Three Things Tuesday


It feels like someone punched my stomach and chopped my arms and legs off and ran away knowing I can’t chase them. Aftereffects of working out after not working out for so long. POP Pilates. And then I was dumb enough to do it again. Planks are already hard to do and it’s even harder the second time around when some of your limbs are gone … and it’s only for less than 12 minutes. I do have to say, I love it. The burn especially. It hurts so good.


I’ve been thinking about certain people in my life. Along with those I don’t talk to anymore. It’s kind of depressing. Trying to keep up with people while we both have busy schedules has always been tough but it’s even tougher now that I’m not even near. I hope I don’t lose them. I would text them everyday if I knew I wasn’t bothering them. Some of them are nice enough to do so and I’m thankful. Life would be lonely without that. I’m hoping to visit them in September. Fingers crossed.

If you’ve never read “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom, you’re missing out. Given, I’m not done reading it yet but it’s taught me a lot and given me a different perspective with some things. I saw this book on the shelf of one of my FTK Advisors’ bookshelf and I recall telling her it was on my to-read list. She simply just gave it to me and I’m happy she did. Simple gestures … those are always the best.

One thing Morrie says that I cannot agree enough:

“… Giving to other people is what makes me feel alive …
When I give my time,
when I can make someone smile after they were feeling sad,
it’s as close to healthy as I can ever feel.”
– Morrie

I feel the same and I love when I can do so and I hope that never changes. If you ever need a friend, a simple e-mail is all it takes. Winking smile

Three Things Tuesday

Since I accidentally skipped last week’s Thankful Things Thursday, I thought I’ll make it up today with Three Things Tuesday.

I cannot for the life of me fall asleep which is horrible. First day of classes starts and if I don’t sleep now, I more than likely will later .. during class. I am the world’s worst student. I finally get to take only 13 hours this semester and sadly, three out of those five classes will eat me alive.

I’ve been writing again and they are still as painful to share now than before. I think one day I’ll be able to do so though. And hopefully taking guitar as a class this semester will give me more skills to finish all those songs I’ve started. I’ve only finished one song and it’s fairly short. I’ve played it to one friend and it moved her so much that she cries. It’s a sad song but I  guess I should be happy that she can relate to my music.

I don’t share much of my problems here on the blog nor in real life to people I know because I don’t like burdening people with my thoughts. So when I do write about it, and you guys listen, it means a lot. Thanks for the emails and comments and encouraging words. Things have already gotten better. I’ve called his family to let them know what’s going on and he’s getting the help he needs.

We all have a story to tell.
Whether we whisper or yell.
We all have a story, of adolescence and all it’s glory.
We all have a story to tell.

-He Is We