The Ranch at Las Colinas

For brother and Tammy’s birthday party, we went to:

2011-11-26 19.49.48

The Ranch at Las Colinas
857 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Las Colinas, TX 75039
(972) 506-7262

2011-11-26 19.57.54

Look at their menu! Crazy long. There was a back page as well but that was filled with drinks and wines and etc.

2011-11-26 20.01.41

My brother asked me if I could take pictures for him for the night while he mingled with his friends. Uhh … okay! Duh … so fun!

2011-11-26 21.23.07

10 oz. PNB Flat Iron [Lucky-Layla sweet cream butter] | $22.00

My side was sweet potato fries.

I wasn’t a big fan of the flat iron steak. It was a little dry on the inside and it didn’t have much any flavor.

The fries were delicious though.

2011-11-26 21.23.21

Jenny got the ribs with cream corn. I wish I had too. It was fall-off-the-bone type of ribs. So yummy. The reason I didn’t get it was because I had to take pictures and didn’t want meaty bbq sauced fingers. Next time though.

A good place to try. A good date place. Or simply a place to hang out with some great people and eat great food.

Catch Up

Finally back in San Antonio.

This Thanksgiving has been a fast pace one with LOTS of traveling!

I think I spent a total of a day and a half in the car with the different cities and stores and restaurants I went to.

A recap of Thanksgiving break with some links to previous written post during the break. Open-mouthed smile

On Tuesday afternoon, I got out of class and Jenny and I left to Dallas. We were stuck in traffic and finally made it six hours later. Had pho and chilled a little with her family and my brother. Then we went to bed.

On Wednesday, I woke up to Jenny’s sister, Sammi, knocking on the door wanting to watch Cyberbully so we did. Then we got ready left the house at around 2pm with my brother, Jenny, Tammy, Sammi, and their mum. We went and ate at Doan Restaurant, shopped at some mall, then went and ate at Mr. Wok for my brother’s birthday. We played a board game after dinner. Fun stuff!! Quelf. Y’all should check that out!

On Thursday, Thanksgiving day, the brother and I drove bright and early to Houston. No traffic so it was PERFECT. I’m thankful for many things but there were a few I mentioned. We had my sister’s boyfriend and his roommate over. It was great fun with lots of laughter. We also played Quelf. Seriously, go check it out!

On Friday, it was my Mum’s birthday as well as Black Friday. I went to eat dim sum with the Grandma, Uncle, and cousin, as well as with my family. Then we walked around to many places to buy things. I bought a lot of stuff online that night. The family and I went to a buffet place to celebrate mum’s birthday. Then we went home and played card games.

On Saturday, the brother and I drove back to Dallas bright and early. Again, no traffic. We went to In-n-Out with Jenny and Tammy then walked around the mall. I even bought some cute booties!! We then all took a nap before getting ready and heading to The Ranch for my brother and Tammy’s birthday dinner with their friends. Afterward we went to J.Black’s and Barcadia, two bars. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of people! Brother, Jenny, Tammy, and I got home around 2:30am and opened all the presents people gave them and stayed up talking until 5am! Ridiculous huh?

On Sunday, we all woke up around 11am?, got ready, and ate lunch with their parents and Sammi at a Chinese place. Yum! Then we went back to their house and packed up to leave. We were stuck in the car for 8 hours due to traffic. I even watched The Help in the car because I was so bored. We finally made it to Austin to drop off Tammy, and San Antonio for Jenny and I.

It’s definitely been a lot of traveling but it was worth it being with family, meeting new people, and eating great foods!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well!! Christmas, I’m waiting for you! Winking smile