New Year, 2nd Blogoversary

It’s been a whirlwind of a year. Reason I started this blog on New Year’s Day is because I wanted a new start. And because I knew people did recaps every Blogoversary and New Year … and I’m too lazy to do it twice in one year sooooo yep. Here goes!




  • First time in a recording studio: back of a house type deal but it was cool to see how everything gets put together. Helped throw some ideas in. I loved it. I wish I was good enough for this line of work.




















There has been so much going on this past year and there would be more if I was more consistent with my blogging. It’s been a year of ups and downs but the ups shine through more. I hope you all had a great 2012 because 2013 just begun and it’s going to be a great one!

Stay Positive! Think Good Thoughts!

A Whole Lotta Fun



A coworker was leaving to do bigger and better things so BossMan took us out for lunch at:

10694 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77042
(281) 501-2960

Cheese Bread – too doughy for my taste. Pass …

Salad Bar – a lot of various choices. My favorite is the cow tongue (gross I know … but so good!) and the mashed potatoes since I’ve been craving it!

All You Can Eat Meat – so many choices! I only had a good I don’t know … 10 or so pieces of different meat. That’s SO much. They didn’t come over a lot though. Maybe because we had a lot of people and was scared we were gonna eat all their food.

Thanks Bossman!



Halloween! Also my sissy’s birthday. Yep she’s a halloweenie! (teehee) I was dressed up as a ballerina. Simple and easy because I was tired from a long day of work. She had a little get together costume party and we had wine and cheese, and snacks, and sweets. YuM!


There’s no pictures since they are her friends and if she doesn’t want to be on the blog, I doubt her friends would either. Don’t know how they’ll feel about that so here’s a picture of Bruno is his bed while we partied.



The girls: Mallory, Samantha, Leah M. and I had a girl’s night.

Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
25250 Northwest Freeway
Cypress, TX 77429
(281) 758-4000

Chips & Dip – free and so good … the green one at least which makes me believe is creamy avocado dip. YUM!

We all got Margaritas on ice (Sam got it frozen). I use to think I hate margaritas but I’m beginning to think I don’t like them frozen. In ice is totally different. Guess because it dilutes the alcohol a bit?

La Paz – the enchilada and taco was so good and moist. The pork tamale … not so much. It was SUPER dry. Don’t ever get that if you ever go here.


We moved our booties to a bar. We were early so there wasn’t much people but there was a band playing and I loved their choice of music.


But we drove down to Midnight Rodeo and danced our hearts away. It was a lot of fun critiquing people dancing. Some people … they’re there for our entertainment. Sorry for being mean but I’m not sorry. You had to be there.




Went over to Mallory’s and we watched Magic Mike with Samantha … too much skin. I’m not use to it. But I guess it’s a given with it being a stripper movie and all.

Channing Tatum is a hottie but my eyes were all for Alex Pettyfer in this one. Mmm … man with scruff.

This week is over already. But I’m excited for what’s to come! Ice Hockey this Thursday. Crossing things off my list! And day off this Friday! Whoop! Happy upcoming week! I promise to do better with this whole blogging during the week thing.

Busy Fun Week + Halloweekend!

Craptastic. I wrote this whole thing ready to publish
and then Live Writer goes haywire on me!

I’ll try to make this go like it was suppose to.
This was suppose to be like last week’s post since y’all liked it so much
but this would probably mean once a week post …
I don’t know how I feel about that yet.



Taylor Swift’s album RED dropped.
Better believe it’s been played five billion times already.



Pumpkins were carved!
Lauren F. and I went over to Mallory’s and I carved my very first pumpkin.
Check off my Bucket List! It was oooey gooey and I loved it.
Guess which one is mine! Sadly ours got super moldy in like two days. 😦



Michelle’s going away dinner at Chuy’s with Stephanie.
Michelle is the new Lufkin reporter!
Cannot wait to see her new place!
She’s going to make it big one day!
The only picture of us three from that night … sorry.



Alyssa’s friend, Erin K.,
posted about Painting with a Twist
for a Cause … Relay for Life.
Hello, I’m all down for that. I threw in the big bucks and went!


I had a lot of fun.
Freaked out a lot thinking this is gonna be one ugly painting
but it came out pretty okay.


The people in the class were hilarious and fun to be around.
They were acting like little kids and Erin and I were the youngest ones there!
I’m already wanting to go back …


I baked for the coworkers that night regardless of how late it was.
We’ve been having a sluggish week at work.



After work nothing happened at all.
I’m pretty sure I slept for a good 20 hours. Jk.
I slept for 3 hours and painted this thing in less than however long Despicable Me is.
It’ll get better with more practice … hopefully.



Sally Hansen stick on nail things.
Sent on accident but got to keep!
Worked well with my costume: Skulls with pink glittery background.
Note to self and everyone else … put on a top coat.


Mallory’s birthday … plus Halloweekend!
Baked her a cake then headed to her place
where I met all her friends from college
who were watching the aTm game.
I drank out of an aTm cup to fit in …


I hadn’t celebrated her birthday with her since were where both seniors in high school.
Us then (graduation rehearsal).
Us now (last night).
We definitely look nothing like we use to …

And now just pictures from the night.


