Shopping, Wine, & Movies

Sissy is such a bad influence. She sent me another link to a shopping site. Eeps. Money is just draining out of me. I want to buy EVERYTHING!



Speaking of buying things, I bought these cute booties for the wedding that’s this Sunday at DSW. You like? I figure i can wear them out AND to the office. Win-Win. I want them in grey now. Or any color they have. Bows, Bows, Bows. Love, Love, Love.



Mallory, Lauren, Samantha, and I bought a Groupon for Wine Tasting at The Cellar Door in Katy.

Sorry for my huge face … I was really close to the camera. Or maybe this is a wake up call to loose weight!


We tasted 13 wines. Red and White. I only had a few I liked. If you know me, I’m a beer person. But now I know which wines I like. So I guess I learned something.

If you ask my friends, they’ll tell you that I thought some wines smelled like fish … or moldy squid. How? I don’t know.


Later that night, Samantha and I went and ate Rudy’s then watched Silver Lining Playbook and Pitch Perfect. It was a pretty chill night.

Sunday, I even got to see Tammy, Jenny, their friends Mary and Jennifer (her boyfriend too) at lunch. It’s been a long, eventful weekend.

Can’t wait for this weekend. Friends and weddings. Exciting!!

P.S. I got on it and did my workout today! Holla!

Proud Owner of a Foam Roller

Want to hear a funny story? No? Well tooooooo bad.

An old friend of mine who I haven’t really talked to since three years ago (?) just caught up a little on Facebook. Oh the joys of social media. And she told me she has a blog and all that other jazz. Surprise! ME TOO! You didn’t know that huh? Anyway, I told her I had one too but that I wasn’t ready to share. And she understood but will be willing to read it once I was comfortable. Thanks, Dhvani. I’ll keep that in mind! Smile

Then I did what any normal person would do … I Google’d myself with keywords that connect to me. And found out I have a Blogspot. Which I started in 2009. And where I was actually funny. I guess it was easier to let my sarcasm show up in my writing more back then.


Anyway, Sonja and I had plans to meet up at Rudy’s for lunch. I love it because it’s only a good 10 minutes from my house. As I was driving, I got stuck in traffic. Not on the freeway or anything. On a street. Why? Because everyone was waiting at the drive through of Chic-Fil-A. Ridiculous. Get out of the damn car.

Sonja and I got to catch up for a good 2 1/2 hours. Everything from boys to school to work to family to random crap. We only see each other two times a year. But only get to catch up once a year. I’m lucky to have friendships like this.


After we said our goodbyes I walked around Wal-Mart. I got use to walking around after eating in Hong Kong so I’m trying to keep up with that. I don’t know how that’ll work once I start my job though.

But … I finally bought a foam roller!

It’s from Gold’s Gym the 3-in-1 Massage Roll.

  • 18” High Density Massage Roll Layer
  • 18” Low Density Massage Roll Layer
  • 18” Rolling Massage Stick
  • Instructional DVD

Hot guy not included … boo.

It’s wrapped in cellophane and as nasty as it sounds, I tried it out on my back. If it didn’t work, I was going to return it. Don’t judge me. I don’t care if it was the right form or not or if it was the right layer but my back feels better. So I’m keeping it! I’m excited to roll every part of my body so all the pain goes away and better my muscles! Hopefully this will also mean, less injuries for me. Fingers crossed!

Picture Bomb

I finally figured how to get pictures out my phone. I’m slow. Leave me alone.

Here are some random pictures!! They’re all pretty much food except for one. Winking smile

2011-10-29 01.28.56

10.28.11 with Jenny and Richard at the apartment.

My first Negra Modelo. So delicious. So dark.

2011-10-29 12.25.002011-10-29 12.40.13

10.30.11 with Jenny and Richard at Kumori Sushi & Teppanyaki.

L: Hand Grenade. My favorite at Kumori. So dang delicious!

R: I don’t remember what rolls we got but the top is Richard & Jenny’s. The bottom was mine.

Seriously. If you ever go to San Antonio and have a craving for sushi, go here.

2011-10-31 20.03.22

10.31.11 with Trisha at Coldstone.

She needed someone to talk to so we went and got ice cream. This is the first time I’ve ever ordered ice cream in a waffle bowl dipped in chocolate. The ice cream flavor is cinnamon and I got sprinkles mixed in.

I only got cinnamon because the guy that worked there said he liked the cinnamon the best. He was cute so I went with it. Yum! It was so delicious!

2011-11-02 12.53.352011-11-02 12.53.20

11.02.11 alone in the apartment. Sad smile

I hate bread. Okay, not hate but dislike it with a passion. But I love sandwich thins!! They taste so much better!! And I bought my first ever Quorn soy patties. This is in the form of cheese burger. They taste better than they smell.

I also had a side of romaine lettuce. And dipped it in some Annie’s Naturals Organic Cowgirl Ranch. It’s okay. I’m not a big fan of it. I won’t go out and get it again but I’ll definitely try the other flavors.

I’m a college student so sometimes when I’m lazy to wash dishes, I put wax paper, saran wrap, or foil on the plate so I can just take it off and not have to wash. Whoops. Smile with tongue out

2011-11-04 11.22.152011-11-04 11.41.05

11.04.11 alone in the apartment

My first ever, Amy’s Pizza Pesto. The one on the left is the original. I added some mushrooms on it so that I can get fuller. Hence the difference on the right.

I want more!!! It was delicious. (I needed new words describing amazing foods!)

2011-11-05 20.56.08

11.05.11 with Gary and Katrina at Coldstone.

They wanted to hang out and talk about random stuff and they wanted ice cream … so we got ice cream. Now you know why I’m nowhere near to losing weight?

This one’s cake batter with sprinkles rolled in.

2011-11-06 18.59.31

11.06.11 with Tammy at Rudy’s

We had a lot of leftovers. I ate it for another three meals after this.

2011-11-09 14.36.08

11.09.11 alone at the shuttles

Just wanted to end it with not food.

I will be updating some places we went to now that I’ve figured how to get it out my phone!! So keep a look out!!

Curse You Finance!

Rudy’s was divine. I really need to find out how to get pictures out of my phone and onto these posts!

I ordered 1 lb of MOIST brisket. I would get lean but it’s always so dry. Sad smile

And a quart of creamed corn.

I only ate a little and have A LOT of leftovers!!

I’ve been studying for this Finance test all day. Tomorrow I have to take that test at 2pm. Then I have two volleyball games and two basketball games.

Crazy huh?

Anyway, a guy friend of mine got broken up with a long time girl of his. He was really hurt by it and now a few months later, he’s found a girl he thinks is “amazing”. His words.

I’m happy for him. He’s a romantic so hearing him say all these things is cute and I wish I could find a guy that is like that.

I hope everything goes well for him. He deserves it. Smile

Okay back to Finance. I need to ace you.



Currently at Starbucks. Sippin’ on an Eggnog Latte. While studying for my Finance test I have tomorrow.

It’s my first one ever and I think it’s so so.

I’m with these cuties!


I’m getting Rudy’s tonight with Tammy and Jenny.

I’m excited. Hopefully it’ll follow through because I want some creamed corn!

Okay. Back to studying.

Hope your weekend is going well! Smile