Survived My First Week!

First things first … I am WAY behind on my Google Reader. But TRUST … I will get through it!

Fingers crossed … hopefully this weekend.

It’s been a fun but tiring first week and now it’s the rest of my life. I’m not complaining. I have a job, food, and shelter.

And maybe I’ll still have my friends. I’ve been too busy to hang out with anyone.

Hopefully that’ll change once I get use to this schedule.


A small part of what my workplace looks like.


A close-up of the notes I’ve been studying. Mumble Jumbo.


The way my building looks out to a wonderful scenery.


What I snack on the most when I get hungry – ALMONDS!


One of my favoritest (that’s a word … don’t question me) things I miss about school – new supplies!
Oh, did I mention they are free! And I picked them out from this BIG BIG Staples Catalogue! Weeee! Smile

So since I made it to one whole week. I celebrated today.

2012-08-10 08.12.47

My co-worker, Tony C., and I went and bought breakfast at our work’s Café instead of making my own breakfast at home.

2012-08-10 11.38.41

Then for lunch I went with Rose to Subway.
It was nice to catch up with her after not seeing her for so, so long.
We laughed, joked, and all that fun stuff.

Oh, did I mention on Friday’s I get to leave an hour early. Win!

So I went shopping!

When I got home, Mum, June, and I went to a Mexican Restaurant down the street for dinner.
(No picture!)
And we talked and joked and all that fun stuff.

Hope y’all had a good week as well.
Lack of postings will occur until I get use to this schedule.
Bare with me!
I am at the moment trying to put together a workout plan and I am PUMPED!

Till next time,
Peace & Love Y’all!

Day 21: Samsung Galaxy S3!!


The aftermath of the storm … not that bad over here but it’s worse other parts of Hong Kong.


Ate at another Shanghai Restaurant … Shanghai Po Po Restaurant. Not as great as yesterdays but it was okay.


Saw this view while walking in the mall. More aftermath cleaning up and people shopping and whatnot.


Got a haircut … finally. This is the best picture I can show you … I didn’t take any except for this one.

I want to come back once a year for a haircut … from this place … by Brenda. YES.

Oh … and did I mention. When they wash your hair, they go through a long process? They put stuff in my hair and rinsed and repeated four times. And they massage your head. I’m not a great fan of it but dude … I almost fell asleep.


We bought some piggie bread and cakes for Vincent and Alva since they had to go to work.


Mum and I met Kathy at one of the subway stops. Then we went to Ladies’ Market. A place where people open their own shops on the streets and you can buy things. I went down the whole street but only a few things caught my eye … for other people.


When we were leaving going to the subway, Mum wanted some fishballs so fishballs we got. And I finally got my STINKY TOFU! Real stinky tofu. Not like the ones in Taiwan where they were not stinky enough. Ah .. heaven.

(photo via)

Kathy bought me this little beauty … without letting me know! Samsung Galaxy S3. Sahweet! I cannot wait to physically use it. (I have to wait till I’m back in the States …) I’ve been playing with it and I’m already in love. Winking smile


Dinner was intestines with noodles, veggies, and fried fish skin.

Done deal.

Bags are packed .. hopefully we aren’t overloaded.

Day 5: Tung Chung + Buddha


Woke up bright and early for Dim Sum with PoPo. Sadly Mum, Alva, and Vincent did not wake up yet. Kathy and I went to get seats first. After an hour plus later, the rest of them followed. Rachel was the last one to show up. This is most of the food but we ordered way more after.

Balls, more balls, eggplant, rolled up sticky rice with meat, some weird animal parts, squid, peppers with meat, shrimp stuff, more squid, pork intestine and belly, chicken, rolled up type of cake, more balls, more shrimp stuff, more chicken, chicken feet, Asian pancake, radish type thing, wonton, beef wrapped with noodle, egg rolls. Sheesh. So much food. They got a little happy.

The most disgusting thing I ate? Pork intestine and belly. YUM!


Little kids playing with water that sprouts up from the ground in Tung Chung.

PoPo went on her own way and the rest of us went on a long subway ride to Tung Chung.


The beautiful view in Tung Chung while we waited in line to buy tickets to ride cable cars to see Buddha in Ngong Ping! Open-mouthed smile


All our tickets and what not.

Funny story: My cousin, Vincent, and I were fighting over who was to pay. Of course, I won. He did put in a few bucks … after we paid we walked to the gate and realized we didn’t get our tickets. We. Are. Dumb. Luckily my other cousin, Alva, heard the dude at the window yelling at us to come back so he got the tickets. Embarrassing. Moral of the story? Don’t fight to pay because in the end, you’ll forget your tickets and walk to the entrance and they won’t let you in. Smile with tongue out


More pretty views. One of many. While waiting for the cable cars!


