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It’s rare being able to go out alone with Mum so when we had the chance today, we got froyo at Menchie’s … my treat. They’re having a special where the waffle cone is FREE all March due to March Madness … that’s only THE best part. I can do without all the other stuff. For realz.

Then we went to Whole Foods and spent a good hour there. It’s ridiculous.I want to buy everything.

I’ve prepped ALL my meals for the upcoming week. I know that nutritional value goes down when we do that but it’s SO much better than eating unhealthily.

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

Think Good Thoughts!

Last Week … Weekend Festivities


I love my job. Why? Because I have TWO companies as of right now and one of them threw an amazing social at Dave and Busters! Can’t wait for the next social!


Day off!

Went to brunch with the sissy then she went off to her mani/pedi and I went home and baked two type of things for the dinner party. It was held at The Powerpuff Clubhouse … aka Samantha’s place.


Funfetti Cake Bars and Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Dinner is served. Cubed Potatoes, Pot Roast, Green Beans, and Salad.


Bubbles, John, and Blossom.

We hung out the rest of the night and I had a lot of fun just being silly with them. It was Mal and I’s first real party ever since being out of high school. Makes me realize just how grown up we are.


I went to Whole Foods with Mum and June. It’s SO SO SO close to home now. I’m in love … with a store. Don’t judge.


I found these pretty awesome cute pebbled potatoes. They were $4.99 so I sadly had to put them down.


I picked these babies up instead. $2.99 for way more. I used some to make dinner!


Picked up some Shrimp & Chicken Jambalaya. And used the potatoes and made a Sausage, Potato, Veggie Bake. It was a win.


I even got dessert from Whole Foods for the fams.


I went to Madison’s house (Mallory’s sister) and watched the Super Bowl. I made cake balls but there are no pictures. We even went outside and threw the football around. The party pretty much ended when the stadium decided to have a power outage. Good going, guys.

Then Samantha and Mallory decided it would be a good idea to find my blog. Which, I’m not going to lie, if you know me well enough, you can find my blog easy peasily. And they did … Hi Guys. If you’re reading this and you find a picture or something you don’t like that pertains to you, let me know and I’ll take it down! 🙂

It’s been a pretty eventful weekend and this weekend will be even better! Chinese New Year!! Cannot wait!

I Love Reading

Melissa’s Lone Book Club

I love reading. Love Love Love. And I recently got into the swing of it again.

I finally finished The Hunger Game Trilogy. The third book was very hard to read but I continued since I already finished the first two books and was almost halfway done with the third. I must say, the ending was horrible. Used to wrap up the whole story. I was very disappointed in the last book. Horrible!

I’ve already finished another book upon finishing that horrible book on Saturday night. UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hahn. I really loved this book. Obviously … if I finished it so quickly. There’s more than one book and I cannot wait to find the next ones. Check it out. It’s a VERY easy read. I think it’s written for Juniors. Sometimes I still think I’m a kid.

I’m already on my third book Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long.

Pictures for Fun

2012-06-21 13.30.05

New purse … for Hong Kong fun.

2012-06-23 12.59.01

I’m pretty sure every family is like so. My family needs this.

2012-06-23 13.49.41

Sissy and I bought some makeup stuff from E.L.F.: Eyes Lips Face Who shops there? Sometimes cheap things are the best.

I’m in love with the Matte Nail Polish! It changes WHATEVER color nail polish you want to matte. So gorgeous!


Everyone needs a picture of themselves on every blog post. No? Oh … well. Too bad. I must say … Instagram makes you 100% better looking.


Went to Whole Foods Market with mum and June. Ate there. I shared a Broccoli Cheese Soup with mum and got my own yummy box of goodness. I finally got to try quinoa. And I love it! I cannot wait to make my own one day. Gotta research first!

Also got 2 for $6 boxes of chocolates! Yum! Dark chocolate love! And also snagged some green bean and carrot chips!


I took a day off yesterday. Whoops poopsie!

But I still broke a sweat!

45 min cardio


San Antonio in a few days and Hong Kong in a little over a week! Eeep!

Whole Foods

Whoops. Late on posting this …

45 min cardio

All I did was run up and down the stairs, jumping jacks, and run in place.

I was so close to skipping today because some things happened pushing my plans back. When I told my sissy this, she said that it’s not too late. Thanks for the motivation!

Got it done!

