[2013] 019/365: Best Probably Unhealthy Snack Ever

PicsArt_1362540709990 (1)

I had a Hong Kong snack day at work today. The best memories ever. I’m not sure how healthy it is for you … but who cares. The seaweed isn’t like the ones from sushi. It’s much crispier. So much yummier.

We use to drink this Lemon Tea when we were little kiddos back in Hong Kong. When we moved to America, we were so happy that they sold it here. We rarely bought it because it’s not that great for you but the times that I do … oh my. I only like Lemon Tea from Hong Kong. The way they make it here just isn’t right.

The seaweed on the other hand was introduced to me by Rachel this past summer. I was a little hesitant to try it but once I did I knew I was hooked. If you have this selling anywhere near you, you need to try it pronto.

I just want to go back to Hong Kong. Who’s down to go with me?

PicMonkey Collage

My after workout face. Haven’t taken a selfie in a while. Hair is ratchet. I hate that word but it’s true. I’m wearing my Ellie top if you can’t tell. 😉

Below was my dinner. I love this soup. I made it all throughout college. Water, cabbage, tofu, and Chinese meatballs (or just plain chicken breasts). I got Jenny making it to when we lived together. Oh college. Seemed like years ago.

Workouts have been going well. Come on perfect bod! haha jk.

Hump day tomorrow. FINALLY!

[2013] 018/365: Ellie Deserves A Second Chance

After the whole PV.Body debacle, many people decided not to give Ellie a chance.

I was so close to doing the same because what they did was wrong … but I gave them a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance. Plus, I’m not picky in what I wear to workout … as long as it covers up the majority of my body parts AND it doesn’t chafe … I’m good.

I’ve worn these to workout in three times since I’ve gotten them in case you were wondering.


This is literally what I picked from Ellie. I’m lazy and this just looks good. Given … it looks nothing like this when I wear it. More like a fat burrito with all the fixin’s wanting to get out.

Tempt Me Racerback | $39.95

I love this racerback … and I rarely say that to tops because they always get all up in my business. That’s what happens when you have a big bust. But this fits perfectly. Much more comfortable then that name brand they sent over when they were still PV.Body. I obviously had to wear a sports bra underneath, but that’s normal. Oh and its super absorbent and dries SUPER SUPER fast.

The only bad thing I have to say though is the panels in the front and the middle of the back are holes. I wished it was a double layer so that it covered that up. Love the design, hate the holes.

Love Struck Legging | $69.95

I love the thickness of them … but yet they are thin. And it keeps me super warm on these last few days of coldness. The legging part is much more comfortable to me then the other name brand ones I got from them when they were PV.Body.

The only complaint I have about them is the waistband. The one they sent when they were PV.Body was way better. I wished it was a little wider so that it uh … covers up my fat. I would say the waistband does move around a little when I do a more vigorous activity. But for lifting and whatnot … it works perfectly.


I understand Ellie is a new line so they’re sticking with usual colors like black, grey, blue, and pink … but it’d be nice if they branched out a little. Can’t wait when that does happen!

And don’t be discouraged by my negative comments. I love both the pieces for different reasons. But in all good things, there are bad. Everyone likes things differently.

With that being said, if you click on anything on this post that says Ellie, you get 20% off. Sweet huh? Get a move on why don’t yah.

*I received the outfit free of charge but all opinions are my own.
**All pictures from Ellie.

[2013] 017/365: Blogger Listings

These are my “pictures” for the day … I have two new buttons on my sidebar.


Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings has this Coast to Coast blogger listings going on. It’s pretty genius. You get to search for people around your area! But it’s just also cool to check out people around the world and find other bloggers easily. The map seriously makes things SO easy.


Robin from At Four O’Clock is doing this new listing called Random/Lifestyle Blogger Listing. All my posts are random and weird and mostly about my boring life so it fits perfectly! Go check it out.

Lazy Sundays are the best. Just video gaming and movies with sissy and Brett!

I hope y’all had a good weekend. I’m not ready for this week to start.

[2013] 016/365: Busy Day Off

I don’t like having busy day’s off. It makes me feel like I’m still working. Oh errands.


