Long Overdue Reunion

It’s been a Happy Monday for whatever reason I don’t know.

All I know is I got off work. Ran my run. SOOO GOOD! My knees have been a little alekwjre but not like how it use to be so that’s good.

Showered and got ready and went out to Bellaire.

I had a dinner plans with my friends Graham and Oscar. They’re in town from San Antonio for work training people.

Graham has been there for me since I started college, driving me everywhere, and making sure I felt included but we all grow up and get busy. I haven’t seen him in over 2 years! So it was great catching up with him.

As with Oscar, he’s my little. But I haven’t seen him for a few months now. Especially now that I’m in Houston indefinitely. It’s nice to know his studies are going well and he’ll be working and making that dough soon enough! Two years!

It was good seeing them. I realized they’re pretty much the first ones from San Antonio that I’ve ever hung out with in Houston. Reason? I’m really bad at keeping in touch. But it felt amazing doing getting to see them.

Next time I’ll see them is when I go to San Antonio for Julia and Noel’s wedding end of January! Eep!

I hope you all had a great Monday too!



Thanksgiving Break was so amazing that I got lazy the week after trying to catch up to normal life again. It was great getting the family together again. Cannot wait for Christmas!


We went to Galveston on the 23rd for the lights. A lot of the lights were broken … But when they’re not, they’re as gorgeous as above.


Everyone went crazy and bought Powerball tickets. This would be the ones I bought with my coworkers. Sadly, none of us got to quit our jobs.


Got a Kid’s Meal from McDonalds … this is the size fries little kids get. I think that should be the size of SMALL fries adults should get when they order small fries. America gives out too much for their portions.


Popcorn … best snack on the planet. Best when watching movies with the fams!


Another wedding. I am so excited. I’ve known them since they both started college. And I will get to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time. Happy dance.


This is just a view from a drive home.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more but I get tired around holidays now that I don’t get days off. Well I can get days off … I just didn’t. Figure since it’s my first year, I should work.

Happy Sunday!!

Wedding Dress Galore

Before I start talking about my day I just want to say … seriously, sometimes I feel like everyone’s reading my blog. Upon writing last night’s post about being thankful for friends who keep in touch with you and whatnot, my little, Jennifer S., IMed me. Coincidence? … I hope so. But she is the sweetest and though we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together the years we were at the same school, we always made sure to keep in touch and hopefully that stays the same.

And then I got to Skype with Patricia. Sadly, Shayna was already asleep. But it was nice being able to catch up with Patricia. Talked about boys (what else), work, and music. I seriously miss being in San Antonio. I wonder how different things would have been if I was to have stayed there instead of back here in Houston.

I told her about dreaming of moving back to Hong Kong and work for the company that I’m with there. I work for a big company and they’re all around the world. And she was pretty “angry” that I was willing to move to Hong Kong for a job, but not for San Antonio. I have to say though, I have family in Hong Kong so it’s different. I feel I have no one in San Antonio. Maybe things would be different if I had someone. HA

Jared texted me just now asking if I was wanting to grab a few drinks. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to since I haven’t seen him in almost 5 years but I am way too tired from a long day. The drive is at least 30 minutes give or take and I can’t even drink because I gave blood …


I started off my day by doing a good deed. Donated blood! In my Instagram picture I said I was doing Platelets but it was actually Plasmas … whoops. And also RBCs (red blood cells). There was some complications on the return and blood pretty much leaked everywhere. Yeah, beautiful. I was only a few mL away to finishing RBCs so I was pretty unhappy that I wasn’t able to. My arm’s a little sore and a little bruised but in the end, I still saved some lives and that’s all that matters.

Since Sissy and I had the day off, Mum took a half day so we could try on wedding gowns! But more on that later. First, we feasted.


LoCal’s Healthy Joint
1590 South Mason Road
Katy, TX 77450
(281) 395-3993

2012-08-17 12.59.14

Buffalo Short Ribs [braised fall off the bone tender short ribs + 2 sides] | $11.95

I got my sides of steamed broccoli and roasted red potatoes. YUM!

It’s a tiny little shop located right next to a gym (smart!) so they get plenty of customers. And the food’s not bad at all. The short ribs was a little on the salty side though. But everything was pretty delicious. Read straight up not oily or filled with spices. I would love to come back again.

They also have breakfast served all day that they’re open. That’s what Mum ordered.

Then it was time for dress shopping!


Weddings by Debbie
20235 Katy Freeway
Katy, TX
(281) 698-8160

2012-08-17 13.58.02IMG_20120817_143449

Sissy looking at so many dang dresses. I’ve never seen so much white in my life. It was fun picking out some hideous ones. I wish she tried those on.

