Chris Cagle Concert

Shopping happened yesterday. Samantha and I went to Kohl’s and spent a load of unnecessary money. But hey, we look good.

Ate at Texas Roadhouse. Mmmm … their cinnamon butter is so bad for you but oohhh so good.


Met at Mallory’s and got ready then headed to the Chris Cagle concert at Mo’s with John K., Lyndsey, and Ryan.


Lyndsey, Me, Samantha, and Mallory

Me, Samantha and Mallory are wearing all new clothes … because that’s how we do.

It was super loud in there so I wasn’t able to hear anything they were saying but I still had fun.

Chris Cagle played a new song which I am in love with. I just have to figure out what it’s called …

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve so it means lazy day until tomorrow.

Peace and Love.


Never give up …

… no matter how tired you are.

I came home around 3:30pm. Thank goodness. I ate dinner early since I was going out to eat again. I knew I would be hungry if I ate later anyway since I planned to run after the celebration.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? Yep … I’m making it up because I was just simply hungry.

Sunny side up eggs on a bed of spinach, bagel thin with Nutella knockoff spread, a handful of jalapeno chips (so not healthy!). So good.

Small sweet potato with yogurt. Yum!

Yeahh … that’s a lot of food even if I was going out to eat again. But it was so good.

Then I took a nap. 😉

When 7:30pm rolled around I got ready for my friend, Ed’s birthday. It was just me and the boys (Ed, Ryan, Daniel). Just how I liked it. Sadly John was missing. 😦 Next time, next time.

We had dinner at:

2706 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX
(713) 524-1700

As all Mexican places have it, Chips and Salsa. Yum!! We had another basket of chips and bowl of salsa. That’s how yummy it was!

Mmm .. sounds good to me! Thanks Chuy’s! 😀

Our food came very quickly. I got the Soft Tacos [two tacos with lettuce, cheese, pico, and your choice of ground sirloin, grilled chicken, or carne guisada. (Also available with guacamole instead of meat for a vegetarian option). Tacos served with rice and reffried or charro beans] | $8.47. I don’t think it’s the same as the menu I saw since this came from the take out menu. It was very delicious. I was so full afterward. I left the cheese on my plate but ate everything else. Delicious.

I would love to come here again and am happy that they have opened one in Katy! It’s so close to home! Yay!

We went to Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub. Yay!

If you look on the bottom left hand corner, you can see a drink. I bought it for my friend, Ryan, since it seemed he was having a bad day. (He went to the wrong Chuy’s.) Apparently the drink is called Sex on Baker Street. He liked it. I didn’t drink. I felt like puking from all that greasy food.

And I want it so damn badly. So I came home to rest a little bit then changed and started my C25K: Week 6 – Run 3.

Warm up 5, Run 25, Cool down 25

I debated for the longest time if I should suck it up and run … so I did. I kept saying in my head, this is the last one for the week. Why give up now?! So .. I went and conquered.

Luckily my arch didn’t hurt so that’s good. I seriously love longer runs than intervals. When can I stop doing intervals?! 😦

I came home and almost passed out on the floor. That’s how tired I was.

My boys (the ones I was hanging out with previously for the birthday celebration) went to a laser tag lock-in. I chose running over that. I must be going crazy.

Time to relax. Weekend is here!

Oh … head over to Fit Chick Britt. She’s asking for pictures of you sporting the make up free look for her future post!!

Baker Street Pub & Grill

After The Continental Club, Ryan dropped me and Ed off at:

Baker St. Pub & Grill
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.
Katy, TX 77494
(281) 693-0500

We had invited Katie so we waited for her. The Ruse was playing.

They also have live bands on certain days and today was their day. I actually liked them. They played a lot of songs that I knew and they were funny! I couldn’t get a good enough picture but we would have to make due with this. Let’s just say the lighting was REALLY dark. I was getting hungry so I ordered:

Warm Kettle Cooked Chips [with ranch dressing] | ~$3. It just tasted like regular kettle chips with no flavor. The ranch definitely made a big difference in how the chips tasted. I don’t think I will ever order these again.

Since my appetite was not satisfied, I ordered:

Potato Skins [with bacon, cheddar cheese, and green onions, served with ranch dressing] | ~$6. It had more potato on the skin than I remembered. That definitely got me full. I wished they gave me sour cream instead of the ranch dressing though. I’m not a fan of ranch so sour cream would have definitely been better for me.

You must think I scarfed these down. I shared happily with my friends so don’t worry! I love to share the joy of food, as long as you don’t touch it without my permission. That’s one of my pet peeves.

An old friend from high school, Nick, came to join us. He got a dirty martini. That was the first time I’ve ever seen one in front of me. They smelled funky. I’m guessing that scent came from the olives.

This night has got to be one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time. Before Nick got there, Katie, Ed, and I talked about EVERYTHING. And it was nice to talk to them like that because we rarely do. I’m glad they are in my life.

Mum, June, and I went to a new place to eat tonight but I’m tired from posting the night before’s happenings so I’ll save that til later. I have to pack because I’m heading back to my college tomorrow morning. Night!

The Continental Club

Last night Ed, Ryan, and I drove to:

The Continental Club
3700 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 529-9899

to watch a live band, The Beetles play The Beatles songs. They’re there every Thursday night jamming out. And sell $3 Lone Stars. I didn’t drink though. But the boys did. Oh did I mention that the band plays by request? They’ve obviously heard every single Beatles song in the world! So talented!

I did however buy a hot dog. It was only $1. They were out of hot dog buns so we had ours on a hamburger bun. Still delicious. I topped mine with three jalapenos and ketchup and mustard.

Funny story: They had an old RC machine there and Ryan thought it worked. When we walked up to it to find out how to use it, a guy comes and says, “It doesn’t work. They sell them at the bar”. It was also funny because Ryan felt it and said it felt cold; I’m guessing it’s because of the weather. And it did have a sticker saying that this RC is out and that this one isn’t. Normal people would believe that it worked.

Anyway, it’s packed with people in the working world. Not much college kids like us there. It was fun nonetheless. A good place to go to listen to some great music.