A Whole Lotta Pictures


A glimpse of one of the buildings at my workplace. I love it here.

I wake up, go to work, come home, work out, then lose myself in the web, a good book, a magazine, or a television show. Sometimes if I’m lucky I get a phone call or a skype call from friends in SA. Seriously … that doesn’t even sound busy but to me I feel like I haven’t slept in ages.

images (1)


I blame the whole not having enough red blood cells because the blood center took too much due to the machine failing to give me back what I need therefore making me tired. Run on sentence? I’m too tired to fix it.



Right now I’m watching Training Day. Never heard of the movie? It’s okay. I didn’t either until Tony C. begged everyone to watch it because apparently “it’s so d*mn good.”


I went to a Korean restaurant with June and Mum last Saturday. Food was good, super expensive, but the servers were rude. I hate when that happens because now I never want to go back.


Luckily we have our own type of grill at our home and since Dad wasn’t there, we went and bough some bulgogi and galbi for dinner that night so he could be in on the fun.


Best. Idea. Ever. It might not look like a lot of food but there’s a tower of meat on one side and a tower of seafood on the other. And we had golden mushrooms in those little packets. We didn’t even finish everything!

Seriously … best idea ever. I asked my family to do this every weekend. It’s way cheaper and we get more food out of it. Let’s see if it happens.


Did any one else eat these when they were a kid. They bring back some good memories.

And speaking of memories …


I brought out my popcorn machine again. I miss it. It brings me back to college life where Jenny and I would pop popcorn almost daily as a snack or just to study with or watch movies with. I miss that apartment. And my next door neighbor, Travis, along with everyone in SA.


My family’s two fridges on the left. And a little funny thing on the right which makes it kind of sad. I never understood why my family has two fridges.

Hump Day tomorrow … I’m ready. This week has been going by way too slowly.

Labor Day Weekend

I had an amazing Labor Day Weekend. Four days worth. What’s not to love.



I went to Happy Hour at The King’s Head Pub with the team. Partly because Katherine M. was leaving. Therefore we had cake. Tres Leche to be exact. It was very wet …


Along with two Guinnesses and a shot of tequila. Yum. Oh and a tiny slice of pizza. The team was pretty quiet and tame. We made small conversations but boy was I wrong. We’ll get to that.


But first, I left to meet up with Amanda at Chatter’s. I hadn’t seen her in awhile and it was GREAT catching up. We don’t skip a beat and started up where we left off. Those are always the best friendships. I got the Chatter Burger but only ate the insides of the burger. No carbs please. Ha jk. It’s because they slathered way too much of their Chatter’s spread. The fries were amazing though. Crunchy on the outside, mushy on the inside. Yum!

We said our goodbyes then I headed back to The King’s Head Pub to meet up with the team. Upon entering, they scream out my first and last name and start whooping. I kid you not. Everyone was pretty tipsy … or drunk. Yep. Those are the people I work with.


They finished up their drinks and we headed to Midnight Rodeo. It’s my first time going to a club in Houston and I must say, it was pretty fun. There wasn’t much people at first since the games were on but later on the night there were a lot more. We made our own fun. Loved it. It was chill. Just how it should be!



I’ve been having college life withdraws so June and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We ordered 50 wings and a basket of wedges. Yep. We only ate 20 wings total and took the rest home for Mum and Dad.

Dear College Life, I miss you. Staying out late. Studying (sometimes). FTK. FSA. And the people.


Mum, Dad, June, Rocky and I went and picked up Sissy, Brett, and Bruno and we made our way to Dallas. Had lunch at Suma Veggie Cafe with Brother, Tammy, and Jenny.


Then we went doggie hunting. I found the one I want!! He’s sleeping while his momma is chilling. Sadly he isn’t available til the 23rd. And he’s too small for me to take care of with my work schedule and all.



Brother and June went with Sissy, Brett, and Bruno to take some engagement pictures. Some of them came out pretty well! So excited! Then we went to dinner with Tammy’s family at Lucky City. They let you bring your own wine so we got a little crazy! I’m starting to like wine. Eeep! Sonic for dessert then we called it a night.





