British Men and Blog Things



Bear Grylls .. I can’t even begin to talk about how sexy he is. Ohhhh British men. You might know him from Man vs. Wild or the new NBC show, Get Out Alive. Watch it. He’s crazy and I love it!


Speaking of British men, here’s one of my bosses, who is from Britain, turning cowboy. So hilarious. The top part of his attire can totally pass but he needs blue jeans and cowboy boots for the bottom. Always fun times hanging out at my contractor company’s socials. Lots of laughter, food, and … beer. Had to block his face for obvious reasons.



Thinking up a new blog name is so much harder than I remembered. All the ones I wanted have been taken. Either I’m awesome at making up names or super unoriginal. I have a few lined up but I don’t know if it sounds too bleugh. Going to play with them a few more times and probably ask for some opinions before deciding because I will not be changing it ever again. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn …

Time to get ready for bed. That social lasted almost 4 hours. I am pooooooped.

Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts.