutting into my sight-seeing time. Plus, push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, and all of those classic exercise moves can be done with zero equipment.


3. Choose cheat meals wisely: I love food. I mean LOVE food. But I also understand that there are times to indulge and times not to. If breakfast and lunch are going to be eaten on the go choose something light and filling, such as oatmeal with fresh fruit, a salad, or a turkey sandwich. That way if you’re going somewhere awesome for dinner you can indulge guilt-free. If brunch is the main meal of the day then indulge then and make sure your other meals are healthier.

4. Drink water obsessively: One place that people trip up a lot is with their beverage choices, especially on vacation. At least I do, so I assume everyone else struggles with that too. 😉 Instead of ordering sodas and other drinks that are loaded with sugar opt for water instead. And if you’re going out at night have a glass of water after every alcoholic drink. It’ll keep you hydrated, minimize the hangover in the morning, and help you pace your drinking.

5. Split calorie-heavy meals and desserts: Half the fun of being on vacation is all of the good food, right? Instead of skipping out on all of it, split it with a friend or family member instead. That way you still get to enjoy it, but you have a much lesser chance of overdoing it.

Doing these things has completely changed the way vacations go for me, and hopefully they will for you too! A big thanks to Melissa for letting me take over her blog for a bit, and I hope you all have happy, healthy travels!