The Grind



I apologize to Tylor in my previous post. Reason for the $50 charge is to make sure you have money. They should be fixing it before fully charging my card and everything. *sigh* I am so sorry, Tylor. Please forgive me.


I have an old high school friend making beats with Paramount Producing Studios. Check it out! He’s super talented and I, as well as others, always knew he would go toward music.


Reason this post is called The Grind other than because of Kenneth’s music video, but because of work …



I pretty much broke everything today. Not really. Too much stuff was going on. Training someone. Getting new projects. And still having to finish my daily work.

It didn’t help that there was a Network Connection fail for one of the applications I was using.

Then it didn’t help being told I had access to certain things and finding out hours later of trying to figure out WHY I couldn’t get on that I had access to NOTHING.

It’s been a real stressful day.

What I’m looking forward to right now is Happy Hour tomorrow with the Powerpuffs along with three new additions we hope are to stay.

And Bingo! with Amanda and her friends Thursday night since I’m off Friday.

*sigh* I’m ready.



Giveaway ends tomorrow night!! I’ll be picking a person Thursday after I get off work soooo if some entries get sneaked in … I wouldn’t know.