Woof, Woof!

I don’t understand how people can update 3-6 times a day. It’s a little ridiculous to me. Do y’all not have a life?! Or am I just SUPER lazy? I think it’s the latter. Anyway, the load in my Google Reader is making me stressed out.

So I relaxed with online shopping. Online shopping is the devil. I only bought stuff because I had coupons, else, I wouldn’t bother. But oh oh oh! I am excited for all the stuff that is going to be coming in the mail! I cannot wait!

Andrew C. texted me two songs yesterday and I’m already in love with them. I’ve replayed them a bunches of times! I think I broke the replay button. I love, love, love when I get new songs to listen to! Especially when they’re right up my alley! I was actually very surprised I got a text from him since I haven’t really talked to him in a long while but it was nice nonetheless to catch up a little bit.

And Travis now has internet/cable at his new apartment!! So we’re able to catch up. Seems life is going really well for him. No matter what he thinks. We’re all growing up. I wish I wasn’t though because my paycheck is now partially gone to pay back loans and buy my own insurance. Yuck.


But the good thing about growing up is looking for a puppy! My dream doggies pictured above. Shiba Inus. But they cost an arm and a leg and there are none in the shelters. Aren’t they cuties?!

Since I’m living at home, I had to get an okay from the parents … and I did! I’m so excited. I’ve been searching online for the one. I feel kind of bad doing so because I feel like I’m shopping for a dog. And that sounds HORRIBLE to me. I’ve been looking at shelters and I even downloaded the Petfinder app on my phone!

I wish I could adopt them all! They are all so dang cute. I’ve found one I really love but my parents aren’t so fond of him. Guess I have to keep looking. Hopefully I find one we all love because I cannot wait to have him/her with me forever and ever!

Hope you had a great weekend! I surely did!

Peace & Love

6 thoughts on “Woof, Woof!

  1. ahhh I want a puppy!!! Those are so cute! Everytime I walk down the street and see a dog, I yelp “PUPPY!!!” Dave says, “That’s a full grown dog. That is not a puppy.” But to me…every dog is a puppy at heart! haha.

    I can’t wait to see what puppy you pick out!!! I will have to live vicariously through you! We aren’t allowed to have pets in our apartment 😦

    I agree-Google reader makes me stressed out-though I’m sure I contribute to the stress since I post twice a day normally! haha. That will stop soon because I have some crazy work stuff approaching.
    You are not super lazy! I wonder the same thing how people post such long posts. Mine end up being short for most of them unless I have some time on the weekends!

    • I agree. Every dog is a puppy and every cat is a kitty! haha Just like we are still kids sometimes. d:

      Are y’all gonna look for an apartment in the future? Because then y’all can get a puppy! It might take a while before I pick the one but oh oh oh once I do, his face will be everywhere. hehe

      And nope. Yours isn’t making me stressed. It’s so cute. I always want to read it especially when you write about you and Dave. So cute!

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