Mini Staycation



Howdy Lovely Doodies! Weird seeing such an early post from me right?

But Guess What Guess What! I took today and tomorrow off work! And seeing how I automatically get this Friday off, it is PERFECT! Hello 5 day weekend! 😉

Everyone at work asked where I was going and to my reply … nowhere. Cuz who has money to go places nowadays. I’m still excited though except I don’t have much planned out. Just thought I’d relax and hang out with whoever wants to see me.

Today is ME day. Shopping. Could Cafe. Straight up nothing. I don’t even know yet but it’s just whatever I want.



Tomorrow I have a lunch date and happy hour set up with friends.

Friday if all goes according to plan, I will be going to Kemah for the first time. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ve been wanting to check it out.

But if anything falls through I’d probably just go to Cloud Cafe and do some blog work or shop and be a super lazy vegetable in front of a telly. Sounds like a plan.

Mum said I’ll have a stalker one day since I go to Cloud Cafe so much. *sigh* Worry wart. But if that does happen, she’d probably say I told you so. Oh, mothers. Don’t she know I already had a few stalkers in my time?



This post was written in advanced so right now I’m probably still sleeping while you’re reading this. I usually wake up no later than 5am on work days so you can see how much I’m already loving it.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!