Day 19: Food Galore


Dim Sum with Mum, PoPo, Kathy, Vincent, and Rachel. YUM!


Still no Victoria Peak … it started to rain when we got into a bus sans PoPo and we went to some kind of village place instead. It’s by the Ocean Theme Park! Look at the mountains!


We bought some snacks …. and this is the BEST out of all of them! Smile Smile


We shopped a bit then walked around the ocean.


Funny car license …


We then went to ALL YOU CAN EAT Japanese food! … Bad service. I think their place is called Kushi … Horrible horrible people. But the food isn’t bad. I’d only go if I wanted good food but not if I was very hungry.

Lately all we’ve done is eat … I feel like I’m stuffed to the brim … but so worth it. Smile

It’s thunder storming over here … so we haven’t done anything at all. This makes for a sad Melissa. Only 3-4 more days here … and it’s spent indoors. SHUCKS!

Day 17: Intestines In My Mouf

** Sissy and Brett got engaged! I is happy. Hopefully she’s not mad that I just shared it to the world. I cannot contain my excitement!


Anyway. Day started out with a Weiner dog and egg tart. Mum and I waited for the longest time for PoPo to go dim sum with her but she already ate … and we found out a long time after. We were starving by then.


Then I went to the mailbox to mail all those dang postcards. So cute .. it’s called a Letter Box.


Then we ate at a Japanese Restaurant. Tea. Iced Lemon Tea. Salad. Seaweed Salad. Miso Soup. Sushi & Sashimi Box. Grilled Mackerel. YUM!


VitaSoy afterward. Lots of shopping. I bought Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1st book … time to learn how to read and write! I already know how to listen and speak. But this is a little different. It’s for Mandarin … not Cantonese. But it shouldn’t be that hard. I also bought Pens and Watercolour Pencils! And then another VitaSoy … malted. YUM!


Dinner … served.

Intestines. Duck. Celery with Squid. Veggies. Fish. More Belly Intestine stuff. Soup! BEER!

I should be on Victoria Peak (Hong Kong’s mountain top) later tonight watching the gorgeous view if the Thunderstorm has let up. It should look something like this. Fingers crossed.

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Peace and Love!

Day 14: Prowling the Streets of Taiwan

Woke up at noon because seriously after that long night of finding the right hotel … it was the right thing to do.

Mum and I went into a mall and had breakfast in a Japanese restaurant.


The salad that came with our meal … taste like poop.


Machata Green Tea. YUM! With sweet syrup.

I don’t know what Mum drank though. Looks gross. Winking smile


Breakfast … I should say brunch … is served.

Beef with veggies and fish!

So good!


Then we walked around and shopped and Mum wanted to eat Taiwanese Ice Cream. It’s with three different beans. I’m not a fan but it was still good. It’s shaved ice that is flavored so it tastes like ice cream.


Fish balls, Duck tongues, more fish balls.

YUM! The fish balls on the stick definitely tastes better than Hong Kong. That’s because Hong Kong doesn’t have as much street foods as they use to.

Afterward, Mum and I were carrying way too much stuff so we went back to the hotel to drop it off and to cool off before having to meet up with Wilson.


Some of the stuff we bought. Most of it is for family back in Hong Kong and back in the States. (Hey sissy, don’t show anyone! And you can guess what’s yours. Winking smile )


We left early to grab a little bit of dinner. Another dog on the street that stays in his spot!

We were unsure if Wilson was going to eat with us or not so better safe then sorry.


Mum’s coffee like usual.

We shared the fish cutlet with veggies curry with rice.

And got dessert of green tea ice cream mochi filled with red bean. So GOOD. Mum was not a fan though.


After much more shopping, we met up with Wilson and he took us to eat Street Food. So excited! So happy.


Smelly Tofu
Sausage on a Stick
Grilled Squid
Fried Chicken Nuggets
Frog Eyes aka Tapioca ball Drink

Mmm … I love street food. Everything tasted SO good. It really felt like I was in the Asian part of the world. Not the whole sitting in a restaurant type thing. Street food is where it’s at!


Then Wilson took us to eat more Taiwanese Ice Cream.

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red beans and Mango Ice Cream with well … Mango!

So goooooood. LOVED the green tea!

We parted ways and said our farewells. It’ll be a few more years until I see him again and it was nice while it lasted.

Got back to the hotel and I read my book for a good four hours! Finished another novel. By that time it was 5am. I woke up at 11:30am … but we’ll save that for tomorrow.

After all the hotel stuff getting fixed, I realized Taiwan is a lovely place. There are still a lot of people in the streets but not as much as Hong Kong. And the people are super nice. I guess where we stayed was a touristy place so that can explain it but whenever we asked for help, we got it and some even walked us to our destination! The food is amazing and I found a lot of things I liked when shopping .. which rarely happens.

So yes. My thoughts on Taiwan changed. I’m in love and I would love to come back soon!

Happy Hump Day!

Kumori Sushi & Teppanyaki

Richard came into town to visit Jenny so yesterday we woke up and went to:

Kumori Sushi & Teppanyaki
700 East Sonterra Blvd. Suite 308
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 853 – 2001

The atmosphere was really peaceful. I’m actually do not remember what songs they were playing but the decorations were so simple. It was bright in there too because of all the sunlight shining through which is what I like. Better than restaurants with a romantic ambiance.

They started off by giving us a Miso Soup [a soy bean paste soup with scallions, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and seaweed] | free. If you were to order it, it would cost $1.79. It was really good. It’s such a simple soup but a lot of places tend to mess it up when they add a little of their “something something” so this was just perfect.

