Free Food And Good Times

I love Fridays even though they are the longest days of my life. But the people in it makes every Friday tolerable.

2012-02-10 09.01.19

I went to the CPE bright and early to do some FTK work before class. And free breakfast was given to me! Yum!! I didn’t eat it all because it was dang heavy for a morning meal but it was dang good! Bacon (which I’m not a fan of), beans (which makes you fart), potatoes (which I love), sunny side eggs (which weren’t so sunny), and veggies (which made the potatoes yummy).

Then I went to take my Guitar Test. Got an “A”! Whoop! Then went to take my Vocal Test and did HORRIBLE! My accompanist who I’ve never practiced with wouldn’t go to a lower octave for my song so I had to sing it higher. I sounded like a dying cat! Sad smile

2012-02-10 12.28.01

Lunch was served at the CPE! Make your own sandwiches and broccoli soup. Broccoli soup is fattening so I was sad but it was so good and warm in my tummy!! Went to Leadership Challenge class then the FTK meeting.


Went to Habanero’s yet again! Yums! We sat there chilling and talking and it just felt nice. I really enjoy their company. Now all I have to do is learn to be nice to people so that they’ll be my friend. Winking smile

Patricia, Shayna, Andrew C., Eric S., and I hung out at Eric’s afterwards. We watched an episode of Workaholics. It was hilarious and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it.

Then we played a few games of King’s Cup that soon turned into games of Truth or Dare. WTF, right? That game sucks because I never have good questions to ask people and it makes me share too much about myself. Hopefully what we shared really does stay in that circle. Embarrassing …

Then we played Just Dance 3 on the Xbox Kinect that soon turned into the boys playing Fifa.

It was a fun night even though it was just the five of us. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed. Not wasting money on clubs or bars. Or getting knocked over because of crowds. Just a chill night with great company.

Saturday, I’m ready for you. Homework. Basketball practice. Possible Girls Night with FSA.

Happy Saturday! Smile


During Leadership Challenge, my friend, Eli, said that I have a gift of being the tough girl (hopefully not the manly type) and still have such an emotional side. That people come to me to talk to me about their problems and thoughts – the psychiatrist. I wonder why that is …

I would not have interaction to some people for a while but when shiet goes wrong for them, they come to me and we talk like we’ve never stopped. And when I say a while, I mean years. I wonder why that is …

I cannot fully trust anyone with my problems. I feel like a burden. That my problems will never be as big. That I know in the end, I can fix it or at least tolerate it.

So I wonder. I wonder why I was given this gift


Last night I went out with Andrew C. and Billy and it was amazing. Only because I got to see so many other people that we didn’t even know was going to be at Wild West. It was one of the best nights I’ve had.

But I also made a bet that I wouldn’t talk to Andrew C. from Friday (today) till Sunday. So far, so good. Only because he really did hurt my feelings from something he said. Joke or not. Drunk or not.

Note to self: Do not drink the day before Vocals class.

Today in Leadership Challenge class we went around in a circle and said what that person has been blessed with a gift. Things like that person has: heart, courage, emotions, that they: care, love, give, never take, etc. It was one of the best lessons. I learned a lot about how people see me and how others see one another.

I’ve always been a vulnerable person but to show it, that’s a weakness and so I try my best not to cry or show I care. But no matter how much of the tough girl act I show, they can see right through me and they find me crumbling in the palm of their hands during that class.

I. Cry. Like. A. Baby.

A group of us went out to eat afterward and it was just so wonderful to be in their presence. To know that together we are stronger.

Heartaches and mistakes,
How many hits can a good girl take?
I’m tired of hurting, slowly learning.
Irate you’re too late.
Look at the mess that you’ve created.
♥ He Is We


I had my first Friday filled with school yesterday. It was horrific in some ways but great in others.

Guitar class. Vocal class. Leadership Challenge class. Meetings filled with FTK work. In the end, I was at school from 8am – 6:30pm.

Ridiculous. But somewhere deep inside, I loved it because I know that I’ll never get a chance to do what I love (FTK) again once I graduate.

I hauled ass out of there to shower. Then waited until my brother got into town!! Smile And headed out to meet Andrew, Paul, Jakob and their friends at Flying Saucer. Had some laughs with some beers then headed to the Cantina for more. Billy showed up and we scouted boys and talked about life and boys … it was fun. The other boys played pool and drank.

In the end, it was only Andrew, Billy, and I and we talked about various things then went and got taco’s at the taco truck right outside. Freak of nature delicious. No pictures though. I devoured them before there was a chance! Smile Sadly, I heard they were moving to another location because the landowners are assholes. Boo.

I hope you all have a good weekend! I get to spend it with the brother! Open-mouthed smile

Holocaust Museum

I went to the Holocaust Museum on November 30th. I learned a lot.

A survivor of the Holocaust came and talked to us. I feel real blessed to have heard her story, thanks to her son. Her son had cancer and just before he passed away, he begged his mum to write and tell her story so that their future grandchildren will remember it.

2011-11-30 11.19.12

Sorry .. blurry picture from my camera! That’s me, Holocaust survivor (Rose?), and Kim.

2011-11-30 11.14.362011-11-30 11.15.27

It was a small museum but VERY educational. That’s what they wore when they were imprisoned in the camps.

2011-11-30 11.17.20

We were told we could go out on the balcony to check out two sculputres. My friend Andy here thought this was the door to go.

He was wrong. Locked to the maxx. It’s just a funny picture/memory. Smile with tongue out

2011-11-30 11.21.422011-11-30 11.22.25

I’m not too sure what the one on the left is a sculpture of but the one on the right is a lady behind the barbed wire and she sees a butterfly on the outside. The butterfly is in color signifying freedom. It’s a really good piece.

I’m thankful for having a chance to come here and learning so much. Open-mouthed smile

2011-11-30 11.48.42

Then we went to Habanero’s. That’s a lot of burritos … but it wasn’t all of it. We had the Leadership Challenge class from college as well as high school. Mmm so yummy! There was also queso and chips on the table.

All free.

Score! Smile

Ropes Course

Today was a different day.

I woke up at 6am. Showered. And went to pick up one of my buddies by 6:50am.

Then we headed to Ye Kendall Inn in Boerne, TX.

It was a 30 minute drive from where we lived.

FTK Overalls and the Leadership Challenge class had a Ropes Course with some high schoolers that had Leadership class at their school there.

Yep. I skipped class. But it was excused!!

It was fun. We went through a lot of obstacles and learned a lot of stuff about one another from 8am –4pm.

Please note. These pictures are not of me or anyone I know. I found them online ….

One of the obstacles was being harnessed and having to climb a ladder onto a pole and jump to catch the acrobatical thing. I didn’t do this.

Another was having a high wall and having a group of people help each other get over. It was a daunting task. I did this and I almost had a heart attack. Definitely don’t have the upper strength I used to have.

Needless to say, I’m super red and dark from the stupid sun and am sore everywhere. But I don’t mind. I learned a lot!

That we can have fun and get to know each other and make friends and STILL work together and finish our tasks!

There was once when someone asked the group who brings the fun and some of the high schoolers pointed at me.

See. I’m cool!