Ilsong Garden

On May 5th Trisha and I wanted to hang out once more before I had to leave for the summer. We decided on:

Ilsong Garden
6905 Blanco Road
San Antonio, TX
(210) 366-4508

First off I got the Kalbi [marinated beef short ribs] | $9.95. It was very delicious. I kind of wished I got more rice though. Sadly I had no leftovers which is weird cuz I always have leftovers. Guess it’s because they give you so little compared to other Korean restaurants.

They gave us side dishes. They weren’t that amazing.

I love Korean soup!! So I got the Soon Du Bu Chige [soft tofu with seafood soup] | $7.95. So good! But like I said before, I wish there were more rice. I was super full after the soup. Couldn’t finish it all.

I don’t think I’ll ever come back here again. Though the food is good, the price isn’t for the amount I get.

Trisha got Sperry’s for me for my birthday!! I wear them practically everyday for work.