Girls getting ready: Liz, Mallory, Sarah, & Lyndsey


My date for the night, Sarah


Lyndsey, Ryan, & Andrew


Lyndsey, Sarah, Mallory, & I (we were fairies if you can’t tell)


Mallory, me, & Sarah

No matter what went down this has got to be one of my favorite Halloweekends ever.
I had a lot of fun.
One of the best Houston downtown nightlife experience as well.
Thanks Mal!

After such a fulfilling week
it’s gonna be a little sad going to my regularly scheduled days.
Hopefully I can still have some fun.

Have a great week ahead!

My Halloweekend = Simple

Oh Hello November. I didn’t see you there.

I am a horrible blogger. I know. I know. I took zero pictures from Halloweekend.

Well I took some food ones on my phone but am not quite sure how to take them off yet so those will have to wait.

I had a good weekend though. I got to hang out with the brother. Brother’s girlfriend, Tammy. Tammy’s sister, Jenny (aka roomie). Jenny’s then boyfriend, Richard. Richard’s brother, Peter. Peter’s girlfriend, Susan. Susan’s sister, Michelle. And three of their friends: Wilson P., Steven, and Long.

We all stayed at Tammy’s apartment in Austin. We went to sixth street. It wasn’t as packed as 3 years ago though so it was good.

We even ate a bratwurst from one of the street vendors! Mmmm … I wouldn’t pay $5 for one again though.

I was suppose to be a fallen angel (made my own tutu) but then decided against it. I’ve never really dressed up for Halloween so my motto is go small. haha So I resulted in being a football player with whatever I already had. But when I got there, Michelle sucked me into being a mouse with her mouse ears so mouse it was.

It was great seeing everyone. They’re all from Dallas … except for my brother and me. But my brother is there for school and most likely will stay there for life.

I think that about sums up my Halloweekend. I’ve been reading and looking at everyone’s Hallweekend and theirs seem so much better than mine!

Glad y’all had a good one!

If I ever figure out how to get some pictures from this weekend, I’ll post it up. Smile

I Love New technology

Hi Everyone!

This Monday, my cellphone plan was up and had to renew. After everything was done, I received my phone yesterday!

Okay so maybe it’s not new. But to me, it is.


I picked the Galaxy S 4g. I kind of regret it now because now I wished I got the MyTouch 4g. But that’s okay. 2 years later, I’ll get an even better phone!

Gotta think positively!

And my sister got me the car charger as well since smart phones always die quick.

This is my first smart phone. First time having internet on my phone. And first touch screen.

Too many firsts, it’s making my head spin!


There’s SWYPE on there and uh … I love it but I mess up a lot and am slow. Also, there’s so much to do, I don’t know what to do.

But practice makes perfect!

This is a great Halloween present … because everyone does those right?

Anyway, hope your week went well! Mine was a little crazy. Let’s just say I did pass my test so whoo!!

Happy Halloween. Be safe guys!!

Oh So Random

I had a horrible test today. But I had a wonderfully, handsome guest speaker at my next class. Sadly, he was married with kid already. Aw boo.

Jenny and I went to different places to buy some Halloween stuff. I actually bought some medicine because I have gotten sick. Well, coughing and sniffling.

I exchanged my wings and bought feather wings. But they don’t fit! They stick up and looks all weird. I’m very sad. I don’t know where to buy wings!

I made half of my tutu. I ran out of tulle. I’ll get more tomorrow, I guess.

Time to relax. Smile

Lazy Days, Happy Days


It’s such a nice day outside. Bright and sunny but with a gorgeous breeze.

So why haven’t I been out?!

I’m so lazy!

I slept at 6am and woke up at 11am. Mmm … good life I guess from that wonderful hell week I had.

I accidentally skipped FSA Volleyball Try-Outs. Oh well. I’ll be put in the uncompetitive bracket I guess.

I have a test Tuesday so I’m trying to study for it.

At 6pm, we’re taking Krypto to the groomers. Dropping Tammy off at Starbucks to study, and Jenny and I are going to go shopping for things we need for Halloween.


I hope life is going well with you all!! Smile

I Cannot Tell A Lie …

I’ve been eating takeout for the past three meals. I buy it and eat it for days on end. Pretty sure I can make another two meals with what I have left. Yum!


Reason is because I’ve been working on my 15 page research paper on computer graphics.


I finally got it done today! It’s 19 pages because of the works cited page. Now I’m waiting for my partner’s 15 pages so we can put them together and make it sound like one person wrote it. Fun stuff!


Two days in a row, someone’s searched for

she hit a deer

and found my page.

Big promise, I’ve never hit any deer and hopefully never will.


I have a football game tomorrow. We’re in the playoffs and won Monday night’s game. Can’t wait. I’m going to miss flag football when it ends.

P.S. I’m thinking of dressing up for Halloween this year. I have an idea to be something but we shall see how everything pans out.

Hope you’re having a good week so far!!