Thai House & Menchie’s

Ever hate having a WHOLE post written out and then stupid computer goes bizerk and shuts down the program.

Thanks … thanks a lot.

Friday, while at work, my sissy texted me this …


Ah yes … she went to Trader Joe’s without me!! Rude! She said only got veggies and wine and waiting for me to get the good stuff. Um .. that is the good stuff! But I guess cookie butter and whatnot is good too …

But whatever … I got to go to lunch with Rose that day so all that “I’m stuck at work” went away.


Thai House
1531 Eldridge Pkwy
Houston, TX 77077
(281) 493-0777

We both got the Chicken Pad See Ewe [chicken or pork stir-fried with rice noodle, egg, broccoli, and bean sprouts in sweet brown sauce] | $10.95

And since we ordered from the Lunch Menu, all you can eat appetizer buffet. I got the Hot & Sour soup, some sushi, veggie eggroll, curry potato fried dumpling, and spring roll.

Knowing we were going to get dessert after, we didn’t fill ourselves up and actually had a lot of leftovers.

But in reality … to me, they weren’t up to par with any other Thai food places I’ve been to. I think they were only busy because it was lunch hour. And maybe those people came because they were thinking it would be fast service. It wasn’t. The service was pretty bad (they came out with the wrong dishes for us at first so that took a while) and the food wasn’t that amazing. Maybe we came on an off day but I wouldn’t come here again.

Enter dessert …

1531 Eldridge Pkwy
Houston, TX 77077
(281) 759-9704

When I stepped foot into the store I knew I would love it … they were so organized and bright and happy! I got the red velvet, cake batter, and irish mint. I’m a less-fro-yo-more-topping type and oh em gee … they had the most toppings ever! All properly labeled and stored in their own pretty container! Rose is the opposite. More fro-yo less topping. She wasn’t a fan of some of the flavors she picked. In the end I loved it.


The spoons themselves were enough to make me happy. Just look how cute they are!

Since I’ve been home, I haven’t had many adventures and I thought that this would be it for my weekend.

Boy was I wrong …

I. Am. Excited.

San Antonio towards the end of this week to see some friends. At least I hope we’re friends, else me going there would be pointless.

How am I going to concentrate at work?!

Maybe some of this to pass time?


But hopefully none of this …


But a whole lot of this:

IMG_20120918_071459 (1)

I’ve always known about Yogi Tea but I never tried it … until now when I had a coupon for Vitacost. LOVE THAT PLACE SITE!

A crazy idea came into my head since Yogi is always so inspirational. What if price tags for things you want were actually acts of kindnesses and you have to do that act of kindness to get what you want. Just think how wonderful the world would be with people doing something nice for others for a change.

But yeah, with these things, work should just fly by. And I’ll get to San Antonio before I know it!


Anyway, last night we did another Korean BBQ. Outside with nature. This time we were more ready for it. Mum said it’ll be last time for a while. I hope not. It’s so delicious! And did I mention … ALL PALEO! So easy!

Trader Joe’s is popping up everywhere in Texas now and I haven’t gone to a single one. Something’s definitely wrong. Maybe I can drag Mum with me one day soon.

I did all my workouts this week … barely! But I feel like I need to plan out my workouts more intricately else I get a little lazy. So I’ll be off doing that, laundry, and cleaning for the rest of my Sunday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Think Good Thoughts!

Trader Joe’s in Texas?!

Yes. You read that correctly.

My sister overheard a man that works at Kroger, here in Houston, that a Trader Joe’s will be popping up soon.

The first one is said to be in Dallas. Then building in Houston and Austin as well. So those of you who moved from places that have Trader Joe’s and landed here in one of those cities, you’re in luck!

Here’s an article for you to read if you’re skeptical about it.

I will finally get to see what they hype is all about!

I wish they build one in San Antonio. Guess if I like Trader Joe’s that much, I’ll make the drive to Austin for it.


I tried some Whey Protein today. It was pretty yummy but I don’t know if I would need it. Maybe once I’m in San Antonio where I don’t eat that much meat.

How does one know how much protein to take?!


If you follow my twitter account you would know this.

I won my first giveaway!!! Thanks to Team Giles and Flatout Bread!

It comes with so much stuff and I’m very excited to try it all out! Eeep!


It’s been a really good Friday so far. Got to hang out with the sissy and winning the giveaway.

But the day isn’t over. I get to see some of my best girls tonight! Whoo!! 🙂