[2013] 005/365: Valentine’s Day


THON begins tomorrow. I wish I was in Penn State with the rest of my FTKers that got to go this year. But it’s okay. FTK lives on no matter where you are in the world. I have it with me pretending I am physically there.

I got a chocolate cover strawberry from a coworker on the down low. It’s pretty sweet since I mean that’s all I wanted for Valentine’s day. The sprinkles makes it that much better. Make me DARK chocolate covered strawberries and I will be your best friend!

The doggie is a card Jane sent me. I feel very special. Her handwriting is to die for. And just getting mail makes me all tingly inside.

Two more red envelopes to add to my collection. Thanks Aunt Katie!

Samantha and I are now sitting on the couch watching Doctor Who. We had dinner of tamales and chili with cornbread. Thanks Sam! Yum Yum in my Tum Tum.

Time to just relax. No work tomorrow and getting to see one of my best friends later that night for the whole weekend? Too excited!

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

Life’s Getting Easier


I hope everyone is doing well this week so far!

I have found out I don’t have to take a final if I don’t want to because I would have to get a really high B for the letter grade to change. I will still try, but I think no matter what, it’ll stay the grade I already have now.

And since I have to build a website, NOT FROM SCRATCH, thankfully, that should be easy. I’ll most likely WordPress a new blog and put some of the stuff I put on here and drag it over there so they don’t entirely have my blog at hand. Done deal. No real final here.

So that leaves only two: Business Law and Finance.

If I study hard enough, I can pass my classes with flying colors.

Wish me luck!


Tonight, I got free tickets for an early screening of New Years Eve!

It was actually a really dang good movie. I liked it way more than Valentine’s Day. Go watch it this Friday!

This is part of the group of people I went with but there were a lot of other people I knew there too.


Okay, now back to studying. Night everyone! Smile