Thanksgiving Break was so amazing that I got lazy the week after trying to catch up to normal life again. It was great getting the family together again. Cannot wait for Christmas!


We went to Galveston on the 23rd for the lights. A lot of the lights were broken … But when they’re not, they’re as gorgeous as above.


Everyone went crazy and bought Powerball tickets. This would be the ones I bought with my coworkers. Sadly, none of us got to quit our jobs.


Got a Kid’s Meal from McDonalds … this is the size fries little kids get. I think that should be the size of SMALL fries adults should get when they order small fries. America gives out too much for their portions.


Popcorn … best snack on the planet. Best when watching movies with the fams!


Another wedding. I am so excited. I’ve known them since they both started college. And I will get to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time. Happy dance.


This is just a view from a drive home.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more but I get tired around holidays now that I don’t get days off. Well I can get days off … I just didn’t. Figure since it’s my first year, I should work.

Happy Sunday!!

Wedding Dress Galore

Before I start talking about my day I just want to say … seriously, sometimes I feel like everyone’s reading my blog. Upon writing last night’s post about being thankful for friends who keep in touch with you and whatnot, my little, Jennifer S., IMed me. Coincidence? … I hope so. But she is the sweetest and though we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together the years we were at the same school, we always made sure to keep in touch and hopefully that stays the same.

And then I got to Skype with Patricia. Sadly, Shayna was already asleep. But it was nice being able to catch up with Patricia. Talked about boys (what else), work, and music. I seriously miss being in San Antonio. I wonder how different things would have been if I was to have stayed there instead of back here in Houston.

I told her about dreaming of moving back to Hong Kong and work for the company that I’m with there. I work for a big company and they’re all around the world. And she was pretty “angry” that I was willing to move to Hong Kong for a job, but not for San Antonio. I have to say though, I have family in Hong Kong so it’s different. I feel I have no one in San Antonio. Maybe things would be different if I had someone. HA

Jared texted me just now asking if I was wanting to grab a few drinks. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to since I haven’t seen him in almost 5 years but I am way too tired from a long day. The drive is at least 30 minutes give or take and I can’t even drink because I gave blood …


I started off my day by doing a good deed. Donated blood! In my Instagram picture I said I was doing Platelets but it was actually Plasmas … whoops. And also RBCs (red blood cells). There was some complications on the return and blood pretty much leaked everywhere. Yeah, beautiful. I was only a few mL away to finishing RBCs so I was pretty unhappy that I wasn’t able to. My arm’s a little sore and a little bruised but in the end, I still saved some lives and that’s all that matters.

Since Sissy and I had the day off, Mum took a half day so we could try on wedding gowns! But more on that later. First, we feasted.


LoCal’s Healthy Joint
1590 South Mason Road
Katy, TX 77450
(281) 395-3993

2012-08-17 12.59.14

Buffalo Short Ribs [braised fall off the bone tender short ribs + 2 sides] | $11.95

I got my sides of steamed broccoli and roasted red potatoes. YUM!

It’s a tiny little shop located right next to a gym (smart!) so they get plenty of customers. And the food’s not bad at all. The short ribs was a little on the salty side though. But everything was pretty delicious. Read straight up not oily or filled with spices. I would love to come back again.

They also have breakfast served all day that they’re open. That’s what Mum ordered.

Then it was time for dress shopping!


Weddings by Debbie
20235 Katy Freeway
Katy, TX
(281) 698-8160

2012-08-17 13.58.02IMG_20120817_143449

Sissy looking at so many dang dresses. I’ve never seen so much white in my life. It was fun picking out some hideous ones. I wish she tried those on.

Sorry, no pictures of her actually trying them on. Just in case it’s the one she ends up with. But let me tell you, she looked so pretty! She tried on 7 or 8 in an hour and we were done.

I think she’s found the one. She went online afterward to look up which one she tried on and really liked. Then she even looked at some bridesmaid dresses. She’s still not sure if she’s doing that whole bridesmaid/groomsmen thing so we’ll see but I hope she does! Because then I have an excuse to buy a really, really pretty dress!


