Hell Week Is Over

… hopefully.

This week alone …

2 Projects turned in.

All 30 pages of me and my partner’s paper was put together at 4am this morning. I was so happy when we handed it into my professor’s hand at 3pm.

Pure bliss.

2 Football games played.

Had one tonight, but we lost by a touchdown. Semi-finals are over. We didn’t make it into the championship round.


Yeah I am. I’m not going to lie. We were so close.

5 FTK Meetings … so far.

And work piles up during those meetings. I have another one today (Friday) from 3-5pm. Hope that goes well and not much work gets handed to me!

1 Finance Lab homework due.

I made a stupid 95 because I couldn’t get one of the answers correct. That’s just straight poop.

4 classes I went to out of 8 classes … so far.

Yep. I’m a terrible student. I had to finish my paper so I had to skip class! But I have a lab tomorrow so I will for sure go to that. That makes it, 5 classes out of 9. That sounds so much better … maybe?

Okay. Time for bed. It’s so early!!Open-mouthed smile

FSA Women’s Football

I received one of my giveaways today in the mail.

Well … more like in the front office because no way can this baby fit in the mailbox.


You excited to see what it is?

I’ll have to let you know later this weekend. I haven’t gotten a chance to open it up. I know what it is, but to you all, it’ll be a surprise.

Tonight I had my first FSA women’s football game for intermural sports! (I’m not playing co-rec this year.)


My team! And our Defense coach. Our Offense coach was out of town.

It was a good game. We played last year’s champions and this game they only made ONE touchdown. We were || this close to making our touchdown but … yeahh. Close game.

It was good for the first one and with most of the players being Freshmans.

Then I went and ate at some Mexican place with some of the team members and spectators. Then Wal-Mart because two of the girls I was with needed to buy toilet paper. It was nice having their company. I haven’t laughed that much in so long!

I’m going to lay down now. Nighty-night!