Planners, Shayna, & Froyo

Happy month of July my Doodies!

I need help with my post titles. If anyone is holding classes, sign me up!

Can you believe half the year is already over?! Eeeeeeep! With that being said, new year resolutions aren’t going well as planned. Time to get back on track.

I’ve had my July workout schedule planned and have backups in case I can’t follow through with a longer workout. 21 days is the time it usually takes for your brain to get use to routine. Let’s get it dowwwwwn.



To help me with that, I’ve been searching for a new planner. I’m late but hopefully it’ll be okay. Researching has been done but it’s still up in the air. Should I drop down a billion bucks on an Erin Calderon Planner or a half a billion bucks on a Planner Pad? I could always go on Etsy and print off my own and put it into a small binder … but I like color and that would result me into buying a color printer. Then there’s the Uncalendar and the momAgenda. *sigh* Choices. Choices. My brain is going crazy.



I’ve been using my Google Calendar but I miss having the pages in my hand. I want to be able to touch it. Have more room to write random crap in. The organizer in me wants to see everything laid out in front of me. Sometimes I wish I was still in school so that I can have a busy looking planner. Weirdo alert. I know. Maybe I will go back to school one day. Hmm …


I got to see Shayna tonight at The Yogurt Spot. She was visiting her husband in Florida and was making her way back home in Austin and got to stop by my place so we could catch up. Great surprise and end of a long work day. Thank you overtime!

Two more days of work until my four day weekend. Bring it!

I hope you guys had a great Monday!