Jenny and Richard ordered the Hiyashi Wakame | $4.99. It’s pretty much a seaweed salad. At other Japanese restaurants they give you a about half a cup but this place piles it on! It’s amazing because this stuff costs a lot. Jenny and I have been thinking about buying a whole box to eat. We are in love with this stuff.

Our waitress then proceeded to give us some sauces. Let’s start from the top with the little tin tea pot: Lemon Soy Sauce (I couldn’t really taste the lemon but more of the soy sauce. Maybe I didn’t get enough? I don’t know. It was definitely not a favorite.), Hot Sauce (My favorite. The first time I dipped my sushi in there it tasted a little funky. Kind of sweet, kind of spicy. But after a few times, I got addicted. Please Kumori, teach me!), Spicy Mayo (This is like any other sauce they use for their sushi. It’s delicious, but I know it has to be fattening. Mayo? Come on! But we did use a bit of it.), and Eel Sauce (Theirs is kind of weird. It was very watered down. I’m use to the thick dark eel sauce from other Japanese restaurants. We didn’t use much of this.).

What’s this you ask? It’s so cute, right? I know!! This is the Hand Grenade [fresh sushi rice wrapped with shrimp and nori seaweed, topped with fresh scallop and spicy mayonnaise, baked and drizzled with our special sweet soy sauce] | $2.99. This was my favorite out of everything I ate that day. It costs a lot and I would probably need to order fifteen to get full but I would so go back to get just this! Oh, if it counts for anything, Richard said it’s his favorite too.

You can see Richard is already trying to cut through it. This is the Jalapeno Firecracker [fresh jalapeno stuffed with crab cream cheese, tempura fried and drizzled with our spicy mayonnaise and special sweet soy sauce] | $1.99. I actually did not get to taste this but Jenny kept saying it was very spicy so Richard had to finish it up for her. They said it wasn’t that great either.

The sushi started rolling out. First up, Fried Philly Roll [fresh salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber, tempura and topped with sweet soy and scallions] | $6.49. This tastes like a regular Philadelphia roll but fried. It was very good though. And I liked how the sauce made the fried part look like a zebra. Cute.

Next up we have the Fiji Roll [crab, cream cheese, tempura crumbs, tempura with spicy crab on top] | $7.19. I guess what made this so expensive is all the crab. It wasn’t the ones that were preserved but real crab. It was delicious. I actually liked this one better than the Fried Philly Roll.

The next two are ordered by Jenny and Richard. This one is the Plaza Roll [salmon, tuna, white fish and avocado, tempura and topped with masago, scallions, spicy mayo and sweet sauce] | $10.99. This was so worth the price. So much fish in one bite! Esp with the masago, it makes it amazing. I would buy masago by the bowl and just eat it there. Ha … only for the rich. I can’t do that.

The last one on the list is the Kalypso Roll [sashimi grade salmon, cream cheese, and crab topped with shrimp, avocado, and masago] | $7.69. I did not get to try this (they offered) but it seemed to be good. Richard seemed to like it a while lot. Sadly as you can see in the picture, I don’t see any masago anywhere.

This was a great experience. It was a real sushi experience. Usually when I get sushi I get a bento box or a sushi ship. This was something different. After this we went to watch The Green Hornet. I suggest you make it to the theater. It’s a great funny movie.

Tokyo One Sushi & Grill Buffet

Mum, June, and I went to:

Tokyo One Sushi & Grill Buffet
7465 W Greens Rd.
Houston, TX 77064
(281) 955-8898

last night. It was like a last dinner with family before heading back to college. Speaking of which, I just got in an hour or so ago and couldn’t wait to upload about last night!

I don’t know who that lady is. But hi! If you love seafood then you will LOVE this place. Here are dishes that I got at the buffet:

Raw oyster, mussel, clam, baked cheese oyster, jellyfish, squid, and fried crab. I was not a big fan of their raw oyster, and I love raw oysters. If they didn’t put that red stuff on the clam, I would like it. I believe it was some type of cocktail sauce. As for the fried crab, it was all flour. The crab itself was hard to get to because of all the flour so I gave up at the end.

This was my sashimi and sushi plate. My favorite thing on this plate is the eel sushi and the things on the lower right hand corner. I’m not sure what they are called in English, so if you know, let me know!

I got Udon. It’s a type of noodle. It was the right amount of chewiness and I rarely eat Udon. I would definitely get this again.

Another baked oyster (which I gave to Mum), green beans, fried rice, chow mien with potatoes, clams, tilapia, roast beef, a dumpling, and sea bass. The sea bass was to die for. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before, but that’s my go to fish now. Omg ….

This is half of an Alaskan crab. I disliked this a lot … I had to give it to Mum to finish. It was super salty and not much meat. All that work was not worth it. They’re expensive so if you love crab, do try it.

A slice of grapefruit, edamame, two cakes, and one cheesecake. The best thing on this dish? The red, white, and green cake. The red was some kind of jelly, white was some kind of cream jelly, and the green was some type of cake. Whatever it is, it is amazing.

Green Tea ice cream and Mango ice cream. You have to order ice cream. They had other flavors but we only got those flavors. The ice cream is so smooth. The Mango one is very fragrant!

The only big complaint I had was that the tables were VERY tiny. Only three of us went and we felt there wasn’t enough room for plates. Ridiculous? I think so. I felt that me going there was a waste of money. Each person costs $25 on Friday nights. But if you’re a big fan of seafood and love buffets, this is a place you have got to try!