I Cannot Tell A Lie …

I’ve been eating takeout for the past three meals. I buy it and eat it for days on end. Pretty sure I can make another two meals with what I have left. Yum!


Reason is because I’ve been working on my 15 page research paper on computer graphics.


I finally got it done today! It’s 19 pages because of the works cited page. Now I’m waiting for my partner’s 15 pages so we can put them together and make it sound like one person wrote it. Fun stuff!


Two days in a row, someone’s searched for

she hit a deer

and found my page.

Big promise, I’ve never hit any deer and hopefully never will.


I have a football game tomorrow. We’re in the playoffs and won Monday night’s game. Can’t wait. I’m going to miss flag football when it ends.

P.S. I’m thinking of dressing up for Halloween this year. I have an idea to be something but we shall see how everything pans out.

Hope you’re having a good week so far!!