Wade Bowen


It was a long Friday at work. Felt like every time I saw the clock it was only a few minutes pass. But coming home from it was great. Look at that sky!


Got together with Mallory, Samantha, John, Robbie, Lyndsey, and her friend Amy to watch Wade Bowen!


Me and my girls.

Bought my ingredients to crock pot breakfast and lunch for the week. I am excited!

Short post so you all can get back to your weekend!

Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts.

Chris Cagle Concert

Shopping happened yesterday. Samantha and I went to Kohl’s and spent a load of unnecessary money. But hey, we look good.

Ate at Texas Roadhouse. Mmmm … their cinnamon butter is so bad for you but oohhh so good.


Met at Mallory’s and got ready then headed to the Chris Cagle concert at Mo’s with John K., Lyndsey, and Ryan.


Lyndsey, Me, Samantha, and Mallory

Me, Samantha and Mallory are wearing all new clothes … because that’s how we do.

It was super loud in there so I wasn’t able to hear anything they were saying but I still had fun.

Chris Cagle played a new song which I am in love with. I just have to figure out what it’s called …

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve so it means lazy day until tomorrow.

Peace and Love.