Superbowl Sunday

Disa-freaking-ppointing! Patriots lost. Close game though. Eli Manning’s better looking than Tom Brady in my opinion … but I’m not one who switches teams because of what they look like … like all the other girls I know!

I’m not like everyone else. I don’t really care about the commercials. I watch the Superbowl for the Superbowl. The halftime show was boring to me as well. For some reason, I hated it. Other than the cool graphics on the floor, everything else was just bunk. I was happy it was over and the game was back on.

It was fun hanging out with some friends at their apartment watching the game. It was nice getting to know them more outside of FTK. One of them kept mentioning my leaving San Antonio once I graduate. I wish I never have to leave these wonderful people. Can I not grow up, please?

2012-02-05 19.49.582012-02-05 19.50.13

One of their Mum’s made food! It was so delicious!! Smile

I am stuffed! Even though I only ate a little. I always get fuller faster when I do active things. Weird. Everyone else I know gets hungrier.

Happy Monday everyone! Open-mouthed smile