A Little Too Much of Everything

Eeep. I am running out of time today! I’m trying to go to bed by 10pm but we all know that’s not going to happen. I didn’t even work out today! But no worries. I get two days of no workouts (usually Saturday and Sunday). A small walk is needed though. I’m trying to get down to one day of no workouts but that’ll take time.


Best snack/dessert. Berries and bananas with cheese. I know it looks gross but it totally wasn’t. Yum!


Two of my coworkers are Mum and Daughter and they went to Paris these past two weeks and brought back souvenirs. Two chocolates and one magnet. Score.

I went out to dinner with one of my old coworkers and her two kids! Always a fun time seeing them. The kiddos are cuties but after today I’m certain I will not be able to have kids for a long while. They are messy and sticky.

When we were “fighting” for the check, the waiter asked if she was my mum. Either she looks old or I look young. No matter which way you take it, it’s bad for the other one. I will say she is 10 years or so older than me.



Pick Your Plum is officially amazing. I bought my first thing from them last Tuesday (Spring Baking Boxes) and they arrived today! I love when packages come fast and I don’t have to wait for 3 weeks or whatever. Now I just have to decide what I wanna bake in them. Any ideas?

Time to unwind and head to bed. Long day tomorrow and after work will be hardcore workout for skipping todays! Eeps.

Nighty Night.

Thing Good Thoughts!