6 Months

Today marks half a freaking year … since I’ve been at my big girl job. I’ve met some amazing people that’s made me grow. In my work life AND personal life. I’m glad I have a pretty good balance. Sometimes I focus on work too much and give up my friends but they’re all some amazing friends that understand. Best friendships.

How did I celebrate?



I did a second round for the week of the Jessica Simpson’s Duke of Hazzard Workout.

Who wouldn’t want that body? Ughh … dreaming.

It was harder this time around since I was already sore but no big deals. I beasted that shiet.

I at least got to watch a movie while doing so.

A Little Bit of Heaven … Kate Hudson’s in it … and she has cancer.

Sad movie but it was pretty good. Crying while working out because of a sad movie is the new big thing!

Random talk: Why do random people I don’t know keep trying to add me on Facebook? Facebook is getting creepy and it makes me sad.

And I’ll end this post with this.



It’s bitty legs.

Hope y’all had a Happy Hump Day!

My First Ever Guest Post

I don’t have anything interesting to blog about today other than my T-Mobile is having problems with Data so that means I’m doing everything over WiFi. Can you say hassle?

But it works out fine because my first ever Guest Post have been published at Rachael’s blog, Happy Healthy Runner. Go check it out! I had fun writing it so I hope y’all enjoy it! She is the sweetest ever and like I’ve told her before, she resembles Kate Hudson. 😉

The week’s almost over guys. Keep holding on!