My First Ever Guest Post

I don’t have anything interesting to blog about today other than my T-Mobile is having problems with Data so that means I’m doing everything over WiFi. Can you say hassle?

But it works out fine because my first ever Guest Post have been published at Rachael’s blog, Happy Healthy Runner. Go check it out! I had fun writing it so I hope y’all enjoy it! She is the sweetest ever and like I’ve told her before, she resembles Kate Hudson. 😉

The week’s almost over guys. Keep holding on!



I’m Hongry

I’m sitting in class.
My stomach is growling.
I cannot concentrate.
So I’m sitting here typing.

Say that ^ like I’m rapping. It works.Winking smile

But I really am feeling that way. I need to wake up earlier for a meal before heading to school.

Anyway, I worked out last night … in a way. I had a soccer game with FTK. It was our best one yet. We tied 4-4 but sadly lost it at the PKs in the end. I’m not a soccer player. I don’t do well with my legs … but run. And even then, not so great. So it was fun while it lasted.

Does anyone know anything about T-Mobile phones? I can renew my contract Oct. 24th and have been searching for a new one. I don’t know anything about phones and am afraid I’ll pick one that sucks. HELP!Confused smile