Just a Little Update

If you recall, I started the Paleo way of living last Wednesday; I’ve been doing real well! Even going home, I was not tempted to eat what my family was eating. On the right path.

When I get a little down time, I’ll post the recipes of the food we make and eat. It’s delicious!

I have lost 13.2 pounds in the last six weeks. And I hope that continues. If so, I’ll reach my goal before my goal date!

I’ve also been doing some sports. Intramural champion at Dodgeball! Winking smile And I’ve also been playing some football and softball. Busy schedules!

Soon, I have dance starting up. I hope I don’t crash from all these events!

I’ll be M.I.A. more and more until after April 15th.

For The Kids Dance Marathon at UTSA will be happening on April 13th and 14th and I’ve been busy getting ready for that.

I have 732 and counting unread Google Reader posts! AH! But they will all get read once my time frees up! Promises!

If you’re anywhere near the San Antonio area, you should come and be a part of it. It’s a great experience! If you have any questions, just send me an email! Smile

8x11 FTK Convo

1:30 AM Realizations

I finally remembered my MySpace and Xanga passwords. I certainly took a long trip down memory lane. Some I wish never came back while others, I did not mind at all.

Reading old Xanga posts = great memories but who are some of those people who commented or I wrote about?

Obviously, they aren’t important now.

Then there’s some that found their way back to my life.

I’m not sure how long he’ll they’ll stay there, but hopefully forever.

One thing I also realized …

Weight needs to be lost.

I might not have been one of those crazy pretty girls back then but I look way better then than I do now.


Guess old age catches up to you. (Jokes.)