Ruggles Green

Today was such a lax day.

Went to work earlier than usual and got a lot of stuff done.


Then I took a break and had Tazo Green Tea and bagel with Laughing Cow Cheese … the best cheese because it’s spreadable. Try it if you haven’t. You’ll love it.

Then Osvaldo and Fatimah came over and visited me. Fatimah and I then went and visited Rose, David E., and Michelle H. Went back and did a little more work then went off to lunch with Rose and Amy N.


Ruggles Green
801 Town & Country Boulevard
Houston, TX
(713) 464-5557

This is a really sweet restaurant! Reason? It’s Houston’s first Certified Green Restaurant!


Their cool seating thing. You stick your card in which has your order and it tells the people in the kitchen which table you’re at. Cool, eh?


Amy N.’s:

Ruggles Green Atlantic Salmon Salad [mixed greens, romaine, shaved carrots, boiled eggs, croutons, and queso fresco; tossed with mango ranch dressing and topped with chipotle honey seared salmon] | $15

Didn’t get to try it but she said it was DELICIOUS. The salmon looks dry because it’s so thin but she reassured me it wasn’t.

She said it’s a to try because it was so good.



Vegetable Pizza [tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, red onion, garlic, mozzarella, fontina and feta and pesto sauce; topped with baby arugula and balsamic vinegar] | $13

I tried it and it was delicious! Not a fan of the arugula but other then that … so  good. Pesto is always my favorite. And the flatness of the pizza was crispy yet it had enough chew. Does that even make sense?



Veggie Sourdough Panini [grilled eggplant, Portobello mushrooms, onions, zucchini, organic hummus, and fresh goat cheese on sourdough] | $9

So dang good! I got a side of Quinoa Tabouleh. Yum! I’m in love with Quinoa Tabouleh. Teach me to make it! The Panini was so juicy. Love my veggies.

20120824_120651 (1)


Fire-Roasted Tomato Basil [served with crispy puff pastry dome and sliced mozzarella] | $6

YUM. I wasn’t a big fan of the puff pastry but the soup was SO good. It had a little spice to it.

Everything is SUPPOSE to be organic so it’s definitely costly but it’s worth the money.

After a wonderful meal, we went back in Amy N.’s car and uh … it wouldn’t start. After an hour in the parking garage her husband arrived and we switched cars so we could get back. Thank goodness. I did a little more work then it was time to go. I went down to visit Michelle H. again and we caught up a bit. It was nice.

Then it was time to look for a doggie! I went to CAP and SPCA.


Two cuties. But I’m not sure. They look like they’ll be kind of big.

We’ll have to look around some more.

Bridal Expo tomorrow! I am excited!

I Love Mail

It’s been a very relaxing day.

At six we did what we planned. I bought wings!! But couldn’t get any tulle. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Right now I’m sitting here chilling and drinking TAZO green tea!! Other than my Chinese teas, TAZO green tea is my favorite.

Oh and this came in the mail a few days ago. I was too busy to talk about it!


Sorry for the blurry!! I wonder what it is!


They were doing a promotion on their new flavor Peppermint Stick and if you followed them on Twitter you could sign up and try it for free!

Mmm .. can’t wait.

I’ve got the moves like Jagger

Lately, songs have been stuck in my head like you can’t even imagine. I’ll go on singing them and uh … I don’t even know the words. Yep … I look ridiculous whenever that happens. Pretty much ALL. THE. TIME.

If I do get the words correct and people ask me who sang it, Sorry, I can’t tell yah.


Anyway, this is what’s going on right now. Oh, you know. Just sitting here in my living room sipping on some TAZO green tea. I don’t have any mugs (sad) so it’s one of the jars I use to make OOIAJ. It’s too hot to handle … that’s the reason for the towel.

Ghetto. I know.

Tammy’s here for the weekend and she’s educating me about diabetes and carbs and all that other junk. She’s a pharmacist student so she needs to learn all of these things and reiterating it all to me helps her remember it.


While she reads me little facts, I’m catching up on other blogs and whatever else I need to catch up on.

I love lazy nights like these where we’re not consumed by social gatherings. A chance to just relax and do what we want … though Tammy is studying … but it’s what she wants.

I think.

Erica from Coffee Makes Everything Better got married recently and she has her wedding recap of the rehearsal up. Go see the pretty pictures! She also has her wedding planners’ recap and the video recap. Watch the video. It’s super cute and made me tear up! Congratulations Erica & Nolan!!Open-mouthed smile

Okay. Time to go off to Blogland till I fall asleep. Night guys!