We stopped by McDonald’s on the way home. This would be my chocolate dipped ice cream cone. I’ve always wanted to try one and I finally got to! I was a happy camper. Definitely better tasting than a boring old ice cream cone … which is what Mum got. Sissy opted for a Iced Mocha or whatever.

It’s been a good day and this week has been pretty fabulous to me with everyone keeping in contact with me. I feel loved.

Day 12: Macau Sightseeing + More Gambling

Vincent and Alva arrived to Macau in the morning because they work nights. So they didn’t get much sleep or anything. Probably a good 4 to 5 hours.

Vincent was being a menace. Rachel and I were still sleepy and he goes and opens the curtains. Pure evil. But he did take a gorgeous panoramic picture!


I gave up my bed to Alva since he worked and came to Macau to hang out with us. Gotta be nice and all that jazz. We slept until 12pm. Winking smile I only got at least 3 hours in all though with all that was going on but that’s okay. Memories, right?


We walked out of the hotel and started looking for food. A picture of the view while walking. Smile

All the food places Rachel and Vincent knew about were not opened … wtf. So we resulted in eating what we know best. Congee and Wonton!


Tang Jai Jook (Tang Jai Congee) with Peanuts, Fish Slices, Squid, Pork, Pork Skin, Pork Stomach
Plain Wontons
More Veggies
Fried Wontons
Pigs Blood with Chives

Mmmm … The Tang Jai Jook was delicious. I wouldn’t add so much stuff in it though. It was all in my bowl and I wished I had more jook instead. No one wishes for that but I’m weird.

Everything else was good. Can’t say the same for the Fried Wonton. But then again, I’m not a big fan of wontons.


We started walking to our destination tourist spot. Look at all the people. This picture does not do it justice. After a long walk and bumping into many people … we made it.


Oh hello building … I don’t know why you’re important. Is that bad?

Alva walked with me to the very top up those many stairs. Thanks cuz! Everyone else was too lazy. We walked around for a good 5 minutes when we reached the top then headed back down.

I must say that Macau is definitely way hotter than Hong Kong. And much more humid.


Just some pictures of buildings and whatnot.


Oh and mopeds rule the world here in Macau. Weird. They don’t care if you’re an elderly … they will run you over if you’re slow.


Then we jumped into a taxi … two since you can only fit four per taxi and we had six … and we headed to a casino.

Oh … did I also mention the taxi drivers zoom really fast and most of the time I feel like I’m going to die. This is coming from a speeder …

When we got there, we walked around the Casino … we didn’t play anything because it was super expensive to put down a bet … and we’re not gamblers so we were all a little scared.


Afterward, we walked around the building and saw this …

It’s an inside building … all the clouds you think you see are fake and painted on the ceiling. Sweet huh? It’s much more real in person.

Oh and they have a “river” running through where you can pay and sit on the boat. On one of the boats, a dude sings whatever dialect you can speak and he is good. Very. Good.


We all stopped at the McDonald’s there and got either Ice Cream, French Fries, or Coffee (which was much needed for some). I got a McFlurry. Pretty much the same price as the States … but they give you less. This. Is. Why. America. Is. Fat.

Oh and the ice cream tastes better over here. I’m not being biased. Promise.


Then we rode a bus to the dock. Got our free tickets at the ferry station.

Walked through a long tunnel … and into another Casino. Some won, some lost. (I won 24.50 in Hong Kong dollars … which isn’t much. But it’s better than losing it all.)

Then we walked back through the long ass tunnel in time to get on our ferry. Smile

Goodbye, Macau. Hello, Hong Kong.

When we got there we were walking through a mall and they made me do this …


… because they think the figure (made out of balloons) looks like me. It was embarrassing doing that for a good three times so that Rachel can take the picture. Best one … even with the other half cut off. Oh well … I realize I lift higher … and I’m kicking her in the face. Sweet.