  • I began the day with a 2 hour sleep cycle. Sounds horrible but at least I got to see the sun rise for the first time in a long time!
  • I had to take Rocky (not pictured) to the dentist. He’s been pretty chill since we’ve picked him up. I think he still have a little of the anesthesia in him.
  • Went out to sissy’s and we did our taxes. Sent and excited for my monies!
  • Had lunch at Candelari’s and got the buffet. Stomach was so full of yumminess.
  • Got to take Bruno (sissy’s dog) home with me! He’s currently laying right beside me. Ahh such a good doggie.
  • Went to watch 21 and Over with Samantha. Funny movie. Not like a I love it so much you HAVE to see it movie. But it wasn’t bad. Good to watch when you have nothing to do.
  • Oh and Vitacost. Best –ish ever finally came. Only thing was they had two items missing. BUT they are amazing. You call them and tell them and they resend the stuff in a jiff. Some things in there might go into the giveaway I’m thinking about all day everyday. Keep heads up! Planning a giveaway is hard!

Okay … time to just finally relax. Good night, loves!

[2013] 015/365: Thankful Things Thursday: Blessings


I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Just look how beautiful the sky is. It was pretty much all over Houston and San Antonio (that I know of).

Each day we move so quickly trying to get through the day. To get by. We never just stop to see the beauty surrounding us. This reminded me of it.

It made me wonder why I try so hard to wake up so early every day before the sun comes up. Work. Never really take breaks. Go home. Do stuff that isn’t really a big importance (except the workout part) and miss the sundown. Why am I trying to just get by? Why am I not trying to find my worth? I need to find out why I’m put on this earth because lately I feel a bit lost.

When you lose something, you typically find something. I finally found someone at work I can relate to and talk to and laugh with … every day. It feels good to finally find that person. She’s not on my team but she is sister/cousin to two of my coworkers on my team. I met her one week before she started at this job and we just clicked! It’s been pretty great and we already have many shared laughter. Sadly, she’s not staying forever here (still in college) but it’s good to finally have met her. Hopefully when she goes to her new career path we still stay friends! Fingers crossed.


It’s nice to have a friend I talk to even when it’s days we don’t see each other. Probably cuz we’re both single. I have no clue what we talk about … probably stupid things. But the conversation is never dull. I got to hang out with Samantha tonight. She got her nails redid and I got a cheap manicure ($10). I probably won’t do it again since they don’t last long but it was fun. We got food and watched more Doctor Who.

Chill nights are my favorite.

Time to plan out what to do tomorrow since it’s my day off!! I know for sure Rocky is going in for a deep dental clean so I won’t see him all day. What to do? What to do?

Me time.

Peace and love!

[2013] 018/365: Memories Live On

I’m really sucking on this 365 … I think I might scrap it.

But surprisingly I’ve made time every day to update. That’s got to mean something, right?

Maybe I’ll stop after 30 days … we’ll see.


This is currently one of the walls of my office.

First two are from Julia & Noel’s wedding.

The next four is with sissy when we went to a bridal expo.

The one after that … work from Go Texan Day.

And well the last one is a Christmas card from one of the ladies at work. My first legit family photo Christmas card. I love it!

Every day almost every day I look at this wall and am reminded of the people around me. Given it’s some of the same people in some pictures (I haven’t printed any of my own), I think back the days of when we took those pictures. It’s nice to have some homey memories when work get tough.

I need more pictures to put up! Who wants to do some photo booth pictures with me please and thank you?

Hump Day is almost over. Tomorrow is my Friday. Ahh … I cannot wait.

Think Good Thoughts.

[2013] 017/365: Quinoa Cantaloupes


Okay … maybe not together. That’s kind of gross.

But I made my first ever quinoa meal! It’s a lot mushier then I’d like. I guess I’ll stay away from the rice cooker to do it’s work and use a regular pot of water.

Anyone know how to make perfect quinoa? I need help!

All wrapped up in a tortilla. Mmm …

And had half of a cantaloupe.

Too much food. But SOOOOOO good!

