During my Spring Break trip with the family, we went to various food places. I am only mentioning a few of the places we went to eat because they were either famous or local.

First up:

2012-03-11 10.41.59

1104 Locust Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63102
(314) 241-8118

2012-03-11 11.07.55

#4 Breakfast Scramble [3 eggs served over potatoes, zucchini, roasted tomato, red onion, garlic, spinach, and mushrooms] | $9.50

It looks little and it looks like it won’t fill you up but you are so wrong if that’s what you believe. The potatoes filled me up very fast. It felt very big to me halfway through.

A plus, it was not salty. A lot of places put so much salt and pepper on their food but this place was amazing at everything.

2012-03-11 11.21.45

We asked for hot sauce … and we got Asian hot sauce. Racist much? We were wanting Tobasco thank you very much.

2012-03-11 11.31.48

Nutella Sweet Crepe [with strawberry] | $7.95

Tammy and I were eyeing the crepes. I’m not a sweets person but they are known for it so we just had to try it.

Sweet crepe for sure. They piled on the Nutella which was surprising because they usually don’t give a lot of Nutella at other places. The strawberries were very ripe and sweet.

This place was very delicious. There was a wait but not long. And while you are waiting you can go and get coffee … for free!

The only complaint I have is the cups. They were not washed well and had a lot of leftover coffee in it. Or maybe the cups are so old that there were lots of coffee stains in the cup. When I looked at it, it made me want to throw up.

Other than that, I would recommend you go and try it out.