New Year, 2nd Blogoversary

It’s been a whirlwind of a year. Reason I started this blog on New Year’s Day is because I wanted a new start. And because I knew people did recaps every Blogoversary and New Year … and I’m too lazy to do it twice in one year sooooo yep. Here goes!




  • First time in a recording studio: back of a house type deal but it was cool to see how everything gets put together. Helped throw some ideas in. I loved it. I wish I was good enough for this line of work.




















There has been so much going on this past year and there would be more if I was more consistent with my blogging. It’s been a year of ups and downs but the ups shine through more. I hope you all had a great 2012 because 2013 just begun and it’s going to be a great one!

Stay Positive! Think Good Thoughts!

Laid Back

I have neglected my blog today. Those posts you saw? They were written from the past.

I haven’t caught up with my Google Reader since last night before the New Year rang.


I’ve been working on building a new spanking blog and have been helping with the building of a new website as well. It took me over five hours just to make a header and the end result is as simple as can be.

All for FTK. For The Kids Dance Marathon at UTSA – An organizational group of students coming together to help kids with pediatric cancer.

We’ll be launching all of that on January 4th. Keep a look out. My Website Captain, Andrew C., and I have been working really hard on it and it’ll be great to know some people are actually checking it out.

Today has been very laid back. Brunch with the family then working hardcore on the stuff above. Then had dinner with the family and more working on the stuff above.

I love days like these. Family and doing something I love. Now time to relax with some Netflix and catch up on Google Reader.

Hope your first day of the year was JUST as lovely! Open-mouthed smile

New Year, 1st Blogoversary

Happy New Year! And Happy 1st Blogoversary to my MwM!
I have received my annual report from WordPress and I love it! I had the most readers from America (obviously), then Australia (surprisingly), with Canada following not far behind. I love reading these stats. It’s a good motivation for me to keep going. Thank you everyone who’s supported me through all of this!




  • Started reaching out to the Blog World. Thank you for everything y’all!






  • First Halloweekend spent with the brother and his friends. Found a picture of myself enjoying my first bratwurst from that night.




Wow. This year has gone by so quickly! And so many things happened. I am happy I started documenting my life here because I wouldn’t have realized how wonderful my life is.

Next post? My 2012 New Years Resolution.

Keep a lookout. Until then, Happy New Year!

What are your New Years Resolutions?

New Year, New Start

I’ve always been a fan of cooking and baking, more baking than cooking. I thought what better way then to jump on the bandwagon and start logging in my goodies made; it’ll be my little cookbook but for all to see. Please note: I’m not a professional, far from it. I’m just here to share something I love. Through trial and error, I learn.

Since I’m a student in college I won’t have a lot of time like other bloggers in the world to make a different dish a day or even a week. I will try my best to post a new dish at least twice a month if not more. I do apologize ahead of time if that doesn’t happen.

The ball dropped an hour and fourty three minutes ago. Since it’s a new year, I decided to start this blog. I hope you all have a great New Year and maybe a year from now, 2012, I will still be here sharing my experiences!