Dinner was served. We made sure we invited PoPo along too so we ate close to the flat. I’m not a big fan of the foods we ordered but it wasn’t all horrible. I don’t think I would go to this place again though. And if you were wondering … it’s Thai food. But this was too Thai for me … haha


On our walk back to the flat, Alva and I stopped by the little playground area and he showed me he can do pull ups. I was surprised … and impressed. He’s a tiny … but a little taller than me. I guestimate a good 5’ 8” to 5’ 10”. I haven’t been able to do one since I quit basketball in high school. Eeep.


Vincent and Rachel went to buy Tong Sui and got me a Hot Sesame Tong Sui! Then Mum opened up one of the foods she bought in Macau … dried squid. I’m not a fan of this kind of dried squid but I ate it anyway. Fattie right hurr.

Macau is a great place to go to have a little fun. I would love to go there again when I have the chance. Maybe by then I’ll be making enough dough to wear I can bet a little more money in those machines. Those are the only ones I feel comfortable enough to play cuz I hate all the staring and crowdedness. Makes me nervous.

I am finally settled in the hotel in Taiwan. Saw my cousin, Wilson, and his wife so all is well so far. Except I already have negatives on Taiwan. Not what I wanted. More on that later gators.

Peace and Love.

Summer Road Trip: Day 1

During finals time, Tammy, Jenny, and I procrastinated with studying and started planning a trip. We ended up with plans to Destin, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. They invited a friend, Jennifer, who brought along a friend, Karen T.

Monday, May 28th, we woke and left at 5am to pick up Jennifer and Karen. Then headed to Destin, Florida.

It was a long car ride but faster than we thought. When we got there we ate a light meal of McDonald’s. We got to the hotel and Tammy, Jennifer, and Karen went shopping while Jenny and I stayed at the hotel.


Jenny and I all ready for the beach! Sadly, we didn’t get to go. We kept waiting for the others to come and get ready and go with us but hours later when they got back, it was already getting dark out. Sad smile

Instead, we went out for dinner at:

2012-05-28 20.26.55

McGuire’s Irish Pub
33 East Highway 98
Destin, Florida
(850) 650-0000

2012-05-28 20.31.57

One of the owners signed her first dollar tip when it first opened in May of 1977 and tacked it to the Bar for good luck. Ever since then, people started adding their own. There are now over one million dollar bills all over the pub.

2012-05-28 20.44.32

Free Bread – I’m not sure what kind of bread this was but it was pretty delicious. The sauce on the top was sticky and made it a little bit on the sweet side.


Irish Wake | $7.99

I’m not sure what’s in it but it was STRONG. They limit each person to 3 of these drinks … I did not feel it but one was enough for me. Especially with the wonderful meal that I was about to have.

Oh, a plus? We get to keep the jar. Open-mouthed smile A souvenir? Check!



2012-05-28 20.44.44

Senate Bean Soup [same recipe as was served in the U.S. Senate] | $0.18

It’s $0.18 because that was the price in 1977. The Senate cafeteria raised their price to $2.97 but they still kept their same price. If you were to order the soup only, it would cost $18.00.

The soup was actually delicious. Especially with the crackers. I wish I ordered more! Definitely a to-try. I know it’s simple, but sometimes, the simplest of things are the best!

2012-05-28 21.00.35601043_10151446759925715_501365714_12450447_1012086824_n

Irish Steak and Mushroom Pie [choice tenderloin tips baked with wild mushrooms in a strong-flavored Irish Stout Demi-Glaze and topped with a homemade puff pastry crust.] | $17.99

Look at that puff. The crust was so delicious. It was flaky and tasted so good dipped into that stew. I’m not a lover for cooked carrots, but I’m beginning to love them. Especially with the ones here. So soft and juicy. There was a lot of meat though so I guess it’s good for the price.


After dinner, we headed to the beach. Though it was dark, we thought it’d be great to get out there since the beach was our destination the whole drive there.

Day 2 recap will be coming up! Smile