Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Jenny and I ventured into Austin after our Dallas trip before reaching San Antonio. Our tummies filled with goodies.

2012-05-20 19.49.35

Hopdoddy Burger Bar
1400 South Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas
(512) 243-7505

2012-05-20 20.21.29

Magic Shroom [angus beef, Texas goat cheese, field mushrooms, mayo, basil pesto] | $8

I changed the cheese to Provolone since goat cheese sounds a little yucky. I also added a fried egg. The fried egg made it cost more so it wasn’t $8 anymore. I forgot the price.

Anyway, the burger was so deliciously juicy. I had to eat it separate because it was so big. I’m not a fan of bread but the bun was to die for. So soft and crispy just the way I like it.

2012-05-20 20.21.41

Chili Cheese Fries [large] | $5.50

Only comes in large. The chili cheese was a letdown. Too much cheese and not enough chili. Jenny said last time her and Tammy came, it was an equal amount. She agreed it wasn’t that great compared to last time.

The fries itself were delicious. So crunchy and has enough taste on it’s own without being dipped. Next time a small fry (no chili cheese) is what I’ll order.

The line is crazy here but the wait isn’t that long. I mean, come on, it’s Austin. I would LOVE to come here again.