Sorry, no pictures of her actually trying them on. Just in case it’s the one she ends up with. But let me tell you, she looked so pretty! She tried on 7 or 8 in an hour and we were done.

I think she’s found the one. She went online afterward to look up which one she tried on and really liked. Then she even looked at some bridesmaid dresses. She’s still not sure if she’s doing that whole bridesmaid/groomsmen thing so we’ll see but I hope she does! Because then I have an excuse to buy a really, really pretty dress!


We stopped by McDonald’s on the way home. This would be my chocolate dipped ice cream cone. I’ve always wanted to try one and I finally got to! I was a happy camper. Definitely better tasting than a boring old ice cream cone … which is what Mum got. Sissy opted for a Iced Mocha or whatever.

It’s been a good day and this week has been pretty fabulous to me with everyone keeping in contact with me. I feel loved.

Alyssa & Greg’s Wedding

2012-08-04 14.23.42

Before heading to my duties, I stopped by Starbucks and bought my first ever Iced Caramel Macchiato! I wish it was upside down though cuz it was hard to get that caramel mixed evenly. I wonder if they have that …

Still can’t get over my nails. She picked such pretty colors. They’re actually colors I would never wear which surprisingly looked good on me. Never judge until you try was a definite duh here.


Ain’t she gorgeous? Because she is.


Pretty corsage with the gift Alyssa gave me around my wrist.


Lauren and I. She is glowing in that dress.

2012-08-04 18.50.31

Getting married and all that jazz. Ahh, love her dress.

2012-08-04 20.36.53

My seat with my Shiner and Alyssa & Greg’s signature cocktail drink. Candles are so romantic!


Brookswood’s Signature Mesibov Salad + Filet Mignon with Grilled Gulf Coast Shrimp

Everything was so delicious. And I grabbed a cannoli from the dessert table but didn’t take a picture. It was GOOD.


Jenny was my date but she left early. Apparently she had a headache. Oh well, I still had fun. At least she got to see how beautiful my friend was walking down the aisle and her first dance. Smile

The speeches were funny and heartfelt. I won’t lie, I got teary eyed A LOT throughout the day. We had lots of fun dancing and laughter like always. I had a really fun night.

I bumped into a couple old high school friends. One of which was Price! He was actually assigned to sit at my table! I hadn’t seen him since he graduated from high school. Actually there was probably one time we saw each other at an Orchestra Concert after we were both in college. Anyway, it was great catching up with him and knowing he’s doing so well. His sister, Maggie, was there too and she’s grown so much. So beautiful. And she seems to be doing well in college and have a boyfriend and everything. Happy people makes me happy especially when I know them.

Seriously, these pictures don’t do the wedding justice especially since I took pretty much NO pictures. It was gorgeous and Alyssa is a definite art and crafter … that’s a word right? Their photographer is by Thomas and Penelope Photography. You can see some of their pictures here:


Simple Things That Make Me Happy


Sorry if you thought I was doing a giveaway. I just wanted to talk about giveaways.

Forgive me?

I’ve gone through a lot of my Google Reader. The ones that I read always haven’t been touched. Ironic, huh? Because those I read in depth and comment most of the times.

I realized I missed A LOT of giveaways. Is the beginning of August the giving month? I am now depressed that I’ve missed out on some great ones. But then again there’s one like the IPad that I didn’t enter in because I don’t feel the need to enter. I rather someone else that really wants it, wins it! So I’ve entered in none so far.



It’s always great to see old friends, now acquaintances, doing well.

One of my old high school buddies just signed with the Royals a few days ago in the MiLB. For those that don’t know, that’s the Kansas City’s Burlington Royals in Minor League Baseball. Cool, huh?

I like hearing good news and I’m so happy for him. He’s grown so much. One day he’s going to get there and I’ll be able to point at the telly and say, “I knew him in high school!” I’m pretty sure I have a few pictures with us in it from those disposable camera days and his autograph in my yearbook.



I am super excited for Sissy and Brett! We’ve been talking about dresses, venues, music, and other happy stuff. They want it simple with lots of dancing.

I wish I was a Wedding Planner … or better yet Party Planner. Seems like SO much fun. Lots of organizing and all that jazz!

Oh and lately I’ve been remodeling some things in the house. Like my bedroom. My bedroom kind of looks like an office now and I joke, “Come into my office!” when Mum walked into my room today and we talked about changing some things up in the master bedroom. Hope Dad doesn’t mind the changes that will be made soon!



I’ve been foam rolling my back whenever it aches a bit. Or wherever else when I watch telly.

It’s really been helping me. Especially with those long hours at the desk in front of the computer.

