Long Day

Today was horrible.

I woke up at 8am to study more for my Finance test then headed to school. Got there at 1pm. Took the test at 2pm. Had a meeting at 3pm. Had two volleyball games and two basketball games afterward.

I am tired.

So tired I did the worst thing ever.

I went and bought McDonald’s. I just gain five thousand pounds.

Jumping Back On The Wagon

I know I said this in the beginning of last month and failed but this time, I really need to do so.

I will get back on the 30 Day Shred.

If I fug up a day, I’ll just pretend nothing happened and continue. 10 days can equal to 20 days. Doesn’t matter as long as you master the first one, you can move on.

I really need to work out more.

I’m playing women’s and corec volleyball. It’s not enough workout.

So this is what I have to result to.

Hopefully I’ll have enough motivation. It’s so much harder when there’s so much stuff going on around you.

Hope your week is going well!!

Thursday is my most BUSIEST day. Tomorrow will be the last busy Thursday for a while. *Fingers Crossed*

Lazy Days, Happy Days


It’s such a nice day outside. Bright and sunny but with a gorgeous breeze.

So why haven’t I been out?!

I’m so lazy!

I slept at 6am and woke up at 11am. Mmm … good life I guess from that wonderful hell week I had.

I accidentally skipped FSA Volleyball Try-Outs. Oh well. I’ll be put in the uncompetitive bracket I guess.

I have a test Tuesday so I’m trying to study for it.

At 6pm, we’re taking Krypto to the groomers. Dropping Tammy off at Starbucks to study, and Jenny and I are going to go shopping for things we need for Halloween.


I hope life is going well with you all!! Smile