Me in the cable car.

Here are some of the five bajillion that I took!




We finally see Buddha!


Vincent poking Buddha’s head. haha Then began our journey walking towards Buddha.


Little kung fu fighters.Smile with tongue out And lots of cows that roam around eating grass. Along with lots of dogs that run wildly.


Buddha is just a few steps away … up those stairs.

We stopped halfway so they could catch their breath. And so that we can take some pictures.


I finally made it! Whoo. I had a little shortness of breath but that went away real fast. I guess I’m pretty much in shape? Winking smile


Another couple pictures of the bajillion I took of the view at the top. People live here. That’s the reason for the dogs and such. But oh geebus, the air was amazing up here. So fresh and clean and a little windy. Just how I like it.


Mum and I then ran up a few more steps and touched Buddha. Mission accomplished.


But then I read the sign … whoops. Too late. I am sorry Mister Buddha, Sir, I didn’t know.


Then we walked back down where we visited some of their shops and played with some of their things. Excuse my red eye and shiny face.


On the way back, we sat in a cable car that had a glass bottom so we can see everything below us.

So green!! Trees everywhere … and water! Those two little dots are people … fishing.


Then we went back to the subway station. I thought to share this with y’all …in vending machines here, they put things … not food. Here, you see headphones, phone cases, chargers, and other knickknacks. Fancy, huh?


Then it was time for dinner. Hot pot it is. This time we went to Giant Seafood Hot Pot place. It’s all you can eat! You only get charged one per person but if you past the time limit they give you (I believe two and a half hours?) then they charge more but other than that … all you can eat set price of around $20 per person. Not bad. This is only the beginning. I got too busy eating to take pictures. Smile with tongue out


I’m keeping this small because it might look gross to some of y’all but the white part you see is cartilage from I believe a pig? And you can eat it. Here, they call it crispy bone. Mmm so good!

Day 5 has been very eventful!

Day 2: The Past and The Future

This post would have been up already but … I ran out of juice on my laptop and I needed to buy a different plug so I can charge my laptop. Such a hassle.


Mum, Kathy, and I woke up bright and early and had breakfast at this quaint little shop.


I got the Fish Fillet Cutlet with Pan Fried Eggs. It comes with Napa Cabbage, a dinner roll and your choice of drink. I got the Yuan Yang which is coffee mixed with tea.


Then I got my Octopus Card. We put money in it so that you scan your card before and after riding on the subway. It’s calculated by the number of stops and that would be how much you pay when you get off. You can also use the card as a debit card at some places so that’s good since I have zero money.

Kathy went off to work and mum and I started our journey.


I am a Hong Kong citizen since I was born here but ever since I immigrated I never came and got my Hong Kong license when I turned 11. So I finally went and got it today. Took my picture and everything. I will have to go pick up the card in a few weeks. Excited! Smile


Then mum and I went to where we use to live before immigrating. Sai Yeung Choi Street North. The last picture at the very top is where we supposedly lived.


We saw a dog at the window in a restaurant. The restaurant wasn’t open yet but look at him. He. Does. Not. Move. At. All. He just sits there and watches people walk by!

Then we walked into a mall. We walked into a good 3 malls because that’s all you do in Hong Kong. Eat and shop. A little boring because I have no money to buy anything!


We went and ate at a restaurant in the mall. They have cute little swings as chairs! I would want one in my backyard. Smile


Mum ordered the rbt Beef Noodles in Soup and it came with a drink in which she got the kumquat lemonade.

I got the Smoked Salmon in Carbonara Thick Toast. I’m not a fan of the sauce. It tasted weird but my mum thought it was delicious. I think it was a waste of money.


Snapped a picture of the gas prices. They definitely have cheaper gas … around $2 something.


Mum then got a dessert. I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s with Mango, red bean paste, and crème freche. I took one bite and that was enough. Too dang sweet.

We then went to a bookstore in which we looked at books for hours on end. I ended up buying a gift for someone and a cookbook. I’m excited to cook some foods! We went to the mall, bought some things then headed home.

We waited for Kathy to get home for work then Mum, PoPo, and I met Kathy at the same place we had breakfast.


I got the Lemongrass Pork Chop with Braised Pork Rice that came with a drink in which I chose the Lemonade Ice Tea.

They have this thing where you can order less rice which is what I should have done. I didn’t not finish everything. So filling.

I’ve realized Hong Kong people eat A LOT of carbs. Which I am not use to. I need my meat and veggies!

Afterward, we went back to the flat. The luggage man came around 11pm. I was so happy. I finally got clean clothes to wear. No more sticky sticky.

Second day was not filled with foods on my list but I am hoping to cross of all of them before I leave!