Nit Noi Thai Restaurant & Cafe

Friday, two of my coworkers, Endrina & Edie, (they call me “daughter”, I call them “mama”) took me out for lunch as a super early birthday celebration. Any May babies out there?!

Nit Noi Thai Restaurant & Cafe
1005 Dairy Ashford Rd
Houston, TX 77057
(281) 496-9200

Ordered our array of curry and it came with free salad! Score. Too saucy though but still good. No picture … just picture a salad.


Crispy Spring Rolls [2 per order] | $2.95 each

Endrina ordered two orders of this, It tasted more like coleslaw without the mayonnaise in that little wrapped roll. Not a fan. If I was to go by myself with someone else, I would not recommend this.


Red Curry Hurry [with beef] | $9.95

I got it with Medium spice. This was the only curry out of all the others she asked what level of spiciness I wanted it. And it was the perfect level. I loved this one a lot. It had potatoes, pineapples, beef, basil, and green beans.

The only thing I could do without is the pineapples but it didn’t bother me. Mmm … most recommended.


Panaeng is Curry So Hurry [with chicken] | $9.95

Filled with chicken and green beans. The flavor from this one tasted like Mum’s curry so I automatically liked this a lot. They said it tasted a little bitter … which I don’t agree but all our palettes are different. I would recommend this to people for sure!


Musamun is Curry Too [with chicken and tofu] | $9.95

Filled with carrots, potatoes, tofu, chicken, and potatoes. My least favorite. Not sure why but it was sweeter and had a more peanut taste to it. I would only recommend this if they stopped serving the other two.

The good: As much rice as you’d like. I don’t think they charged us extra for that.

The bad: lack of ingredients in the curry. It was super saucy which is great for rice but if they made the price go up just a little and added more ingredients, it would be well worth it.


Edie bought me a present. Yay pens. I’m excited. I wish I had super important documents to sign … like a real business woman.

Internet is almost here. I am too excited to be able to connect with y’all whenever the heck I want!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Thai Taste

Jenny and I had just gotten back from Dallas and Houston on March 21st and wanted some Thai food. At first we went to this place but it was so run down and we couldn’t even find the place. We entered another thai place in our GPS and ended up at:

Thai Taste
5520 Evers Road
San Antonio, TX 78238
(210) 520-6800

I started off with the Fried Tofu [deep fried tofu served with sweet and sour sauce topped with ground peanuts] | $4.95. It was okay. Not as great and I thought it’d be. The tofu was plainly breaded.

My main entree was the Pad Thai [our world famous rice noodles stir fried with egg, tofu, green onions and ground peanuts. Choice of: Tofu, Chicken, Shrimp] | $6.95, $7.95, $8.95. The prices are respective of the meat. This has to be one of the best pad thai I’ve ever had in San Antonio.

Jenny and I agreed to come back here again soon.

Thai Dee Restaurant

Who loves Thai food?! I do! I do!

Jenny’s sister, Tammy, came down to visit so we including A.V. went to:

Thai Dee Restaurant
5307 Blanco Road
San Antonio, 78216
(210) 342 – 3622

Ain’t that fancy? Water in a wine glass …. with a straw. Cute.

Tammy ordered Crab Rangoons with Special Sauce. I felt there was too much cream cheese but then again I’m not a great fan of cheese but it was decent. I really liked their special sauce.

Jenny ordered Tom Kha. I’m not sure what’s in it other than there’s coconut juice. I’m not a fan of coconut but I couldn’t taste it in this. It was actually really good. I would go and order this again.

I ordered the Fried Wontons with Special Sauce. There wasn’t much meat and I wasn’t a big fan but the special sauce got me and made it delicious. I liked their wrapper though.

Jenny, Tammy, and I got the Pad Thai. Jenny got hers with tofu (very moist and delicious) while Tammy and I got the chicken. Mine and Tammy’s was dry and when I say dry, I don’t mean the chicken. I mean the whole plate. What?! It was not a good experience. I poured a lot of special sauce from my fried wontons on here. I did manage to finish it though.

A.V. got some kind of fried rice but I didn’t manage to get a picture or a taste. I’m pretty sure it was delicious.

If I ever want Thai food again, I don’t think I would choose this place. They have dim lighting and great atmosphere but the food was not up to par. Maybe we went on a bad night?