We woke up bright and early for the Arboretum. More engagement pictures to be taken. And they had a lot of cool glass sculptures!

photo (1)photo (3)

We went to Pappasito’s afterward and upon coming back to Brother’s place and found out Rocky tore the shit out of the carpet. That’ll be him knowning he’s in trouble and in time out. He stays there til we tell him he’s good to go. We think he only did that because Bruno was in the other room and it is a new place and he’s not use to it. Oh well. Brother had to go out and buy new carpet but couldn’t find any to match. Sad.


On the way home, I caught this little beauty.



Didn’t do much but buy a new keyboard and mouse … wireless! I’m loving it. Oh and forgot to mention, Brother gave me his old computer that he built. So now I have a desktop AND a laptop! Happy camper. This post is written on my new computer!! I baked M&M Blondies for my old and new team. But something happened to the first batch so I only have one. Hopefully not everyone eats it.

Labor Day weekend has been pretty eventful. Nothing’s topped it so far.

4 day work week! Whooo! I got this!

Bridal Expo + June’s Birthday

Yesterday was SUCH a great day! We got discounted tickets to the Bridal Expo and I was super excited. I’ve always wanted to go just to see all the pretty decorations!


Mum, June, and I drove out to Sissy’s. Her and Brett went and got us Pappas!! Mmm their breakfast tacos are the best! I had a potato egg and cheese and a sausage egg and cheese. With lots and lots of salsa.

And a side of Bruno. haha


Walked past the pretty wall at Discovery Green on the way to the Bridal Expo. Kinda want my walls to be like this with some protruding blocks to put stuff on. Saves a lot of room!


We finally made it!


Sissy’s little button and my sticker. Used so it’s easy to differentiate to the vendors who’s who. Smart!



They had such pretty decorations … sometimes. And GORGEOUS pictures! And even a few fashion shows. The dresses weren’t so great though. I didn’t like any of them.


We got thirsty so we got a Peach Smoothie. Too sweet. Bleugh. And definitely didn’t quench my thirst.

The only thing I felt was great about the Bridal Expo were the photo booths. Sissy and I went to all four of them. She got tired of taking pictures but I insisted and she powered through. Great memories. I’m going to stick them on my cubicle at work since I have nothing in my cubicle. No pictures since I don’t think she wants her face plastered on my blog. Sad smile


And I bought a popsicle from the Ice Cream Truck! My first time!! Do you want to hear something ridiculous? Of course … the eyeballs are made out of gum. WHY WOULD YOU PUT GUM ON A POPSICLE?!?!?!


We went back to Sissy’s apartment and my mum and I stuck our stickers on Bruno! So cute.

Then afterward he went outside and sunbathed. He loves the sun. Ain’t he a cutie?


We left and on the way home this is what happened … in a span of 30 seconds.


We then met up with Dad and celebrated June’s birthday. It’s not till the 30th but since it’s on the weekday, Asians have a thing of not celebrating after the birthday. Only before or the day of. So much good food!


On the drive home after the rain. Such a pretty colour in the sky.


Then we had cake. Black Forest. Not a fan of this Black Forest. It had some stinkin’ gross cherries. But the shaved chocolate was delicious. It tasted like dark chocolate!

Such a fun filled day. Sadly I was too tired. Bleugh. And tomorrow’s work. I am not ready. This weekend was too short.

Hope y’all have a great Monday though! Smile

Survived My First Week!

First things first … I am WAY behind on my Google Reader. But TRUST … I will get through it!

Fingers crossed … hopefully this weekend.

It’s been a fun but tiring first week and now it’s the rest of my life. I’m not complaining. I have a job, food, and shelter.

And maybe I’ll still have my friends. I’ve been too busy to hang out with anyone.

Hopefully that’ll change once I get use to this schedule.


A small part of what my workplace looks like.


A close-up of the notes I’ve been studying. Mumble Jumbo.


The way my building looks out to a wonderful scenery.


What I snack on the most when I get hungry – ALMONDS!


One of my favoritest (that’s a word … don’t question me) things I miss about school – new supplies!
Oh, did I mention they are free! And I picked them out from this BIG BIG Staples Catalogue! Weeee! Smile

So since I made it to one whole week. I celebrated today.

2012-08-10 08.12.47

My co-worker, Tony C., and I went and bought breakfast at our work’s Café instead of making my own breakfast at home.

2012-08-10 11.38.41

Then for lunch I went with Rose to Subway.
It was nice to catch up with her after not seeing her for so, so long.
We laughed, joked, and all that fun stuff.