Workout DONE-ZO. I’ve been feeling a little pierce in my knee so I couldn’t go full out. Hopefully it’ll be better by tomorrow!

Shower. Card writing. Bloggin’. Doctor Who. Sleep.

Tomorrow’s Hump Day. Thank goodness!

[2013] 016/365: Go Texan Day & Oscar’s Recap

Before I talk about my Project 365 for today I just want to say:

Do not eat Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs!

There could be horse meat inside. They state that the ones in US are safe but … they come from the same factory. You’ve been warned. Click on the link above to read more about it!



Today we got to dress up as a cowboy/cowgirl celebrating Texas. Since it’s Rodeo time and stuff. I forgot to dress up. Whoops.

But I still got free bbq! And there was a photo booth there. I took some pictures with some kiddos from work. We also got cookies shaped like Texas, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo bandana, and a HERO bag. Sweet!


It’s no doubt everyone’s talking about the Oscar’s today. I, however, go to Yahoo! News for my Oscar’s recap. And these will do just fine.

Seth MacFarlane was the host and he made a “I Saw Your Boobs” song and dance. A little weird and awkward. But that’s who he is.

ctates_waxing_news via

Channing Tatum apparently waxes … but I don’t care. He’s just on here cuz he is fine.



Sandra Bullock is STILL gorgeous with that face.

Jlaw_trip via

Let’s not forget Jennifer Lawerence’s fall. I wasn’t a big fan of her but after that speech … seeing the real her (no not the falling) after the fall. It doesn’t phase her and she can still joke about.

And then I leave you with the outfits. I don’t know who gets to chose what looks good or not. I think Helen Hunt’s dress was perfect seeing how she’s trying to save the world. Yet she get’s a bad grade. Designer doesn’t mean anything!!

Time to read some blogs, watch some Netflix, and hit the hay!

This week is going by TOO slow.

[2013] 015/365: I’ve Got Crabs … Yo!


The delicious seafood kind. Mmm … were they were delicious. I’m not a big fan of crabs. What I mean is, I don’t crave them. But man the amazing cholesterol in there was the bomb! They are actually leftover from last night. Since I wasn’t home, they left a pot of ‘em. Yay yeah. I had three only though and I was DONE.

Which gender do you like to smack on? I like them females. They have the best cholesterol. YUM!

P.S. I spent $60 on Vitacost. Eeps! Much needed though. Can’t wait to get them goodies!

P.P.S. I’m thinking of doing a Giveaway soon. I’m not sure what to give away so … this might take a little while. Keep a lookout though. 😉 If you have ideas of past giveaways you’ve done, let me know!!

[2013] 014/365: Owl Be Damned

Oh my gosh … it’s only day 14 and I already feel drained with this 365. How do people do this?!

Just an F.Y.I. I’m trying out this whole watermark thing to see how it goes. I feel bad not doing it to my old posts but it’s never too late right?

Mallory, Samantha, and I bought a Groupon to:

Merlot 2 Masterpiece
12464 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77024
(832) 767-0855


Here is us with our masterpieces.

We picked owls … obviously.


And a close up of my owl.

In the end I wasn’t a big fan of this place. The 2-hour class ended up being almost 3-hours. The instructions weren’t very well dictated and I couldn’t even see what she was doing half the time. I understand that you paint it how YOU want it but If I have to stand up every few minutes to see where she is in the painting then that’s too much work done on my end. The paint didn’t stick well to the canvas either and they expected us to paint the background with a tiny brush. We weren’t too amused by it.

Will I come back here again? Yeah, I guess. I believe in giving second chances with this kind of stuff so hopefully next time it’ll be a better experience.

identity-thief-movie-poster-2013-1010753947 via

Afterward, Samantha and I went to go see Identity Thief at Alamo Drafthouse.

Worst service ever! The server did everything wrong. I guess it just wasn’t our day.

The movie was freaking hilarious though. I laughed A LOT! I know critics said it was good but uh … not everyone loves the same thing. That’s all I have to say.

It’s been a fun day seeing the Powerpuffs again.

Can’t wait for our next adventure!