I went to Whole Foods by myself for the first time. Bought parsnips, turkey sausage, carrots, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. I’m excited for my meals tomorrow! Smile Smile

Oh I found out that a few days ago was my 3rd birthday of the year. Apparently it’s some Chinese calendar thing. Cool huh? Where’s my present? haha

Last day of the week! Push through everyone!! Open-mouthed smile

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Do you hear that? It’s me crying.

This morning I checked Living Social as I do everyday (along with Groupon) and saw the deal for Whole Foods.


I went to pull out my wallet but realized I forgot it back home! So I was like, you know, I can get this later.

Well I was wrong as wrong as can be. When I got home. This stared back at me.


I have lost my chance so now I am crying like a baby. Someone share with me?


Last night before bed, I made me and Jenny OOIAJ. Well hers was more along the lines of OOIAC since she didn’t have a jar.

She’s never had it before so hopefully she liked what I made her. I would ask her but right now she’s sprawled on the couch taking a nap. If she doesn’t like it, at least I tried, eh?

For some reason, our apartment has been hot so we slept in the living room. Her on the couch and me on the floor. It’s kind of scary when you’re watching Ghost Whisperer. It’s super dark and you see shadows EVERYWHERE!

Sadly, when I did go to sleep on the floor, the carpet itched me terribly so I slept in my room, on my bed instead. I rather sweat then itch all over.


Today the shuttles were crowded. So crowded that the bus driver couldn’t stop by the other two stops to pick people up.

There was this guy that was already sitting in his seat, looked up at me and said,

Do you want my seat?

I politely declined. And he made sure I was for sure okay with it.

Who does that nowadays?

No one really. It’s pretty much me, me, me. I want this and I want that.

So he made me see that not everyone are jerks. That there are some nice people around.

That chivalry is not dead.

I’m not saying that if you don’t give up your seat, you’re a jerk. But that there are people out there still that are gentlemen.

I’m old fashion. I like when a guy holds a door for me or say please and thank you. It’s polite. It’s what I learned growing up. But it seems to me, it’s dying.

Don’t worry men. I’m not only saying negatives about your race. It’s the same for women too.

I just wish the world was a better place. That people are polite.

I would love a knight in shining armor, please!


Someone made me cry today. Like really cry. Not the kind of crying I did for Whole Foods. She was being rude to me always and I couldn’t take it anymore.

But I got free Pappasito’s from the CPE so I feel better now.

Time to study. I am so behind!

Lasagna House III

For lunch Saturday, Mum, June, and I went to the:


Lasagna House III
13306 Westheimer Road,
Houston, TX
(281) 496-9114


You get free garlic bread and salad with your meal. Pretty much all you can eat. They also give you a choice of dressing that you want. So genius. So delicious!


Stuffed Jalapenos [jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese, lightly breaded and deep fried] | $5.99

It was really good. Better than the ones we got at Red Oak Grill. Their marinara sauce that came with it was divine. I dipped some garlic bread in it. Yum!


Cannelloni Meat [large pasta tubes stuffed with meat, topped with Pomodoro Sauce and shredded mozzarella and baked] | $10.99

I’ need to start telling people to not put so much cheese on top. I ripped it off and gave it to the mum. But mmmm it was so good! If you’re a friend of chopped up meat, this is for you! My mum hates ground meat so … not for her. I ate a quarter of this and was full thanks to free salad!!

Afterward we headed to the new Whole Foods at Montrose.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop! So did my mum and June. They went crazy!


All of our treasures. The only things I actually picked out?



Yum!! This is the first time I’ve ever gotten the Peanut Butter & Co. anything and yum yum!! Love!! I put it in my Overnight Oats in a Jar for tomorrow! Can’t wait to taste it!

It’s also my first time getting Justin’s! So I hope I like it!!

I continued being a child by watching …

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure: Sharpay goes to New York to audition for a part in Broadway. If she doesn’t get the part she has to go home and w-w-w-work! When she gets there she finds out the part was for Boy, her dog. What is she to do now?!

I am not ashamed to say … I like this movie. I’m not a great fan of her singing voice because it’s all squeak-ish but it’s a sweet movie.

Austin Butler, Ashley Tisdale’s character’s best friend when she moves into New York made this movie even better. Mmmm, eye candy. So weird how I find some blondes attractive nowadays.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

My Very First Giveaway

As the title says … Giveaway!!

I reached my 1,000th site views a few weeks back and now this is my 100th post!

Therefore I will be giving away a $30.00 gift card to one reader from:

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