Oh, did I mention on Friday’s I get to leave an hour early. Win!

So I went shopping!

When I got home, Mum, June, and I went to a Mexican Restaurant down the street for dinner.
(No picture!)
And we talked and joked and all that fun stuff.

Hope y’all had a good week as well.
Lack of postings will occur until I get use to this schedule.
Bare with me!
I am at the moment trying to put together a workout plan and I am PUMPED!

Till next time,
Peace & Love Y’all!

I Love Reading

Melissa’s Lone Book Club

I love reading. Love Love Love. And I recently got into the swing of it again.

I finally finished The Hunger Game Trilogy. The third book was very hard to read but I continued since I already finished the first two books and was almost halfway done with the third. I must say, the ending was horrible. Used to wrap up the whole story. I was very disappointed in the last book. Horrible!

I’ve already finished another book upon finishing that horrible book on Saturday night. UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hahn. I really loved this book. Obviously … if I finished it so quickly. There’s more than one book and I cannot wait to find the next ones. Check it out. It’s a VERY easy read. I think it’s written for Juniors. Sometimes I still think I’m a kid.

I’m already on my third book Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long.

Pictures for Fun

2012-06-21 13.30.05

New purse … for Hong Kong fun.

2012-06-23 12.59.01

I’m pretty sure every family is like so. My family needs this.

2012-06-23 13.49.41

Sissy and I bought some makeup stuff from E.L.F.: Eyes Lips Face Who shops there? Sometimes cheap things are the best.

I’m in love with the Matte Nail Polish! It changes WHATEVER color nail polish you want to matte. So gorgeous!


Everyone needs a picture of themselves on every blog post. No? Oh … well. Too bad. I must say … Instagram makes you 100% better looking.


Went to Whole Foods Market with mum and June. Ate there. I shared a Broccoli Cheese Soup with mum and got my own yummy box of goodness. I finally got to try quinoa. And I love it! I cannot wait to make my own one day. Gotta research first!

Also got 2 for $6 boxes of chocolates! Yum! Dark chocolate love! And also snagged some green bean and carrot chips!


I took a day off yesterday. Whoops poopsie!

But I still broke a sweat!

45 min cardio


San Antonio in a few days and Hong Kong in a little over a week! Eeep!

Car Shopping

I set out to Houston bright and early and throughout the whole 3 hour car ride all by my lonely self, I cried.

I started thinking about Eric’s Mum … leading me to think of Uncle N. and how he’ll never see me do all the things I’ve grown up to do. I always tell myself it’s a privilege to be alive. To have so many people in and out of my life. People who love tolerate me and my issues.

I cried because I was sad that there are so many people who I wish was still in my life but I also cried because I was happy that there are so many people who are still here for me and I know will never leave.


Onto happier news. I played around with Rocky, showered, then headed out for a 7 hour car shopping experience. Car Shopping = Boring! We ended up buying a brand new SUV which was actually my 3rd choice. It’s not a well known brand but it gets me from place to place.

I’m slowly falling in love with it. I got to drive it to Sugar Land to see family since it’s a new year. I cannot wait to have it all to myself. Till then, it’ll stay at home so that it gets a good mileage and an oil change before I do long drives.

I got to eat dinner with the parentals, June, Sissy, and Uncle G. It was fun and I am happy I made my way down here even though this Houston trip only equals to less than 24 hours.

Love Life.


2012-01-07 13.44.16

Yesterday, after lunch the parents, June, and I went to a liquor store that had their grand opening that morning.

2012-01-07 13.30.55

The design of their shop is pretty cool. I liked their cashier right in the middle. It kind of reminded me of Hong Kong jewelers.

2012-01-07 13.30.42

June and I picked out Japanese beer and Sake! Smile

2012-01-07 13.44.35 2012-01-07 13.45.05

While my dad went for the Remy Martin XO. I didn’t want to take out the bottle so I took a pic of the box. Winking smile It came with a free one as well (right). Sweet. I already claimed that one so maybe we’ll open that when I graduate or something.

2012-01-08 17.19.27

Dinner tonight was only June and I. We had hotpot while watching a movie. Don’t worry. We were no where near finishing ALL that food.

2012-01-08 17.23.31

We also took out our Japanese Beer and Sake. June got a little drunk … it was funny.

Time to Dance Central off all that food!