Speaking of … I’ve been watching some POP Pilates videos and I think I’ll start those first and see where they’ll take me. They aren’t too long so it seems will fit in my work schedule perfectly. Fingers crossed.

If you know any POP Pilates workouts, let me know! Smile

Happy Sunday!

Alyssa’s House: A Night of Laughter

What’s weird … waking up early then sitting on the computer working on things and noticing that it’s only 9:48am when it felt like 12pm or something. When I was in Hong Kong, time flew by fast. I feel like I’m wasting away sitting here doing nothing when I should be doing something. I cannot wait to start my job. At least I’ll have a purpose then.

But then I took a nap and all time slipped away from me and it was time to get ready for Alyssa’s.

She was having Pappasito’s Cantina deliver to her house. I was excited. I haven’t had Mexican food since I’ve been back and Alyssa’s family is so amazing that I know her extended would be as well. And they were. It was great meeting some of her college friends as well.

Pappasito’s went all out. They brought out a grill and everything. It was great! The food was delicious.

I’m a great blogger and took only ONE picture. Better than none, right?


Alyssa with one of her doggies, Stuart Little.
And some of her wedding gifts behind her.

I had a great time with her family and we laughed A LOT. Though our friendship got distant, I’m glad we were still able to be close enough to where I can hang out with her family and friends. I hope that doesn’t change because they are all amazing.

Tomorrow we’re getting our nails done and having lunch. I can’t wait. Sounds fun!

Happy Things

I’m not going to lie. It’s been messy in my room. Remember when I said I was going to redo my room? I got halfway done, then moved too much stuff in my room before taking apart some things and then I just got lazy and then Hong Kong happened. Whoops. At least I got the bookshelf and desk down … My telly console was delivered to me before I got back from Hong Kong so I’m hoping I can put that together soon so I can get this show on the road. It would be nice to have a clean room.

2012-07-31 11.27.102012-07-31 11.26.59

After signing my contract, sissy and I hung out. We went grocery shopping then made lunch and I got to play with Bruno. Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Cheese!

Tummy still wasn’t feeling well but it’s slowly getting better.

Then I went to Alyssa’s where I finally met Greg. I’ve always known of him in high school but we all ran in too many different circles. From what I can see, he’s such a nice guy. Even got to see her mum, dad, and sister. Haven’t seen them in five years! Geebus! And Lauren F. was there. We didn’t run in the same circles but because of Alyssa we met towards the end of high school. It was great knowing she’s going to be at the wedding because it’s someone I know. We helped her with decoration ideas and I. Cannot. Wait. for the day. It’s going to be beautiful. Alyssa is very arts and crafts. No pictures though. Can’t let anything slip till the day of!

Simple thinking. I’m blessed to have some people in my life. Even if we don’t communicate 24/7 like others do. It means a lot knowing that they’re there.

Nicole & Kevin’s Wedding

The wedding was pretty amazing. Here are some pictures
because there’s not much words to describe how happy I am for them.


The aisle … pretty sunflowers.


Saying “I Do” … her dress is from the Disney Princess Collection …
Cinderella’s to be exact. Sparkly and gorgeous.


Candy Bar.


Wedding Cake.


Grooms Cake.


Appetizers. That shot of lobster bisque was cute.


Feeling a little special.




Last Dance.


Cute little step to the truck.

Everything was really nice and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of it.
Congratulations, Nicole & Kevin. Many happy years ahead and hope that I’ll still be a part of it.

Nicole’s Bachelorette Party


The end of my passport from my Hong Kong trip.

Hong Kong. Macau. Taiwan.

Mum and I were going to stay for a little over a month to make it more fulfilling but I knew Alyssa was getting married August 4th so we made sure I had a couple days to recover from the trip. Jetlag and whatnot.

But then Nicole got engaged and somehow made the wedding the week before Alyssa’s. Thankfully we hadn’t booked our flight yet. But sadly we had to cut our trip even shorter.

So yeah, I’d like to think I’m a good friend giving up a little bit of my vacation to make it to their special day. And I’m happy I did because I. Cannot. Wait.

They are both going to be so lovely!


Nicole’s Bachelorette Party was pretty fun. It was great meeting new people though I didn’t really talk to much people. I gained weight eating the pound cake they cut up in little cubes at the sweets bar. I gained a pound for each cube I ate.


Lingerie. So sexy. Va Va Voom.


Me and my Chello.


Asian sandwich with the Bride-to-be! We got bars.


They be cute and stuff.

Tomorrow’s the big day for Nicole and I cannot wait!

Hopefully I’ll get some pretty pictures to show y’all. Hopefully.