Simple San Antonio Weekend

I didn’t take many pictures of the weekend. It was pretty crazy. Always great seeing them peeps! Just wished more of them were in town and not having fun all around the world! It was a simple weekend. Much needed with all the crazy weekends though!



Drove to San Antonio after work for dinner at Kona with Shayna, Thuy, and Patricia. It was amazing catching up with them. Then watched Flight with Patricia, Shayna and Jakob.


Had lunch at McAlister’s with Shayna, Patricia, and Marisol. Talked about random things then went shopping with Shayna and met up with Matt and his cousin.

It was the first time Shayna and I got to spend one on one like that and I loved it. That girl is amazing and so easy to be with! So sad she’s going to be moving across the states. Hopefully whenever she’s a bit settled I can go visit her!


Early dinner was made by Shayna! Mmmm … love crockpot chicken. Always so fall off the bone delicious!

Went out for a late dinner at Cheddar’s (mashed potatoes and veggies are the best!) with Patricia, Travis, and Gary. Love those boys to death. Wish I got to see them more. They make me so happy and simple conversations … yes please. No craziness. Love it.


Had I-HOP with Patricia then tried going to the watch Furious 6 with her Marisol and her boyfriend, Josh. Took us hours until we got a time with seats. Oy vey. Amazing movie. I loved it all. Paul Walker … yes.


While waiting for the movie, Patricia and I went to Target and I saw these beauties! Individual packaged gummy bears. I get sick of eating all of it so this is perfect!


And everyone loves Froyo!

After the movie and chilling a little, we made dinner plans to go to Datapoint with them, Travis, and Patricia’s friend. Then we went to Espana for some drinks (Thuy met up with us!) and then Fast Eddie’s for pool! Thuy and I teamed up and won 5 games out of 5! Who would of thunk it! In the last two games, we let Josh be on our team. Funny moments. Simple times.


Woke up to helping Shayna pack up the U-Haul with her family. Then left for home.

Came home to reorganizing the baking cabinets. It’s all clean and neat now!!

And we’ve sold our work out bench. Sad day. Now I have to revise my workouts. Wahhh …


Sissy found this in her make up bag. Bruno ate her whole EOS chapstick! SO funny!


Pluto passed out. All the dogs apparently got fleas over the weekend. But glad to report they’re a-okay! Wish other people’s dogs were checked more often so they don’t infect all the others.

Time for more Gossip Girls then bed! Hope y’all are having an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!

McAlister’s Deli

I haven’t seen Amanda in a long time and decided we need to hang out Friday (21st) and catch up so her, Allie (her cousin), and Traci went to:

McAlister’s Deli
5886 De Zavala Road, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 877 – 1115

I know this place is pretty well known but I try to get something new every time I go there so here goes.

I started off with their McAlister’s Famous Sweet Tea | $1.79, with free refills. If you love sweet tea, you will come here, try it, and love it!

Deli’s almost always have the best soups so I tend to get one when I come. I ordered a cup of Country PotatoSoup | $3.49. It was the right amount of thickness. I would definitely go here and order the bowl which costs a dollar or so more but so worth it!

I ordered the Basil Parmesan Chicken Panini with Kettle Jalapeno Chips | $5.99. It was so moist but not soggy. Who likes soggy bread? Yuck. But this was just right. Crunchy and moist. I dipped mine in my soup and it was just perfect. Who wants to go with me again?! I would ordered this exact meal.

Just a close up to show you just how moist it was!

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with them. They really took away all the pain I was having with the things going on with my life.