I Love New technology

Hi Everyone!

This Monday, my cellphone plan was up and had to renew. After everything was done, I received my phone yesterday!

Okay so maybe it’s not new. But to me, it is.


I picked the Galaxy S 4g. I kind of regret it now because now I wished I got the MyTouch 4g. But that’s okay. 2 years later, I’ll get an even better phone!

Gotta think positively!

And my sister got me the car charger as well since smart phones always die quick.

This is my first smart phone. First time having internet on my phone. And first touch screen.

Too many firsts, it’s making my head spin!


There’s SWYPE on there and uh … I love it but I mess up a lot and am slow. Also, there’s so much to do, I don’t know what to do.

But practice makes perfect!

This is a great Halloween present … because everyone does those right?

Anyway, hope your week went well! Mine was a little crazy. Let’s just say I did pass my test so whoo!!

Happy Halloween. Be safe guys!!