Joss & Main

Mmm … funny story.

Yesterday, I was looking at my blog stats and was wondering what the heck was going on because my views shot up pretty much 99% on Friday, October 28th.

I pretty much blew it off as spam.

I then receive a comment this morning from Jenny from Peanut Butter & Jenny.

She was telling me I won the Joss & Main giveaway a few days ago and I never answered.


She waited, and waited for this doofus to answer and instead of giving it away to someone else, she contacted me.

Thank you so much Jenny!! You are a sweetheart.

After shooting her an e-mail, I put two-to-two together and realized I received the crazy views because of her linking to my blog for winning.

There’s so much goodies! I kind of want these two. hehe


If you want to join Jenny and I, shopping at Joss & Main, follow this link. I’m inviting you to join the fun! Smile