Summer Road Trip: Day 2


Ready for the beach! We had our free breakfast at the hotel. Yay to saving money!

2012-05-29 09.18.43229847_10151446771065715_501365714_12450514_758120777_n

Look at that wonderful view!

2012-05-29 09.45.01480061_10151446764170715_1110325368_n



The water was so white and blue and super clear! So pretty!

Jennifer and Karen T. went to scooter so Jenny, Tammy, and I did our own thing. We had to get a quick lunch so we went to:

2012-05-29 11.44.42

Pompano Joe’s
2237 Scenic Gulf Drive
Destin, Florida 32550
(850) 837-2224

Since we didn’t want to get sick from eating too much food, we split an appetizer and a soup.

2012-05-29 12.02.31

Seafood Gumbo [2012 Winner of the People’s choice award & best overall gumbo at the Sandestin Gumbo Festival] | Cup $4.49 Bowl $5.99

We got the bowl since we were sharing and it was deliciously yummy. It was thick but at the same time, thin. There was a lot of meat and veggies in there as well. So filling.

2012-05-29 12.02.23

Fried Calamari [served with marinara and tiki sauces] | $8.99

Yum. The little legs on this squid was so tender. It kind of crackles in your mouth when you chewed it up and it’s not because it was fried. I didn’t need any of the sauces for this baby. It was great just by itself!


We waited half an hour or so to cross something off my bucket list!


There’s a surf school there called Ride On Surf School.

It took me a little bit to finally get it down and when I did it felt like I was soaring on water.

We did a group lesson (2 or more) with 1 hour instruction time and 1 hour free surf time for $55 per person.

The instructors were so nice and helpful and never gave up once! I would love to come here again and Ride On! It’s only about $20 to reserve a board for an hour without the lessons, so why not?


Us with our instructors, Austin and Dylan.

We all met up, showered, and got ready for:

2012-05-29 17.17.21

Rick’s Crab Trap
1096 Scenic Gulf Drive
Miramar Beach, Florida 32550
(850) 269-1252

2012-05-29 17.51.372012-05-29 17.51.502012-05-29 17.52.232012-05-29 17.54.402012-05-29 18.08.312012-05-29 18.09.062012-05-29 17.55.18

Just some of the food we got. It was happy hour so a lot of things were half off. I wasn’t that happy with my foods though. Very simple and a little bland.

I don’t think I would come here again.



Looking out into the water after dinner.

We went shopping and souviner shopping after.

It was a long day but it was worth it.

Oh did I also mention I’m sunburned like crazy? I was red as a tomato and now I’m peeling like a snake. Bleugh!

Day 3 coming soon!