Celebration Station

Those in Houston, do you remember that place? I remember going there for fun and games whenever there was something to celebrate.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback from my previous post. I tried all the advice I got and it seems it might be working. Or all the worries are in my head. I guess time will tell.  But after posting the post, and going to work the last couple days, things seemed to have changed.Everything takes time and if I don’t feel like I fit in now, maybe I just have to try try again and not over think things. I tend to do so.

I met a British man today. He’s going to be the liaison between me and my new contractor company. He is funny and has a really sweet accent. I am jealous of his accent. And he is kind of cute. 😉 I always think contractor companies send over older people but he seems to be in his middle to late 20s if I have to guess. But uh … can I holla atchu boy? haha JK!


On Wednesday my company invited the people on my floor for a Christmas Luncheon at the Downtown Aquarium. If I remember correctly, I don’t think I’ve ever been there so I was very excited … until we got there and realized we weren’t going to see the whole aquarium. Womp Womp.

The picture you see is from the restaurant part of the aquarium. It was really big and we actually saw a lot of fishies and sting rays and whatnot. Just wish I could of seen the sharks and stuff too.

Here was our food lineup:

  • Salad
  • Cranberry Bread – AMAZING. And I never say that about bread.
  • Beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies – medium rare, no flowing jucies. One of my coworkers sent it back because it wasn’t “dead” enough. teehee And I love what they did with the mashed potatoes. They always tasted better when it’s not just plopped down on the plate.
  • Chocolate Mousse (Disgusting. Sorry.), Key Lime Pie (LOVE LOVE LOVE especially the shell), Crème Brulee (wasn’t bad but could be a little thicker for better taste)


I made pound cake! Since we decided to celebrate BossMan’s birthday early, I promised him pound cake and I delivered. I didn’t get to taste any so maybe next time. But it sure smelled delicious!


We went out to lunch today for BossMan’s birthday. That prime rib was DELICIOIUS. Cooked to perfection. I know what I’m getting next time I’m here .. whenever that will be. We even had a Carrot Cake from Ooh La La Bakery. It was $60 something bucks! But all worth it since it weighed like 10 pounds.

Tomorrow night it’s BossMan’s Birthday Celebration Part 2 … cannot wait. Eep.

Have a great Friday tomorrow! 🙂

Saltgrass Steakhouse

Tonight my brother and sissy took my cousin, Timothy, out for his belated graduation dinner. I tagged along. 😉

We went to:

Saltgrass Steakhouse
8943 Katy Freeway
Houston TX
(713) 461-6111

My sissy was already waiting at the restaurant when my brother and Timothy got there. This was sitting on the table and our first question was, “Is this real?!”

And real it was. It’s their very own Shiner Bock Beer Bread [with butter] | free. Yum. It was very melt-in-your mouth kind of deal and very wheaty tasting. It was gone pretty quickly.

My sissy went on ordering the Artichoke and Spinach dip for us to share … but the manager came out and told us it was out. We cried a bit. (Just kidding!)

The manager asked if we wanted something else instead. He then gave us some options that people loved the most.

First he suggested Mushroom caps. Sadly, Timothy hates them. So we told that to him.

Then he suggested Range Rattlers which has shrimp inside stuffed in jalapenos. My sissy is a vegetarian so we couldn’t order that. (We didn’t tell him this though.)

So my sissy went on to order us French Fried Onions [thinly sliced & piled high served with our border sauce] | $6.49. It wasn’t a favorite for me. The onions were too thinly sliced (guess that’s why it’s french?) and it was too much battered than onions. We couldn’t even taste the onion flavored.

We also ordered the Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries [fried potatoes, topped with melted jack & cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, & chives] | $6.99.

When we ordered this, we asked for bacon on the side. But when it came to us, bacon was everywhere! So we told the manager and he fixed it right up for us! This was a win! We all loved this. And ate it all up!

Because of kitchen error and server error, we ended up not having to pay for our French Fried Onions or Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries. WIN WIN WIN! FREE FREE FREE!! YAY!

For my main entree I got the Chopped Sirloin Steak [Certified Angus Beef ground steak topped with: grilled onions, cheddar cheese & diced tomatoes OR grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms & cognac pepper sauce] | $14.99. Plus you get either soup or salad with your entree. I got Potato soup.

The potato soup was delicious. It was very thick but also soupy. Make sense? It was just delicious! The chopped sirloin was not up to par with others that I’ve had before. It wasn’t disgusting but it wasn’t great. I only had 1/4 and packed the rest home. With the mashed potatoes .. delicious. Loved it. It was very fluffly but I only had a few bites and packed it home as well.

Those free appetizers really filled me up. And on top of that my sissy ordered a Shiner Bock before we arrived and she needed help with it. 😉

We had the worst server in the earth of servers. He came every fifty thousand minutes (exaggeration at its best!) and when he came, he usually got things incorrectly. Though he tried to smile through you could tell he was unhappy working there. Sir, please quit your job. You would be so much happier.

But that didn’t make us angry with our meal. We had fun time together reminiscing and talking about future things. Then we went back to our house and played Partini. Never heard of it?! It’s like charades but better.

My sissy, Timothy, and I never played before. We chose teams and in the end, my brother and I won. 🙂

So far it’s been a good 4 day weekend. Not anything to really complain about except for the whole getting sick thing.

Tomorrow Brett is coming in and we’re going to bar-b-que for Fourth of July. Sahweet!!

What are your plans for Fourth of July day?!

Time to relax. Night y’all!!